by Archie Chipps

Warning this contains sexual content.

Chapter 4

Now that they are gone I asked "Beth, if you are going to get some food, would you mind taking us? We can help carry some of it back."

Beth said "That would be great. I also like to get an outfit more suitable for the planet."

Milana said "That would be great. Just give us time to get our sandals on."

I put the sock jock on first,and then the sandals. I didn't want anything to be sticking out in this kilt. It wasn't long before, we were standing in the men's department. Bethlene was looking at the jock straps, and Milana asked " Maybe Achilles would be better off with a dick warmer."

Beth asked "What do they look like?" Milana smiled as she turned to me and raised my kilt. I looked at the lady at the counter, and she had a smile on her face, as I pushed it back down. I don't think Milana was thinking about what she was doing until she saw my face turning red. She said "Oh, I sorry, but you have no reason to be embarrassed." then kissed me.

Beth decided "That is what I would like on Achilles, so he would be less confined. Where are they?"

Milana said "That lady at the desk can make one, but she only understands Hue." They walk over to the counter, and the lady is still smiling, so I go over there too.

The lady said "I see you are back. Is there anything you need that you can not find."

Milana said "Yes Rosslyn, Bethlene would like a dick warmer for her partner Achilles."

Rosslyn asked "What size is he?"

Beth said "I think he is about this long" as she held her fingers apart, and Rosslyn looked, then she looked at me, as her mouth dropped open, and she put her hand over it "I will be right back."

As we where waiting Beth saw something on the counter, and said "This is what the kilt needs."

I asked "What is it?" Beth said "It's a Dong Gong." as she hit it with her knuckle, to hear the bong sound. "It will protect you dick." Then she laughed "And it will let us know when you get hard." as she hits the bong again.

Milana was bent over the counter showing her ass, and looking at me. Then she raised herself to one side to said "I guess we are getting one, but for his protection, because I don't need to know when he is hard, since that is almost all the time."

Beth hands me the cloth belt, but she wasn't giving it to me. Instead she reaches around me and locks it on. Rosslyn comes back, and said "If it don't fit I can adjust it. I made it a little longer. I hope nothing need to be cut off." She puts her hands over her mouth again "I didn't mean that the way it sounded." They laughed, and Beth said "I certainly hope not." as she put it with the gong.

Rosslyn walks with us saying "I see you are wearing a Dong gong. It's good protection." as she taps it with her knuckle. Milana puts her arm around me as we walk. Beth walks over to Hattie, and gets the outfit. I see it is a blue one, like mine. She takes Achilles into a dressing room, and I'm sure she is getting him hard, to check the length. After a while they come out, and Beth is holding his suit. She tells Rosslyn it fits, and says thank you. Rosslyn goes back to her counter, and I see Tomain walked up to her. So, I go over there and talk in english "Hi, Tomain. Is this your life partner." He said "I wish, but no, she is just my girlfriend."

Rosslyn asked "Do you know this big man?" I'm sure she was talking about my height, because Tomain was about five feet four, and she was about five one or two. Tomain said "Yes, I saw him at work, and at the training center. He most be very smart, because he was in there longer, than I could ever go." I interrupted in Hue "I was learning Hue."

Rosslyn said "That is very good. You learned Hue in one day?" Her mouth was opened in surprise.

I said "Yes, is that unusual?"

Tomain said "Very. It took me 2 weeks to learn English and Italian." Rosslyn was nodding her head yes, even to what Tomain said.

I said happily "I guess that is good, but I can see you are very good at English now." Tomain said "Thank you."

I looked at Milana, and she was waiting for me. Then turned her ass towards me bent over a little and slaped her ass. She giggle thinking "You better get your ass moving." So I turned to say "If you ever decide to become one, I would like to talk you through it."

Rosslyn said "You are very young to be an Elder, but if I do decide I will let you know. Where are you living, so we can visit?"

I said "It's in the training center, in the back, next to lab 101. I have to go, because they are waiting on me."

