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Stories By Archie Chipps

Stories By Archie Chipps

Stories By Archie Chipps

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Evolution Chapter 1

This is an adult story about aliens that have been changing our stages Evolution by having sex, but a woman takes a man back with her. Soon she finds out that he changes her Evolution. What secrets are kept from us, and do we have any of our own?
Chapter 1 The Visitor.
Chapter 1
Evolution Chapter 2

Earthlings live short lives, but Allen's life is longer now. Life is not the only thing to discover. It seems that what we see as magic, is just something we don't understand how it works. A little magic in your life helps, and maybe it goes beyond life.
Chapter 2 Healing
Chapter 2
Evolution Chapter 3

They go down to the planet and Allen learns the Hue language, and causes him to get headaches. Allen, and Hattie gets a new look, and they all start wearing different type of clothes to tease each other. They find out Bethlene has not been completely truthful, and the Elders serve their own quest.
Chapter 3 On The Planet.
Chapter 3
Evolution Chapter 4

Who can you trust, when you don't know who wants to kill you. Someone wages war, but it's over with a kiss.
Chapter 4 Confessions
Chapter 4
Alley Cats

Prostitutes end up in the wrong place, and have the wrong boyfriends. When they get even, they became deadly beast in the latest fashion.
Alley Cats
Alley Cats
Power Mechanic (stopped for now)

While working on board a mother ship on a sky train a power mechanic finds there is still people living on Earth, and nobody knows their secret. (Active online story writing by me / Work on hold)
First Day
The War Machine Bandits (new story in progress)

Life changed after a war that had no ending. I'm just lucky I made it out alive. It is a time of machines to control everything and everyone. They secretly watch us, and control everything we do. (Active online story writing by me / Work in progress)
David's Journal
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