Rosslyn said "We will see you tomorrow." as I was walking away, and I said "Okay"

Now it was time to see what Beth would be wearing. In the ladies wear Beth picked out the same thing Hattie was wearing, and asked Hattie "Did you get one of these to wear."

Hattie smiled as she saw Beth holding up some thongs. "Oh, no that would not feel right with the butt plug."

Beth laughed, and said "I'm sure you are right." Then she threw it in the pile, and walked to the dressing room. Beth didn't take long at all. I know the white suit she was wearing was an open top, so all she had to do was pull it down, and pull the dress over her head. She must have done both at the same time.

Beth was going to take Achilles suit from Hattie, when Hattie took her suit, and said "I'll get rid of them for you. So, you should bend over, and show Achilles how it looks." Beth just said "Oh" Then she squeezed her tits with her arms as she bends over "What do you think, do you want to see more." She turned around swinging her ass to make it look sexy, as she bent over. Achilles eyes was open wide, as he bent down to look under her dress, and the sound of the bong was muffled as he stood back up. With him in that dick warmer, I know that must have been something else. So I looked, and I saw him plucked it with his finger again. That was to tell her what he was thinking. We all laughed after we saw the odd look on Beth's face. She looked around at us, and did know why we were laughing until she saw him hit the Gong.

We follow Beth and Achilles to the shoe department, and Achilles said "I hate to break up a set, So I will get the same sandals you are wearing." Beth said "Me too." They find sandals in there sizes, and Beth said "They make me feel tall. I really like that." She walked up to Achilles and said "I think I need to find some a little shorter, because I am taller than Achilles in these." She pulls sandals toward her tit's as she digs deeper, and finds some almost flat, and puts them on.

She walks back over to Achilles, and gives him a kiss to check the height. Achilles grabs her ass, and then she stops. When he lets go her dress is showing her ass with a butt plug. She pulls it down, and said "I wish I could find some an inch tall." We helped her look, and checking sizes Hattie finds a pair, and she tries them on.

Beth said "That is much better. Thank you, Hattie. I think we are ready to pick up some food."

When we get outside Milana takes us to a Garage, and ask for a driver through a call box. A man answers "My name is Maxwell, where do you need to go?"

Milana said "We are going to stock up on food supplies, with some friends."

Maxwell ask "How many passengers."

Milana answers "Five, but only one family is stocking up, unless we are on time for the butchers."

A small transport comes out, and as I put my hand on Milana's hip, Maxwell's voice came over the call box "I can make that our last stop so we would be there on time. You can go to transport number 89. I will be there soon with some crates."

We walk in, while I had a woman in each arm, and Milana points to 89, so we stand next to it. The transport was one of the biggest. It was the size of a large delivery truck. Most vehicles are like small trucks without wheels, and all box shaped. A man pushing a cart with crates, walks up. He looks like a healthy bald man, in his eighties. This must be Maxwell, in a blue and dark blue suit. He unhooks a cable, and tells us we can go inside unless we want to put the crates in the back. Achilles and I, started putting them in the back, and it was cold in there. Maxwell wrapped up the cord, and hung it on the wall, then he climbed it the front. We walked around to the side to get in. There was seats like a nice bus, but they were facing each other, and it looked like there was five bench seats. Milana and Hattie was sitting in a seat facing away from the driver, so I sat in front of them. Their legs were crossed until I sat down, and they moved so they were a little spread. I looked at Milana's pussy, and Hattie pulled up the bottom of her dress to get my attention. Milana smiled then leaned forward to slide a hand under the kilt to feel my dick. Then she leaned back and pulled a nipple out to play with.

Maxwell said "Do you like fruit?"

Beth and Milana giggled "Yes!" then Beth said "I would like to get a lot of things at the Gardens."

Maxwell asked "Did you just get back to the planet?"

Milana said "Yes, I was visiting Earth. We tested the Scenario locking device on the ship, by getting a Neanderthal man that was being stoned to death, and Beth helped fix him up. While I stayed the night on the planet, in this time zone."

Maxwell said "That sounds like you had a lot to remember, and must have met a friend to stay the night. So, how are Earthlings, really, friendly or violent. They must be friendly if you stayed the night."

Milana said "The one I met was so friendly you would not know they are an Earthling."

Max said "Really, That is good to know, because I always wanted to talk to them, and ask them what is life on Earth like with all that water, but I was afraid to go. I heard they can swim like a fish."

Milana voice in my head said "Would I tell him what it is like." As her finger was flipping her nipple from side to side.

I said "Well, I'm from Earth, and I don't know what it is like not to live on a planet that don't have a lot of water."

Maxwell landed, and Milana put her nipple back. He turned to look at us with a big smile on his face saying "We are at the gardens now, so you can get what you need. I will be waiting here. The guy that is from Earth, which one are you, and what is your name? Because I want to shake your hand, and let you know, you have made this trip, the best in my life!"

I said "That would be me, Allen." He shook my hand and pat me on the back saying "Your very tall."

Maxwell turned to the others, saying "You don't have long before sunset, so try to get a fast pod to get your food. That way we can try to get to the fish farm while it is still day light.

Milana said "We can get the fruit, and you can get potatoes, and other things. That way we could get done quicker. If you need Hattie to help you just ask her before we get on the pods."

Beth said "You can take Hattie because the fruit will take longer." Hattie was feeling like a leftover. She is a little sad.

Achilles asked Beth how many crates, and Beth said three. I asked Milana the same thing, and she said Five. Then she told Hattie "I know you could build one of these, so driving should be easy for you."

The pod looked like a Pick-up truck without wheels, and with the smile on Hattie's face it was like a toy. She got us close enough that Milana and I, could stand on the bed, and pick the fruit from the trees. I kept one hand on the roll bar the whole time. We filled four crates, and Milana told her "Go to the tea trees, so we could get some tea leaves, before we get the strawberries."

Hattie drove us around until we picked all we need, and on the way back, she asked could we pick some blue berries.

The Blue berries are bigger that on Earth. It seems a lot of the fruit was. They had pipes running through the gardens that kept everything watered pretty good.

When we parked the pods, and saw Beth and Achilles was done too. It looks like everything they had came from the Farm building for the workers, because they had jars of Sugar and flower, and a crate of small jars of spices, and oils. The other crate had potatoes.

Maxwell collapsed the last two seats into a bed to put everything. So after the transport was loaded we headed to the fish farms.

Maxwell said "I heard Earth has a lot of weather.

I said "It does, and we have seasons when it rains a lot, and some we have snow and ice. The area where I lived in has a Tornados and Hurricanes season in the spring."

Maxwell said "I have seen rain, and snow at one of the poles of this planet, but I never seen a Hurricane is it like a Tornado. This planet only has forty percent water."

I said "Earth has a lot of salt water." The hurricanes form over water with strong winds that can create very large waves, and on land Tornados can rip huge trees from the ground."

Maxwell said "I think you will like it here a lot better. Second stop the Fish Farms."

I have seen fish farms before and they are not much different. This one cleans the fish, and throws the remains in a machine for compost, to be used in the gardens. We fill a create, and it is getting dark. They don't have any lights around. I guess it is so the fish can sleep, I don't know." We get back on the Transport, for our last stop, the butchers.

I think Maxwell was getting tired, because he wasn't talking anymore. Hattie said "I can get some eggs from the chicken coupe, because I learned how to tell which ones were nesting, the last time. They picked on me last time, because they can be mean, and I don't want to get next to the hogs. They try to bust down the fence when I get too close. I'm afraid of them." Hatties eyes told her story, and when she saw me looking she thought "What?" then she giggled.

Milana was enjoying this trip too. While Beth and Achilles was snuggled up together. I enjoying this adveture, Milana and Hattie's happiness. They can be funny when they are very happy, and this time is a little different, because the are feeling the urge to cuddle too. Milana sits beside me, and Hattie sits on my lap, but the Dong Gong don't feel good when someone is sitting on it. I asked Hattie to get up so I can flip it up. When she sat back down I had to pull it to the side. Now, that I was comfortable, Maxwell said "We are here, and the butchers are open. So it looks like we can get some meat. I brought a crate for me. So I am going in."

So far we just have a crate of fish in the refrigerated compartment. I let Milana and Beth pick out the meat, and I laid down on the seat. Milana asked "Is there something wrong" I said "No, it's just been a long day." I thought my head would explode if I stood up. I don't know what to do without asprins. Milana looked a little worried, because she knew something was wrong, as she walked out.

Hattie came back in the transport and said "It's okay we can handle the crates, just get some rest, because I will have a surprise for you tonight."

I don't think sex is much of a surprise, so I go to sleep. Milana woke me up "We are home. Time to unload the food, if you feel better."

I get up to see we are parked at the back of the training center, next to our back door. That makes it a lot easier to unload the transport. Maxwell helps us unload so we finished quick. He looked around our house as he walked through saying "This is a nice place. Are you having kids?"

Hattie said "All of us are. They are the next evolution babies. I'm having three at one time. I don't like to think how hard that would be, for my first time."

Maxwell said "The Elders will not let that happen, because they will take them out and raise them in incubators, so they will not kill you. It is too much for you to have three, your first time. It is hard to imagine that they are the next evolution, but if they are, the Elders will take control. I don't see any guards, so I'm sure you are just having normal babies."

Milana said "We have an extra link in our DNA. Do you know what the Elders plan for us? You did say something about guards." She is feeling something is strange, and her face is showing it. Your one of them.

Maxwell's eyes grew a little bigger "Hold on, I am a retired Elder? So unless the Elders plan on being unfair, I will stay retired."

Beth said "They set this whole thing up, because they want that extra link added to there DNA. We are almost sure they will kill one of Hatties babies to get it."

Maxwell still has his doubts, but puts out an effort "They should have guards to protect you, and since they don't, anything can happen. It just don't seem right If are in danger, and don't know who to trust, you can trust me, and I will try to help."

Milana and Beth hugged him and said Thank You. I think they did a good at thanking him with four big globes surrounding him. I just gave him a simple thank you, along with Hattie, and Achilles.

After he was gone, I said "It's time to learn how to disappear. So, just relax right where you are, and just feel the pulse, and let your body spread out." Everyone disappeared "Now you can walk around and go through anything, but you can not see anyone. If you feel the love of being one, you might be able to show light where you are." I saw three lights, knowing that Hattie and I can't do that. "Now it's time to reappear. It feels like waking from a dream, but you will feel your body come together as you breath in."

Everyone reappeared, and Hattie said "I can't do that light thing." with a frown on her face. I told her "I know something else you can do. So, don't let that bother you right now."

Hattie smiled "Okay"

I told everyone "Now it is time to try a little space jump. This time when you disappear imagine being in your kitchen. When you are there, reappear. Hattie appeared in our kitchen with Milana. She looked around and said "I didn't do that right. I can't imagine my kitchen, because I never go there."

I said "That's alright. It is just to expiriance how you jump to any place you can imagine."

Milana does it again, and appears in the living room. Then Achilles and Beth are back, so Hattie does it, but appears next to me. I said "That is all for now, but I have one for Hattie."

Hattie is jumping up and down with excitement. I asked her "Do you remember how you felt when you reappeared?"

Hattie said "It was like waking up, and my body is sucked into one place."

I asked her "You think you can do the butterfly trick, but this time give the butterfly that feeling."

Hattie said "I'll try." She starts by kissing her finger tips, everyone stopped talking as Milana pointed at Hattie. She blew the kiss off her fingers, as it became a butterfly, it became real.

Hattie started to run around chasing it saying "I did it, I really did it. You see it's real, and I did it." She was funny to look at, but in a sexy way as her dress strated raise up showing her ass and pussy. The others were amazed, but I think Milana knew Hattie could do that. I see she turns around so I could not see her try it. Milana turned to look at me giggling, knowing I was waiting for her to do it. So, she turned to blow a kiss me and turned it into a butterfly.

I said "Okay, now imagine the butterfly fade." Their butterflies disappeared."

Hattie and Milana hugged me. They are so happy I showed the that trick. They started kissing me, and Hattie said " I have to go make your surprise." I grabbed Milana tit's, and squeeze them, and she took my hands away. She turned toward the stairs lead me up to our badroom.

I took Milana's dress off, and as I was undoing the button on my shirt, she took the rest off me. She kissed my dick and jumped in the bed spreading her legs. I picked up the dong gong and hit it, and said the dinner bell rang. Milana giggled "Well get it over here." I lay down so she could be on top in a 69 position. I start to push Milana's knees out and she dropped her pussy right in my face. I grab her ass and she started to rub her pussy on my mouth, then backed her pussy away a little giving me room to lick where I want. I feel Milana swallow my dick , then pull it out to lick the bottom side from the head to the balls. She goes back to licking the head until she gets a little cum leaking out, and swallows it again. I was licking her from bud to ass, and she started moving her hips, so I licked the bud until she was thrashing on my face in a spasm. She held my dick until she could breath again, and her hot breath dried my dick This kept me hard with hot wind blasting down on the under side. She stared to lick it and get it wet again as she moved her hips to enjoy my tongue. Then she turned around and kissed me. Her tits were shifting around on my chest as she moved my dick to her ass, and slid down on it. She sat up and I looked at her tits swing as she moved. She leaned back until she hit the wall. My dick was dent down still in side her but the sight of her pussy facing me with my dick in her ass, looked good enough to play with. She moved up and down on my dick, but my dick felt like it would break. She pulled it out of her ass, and laid next to me, turning to offer her ass to me. I turn toward her and put my dick in her ass. Then I reached for her hip and started to shove it in, while she back her ass on my dick. We are sweating from fucking like this until, my cum starts blasting inside her. I spasm in her ass as she stokes it slowly. She just keeps moving slow to enjoy my dick inside her. I kiss her shoulder and said "I love you." She said "I know you do."

I started to smell something good. So, we put our clothes on. It was like the smell of a bakery with fresh made bread. I remember the saying about a way to a mans heart is through his belly. The smell was making me very hungry. I walk with my arm around Milana as we followed our nose, and it lead us to Beth's kitchen.

Beth and Achilles was glad to see me, and was wondering why we walked in, and not just appear there. I said "We were following our noses."

Achilles looks at Hattie pulling another loaf of bread out of the oven, saying "It really smells great. She is a great cook. She showed us how to do that butterfly trick, and we are still working on our imgination."

I was enjoying the smell of the fresh bread, and just said "It takes practice to get your imagination going."

Hattie looked at me with a smile, and she made her face straighten up with a quick snap "You are going to mess up your surprise, so go wait in your kitchen, until I give it to you."

I saluted and said "Yes, Madam Hattie." I turned and giggled, and she kicked me in the butt. I looked at Milana, as she was going with me, and a big smile on her face saying "I think she is serious." Then she took me by the arm as we walked to our kitchen and sat at the table.

Milana said "While they where at the butchers Hattie grabed the eggs, and was in a hurry to get some stuff in there. She had her own crate and didn't let anyone know what she was getting, but I think Bethlene knows what she was doing. She told me not to read her mind, so all I know is what ever it is, Beth saw a picture of something Hattie found... I better not tell you anymore."

I asked why, and she said "Because it is your surprise, and I will see it when you do, so, it is my surprise too."

It wasn't long when Hattie came walking in, and Beth was right behind her with a jar of something dark red, and another plate. Achilles was behind them with two more plates, and all had cloth covering the plates. I was so surprised to see all of this, and they looked happy at what they have done. My stomach was growling, because I was so excited to see what this could be. Like a kid at Christmas, I couldn't what to see what I get.

Hattie put the plates down in front of Milana and me. I could smell it, and as I uncovered it the rest of them set down with their plates. I look and see a Hamburger and french fries, and say "Wow, This is amazing." Tears started coming from my eyes, and Hattie's face was in shock "Is something wrong?" I said "No, this is just so much of a surprise, I never knew this was possible. I am just so happy you did all of this." I took a bite, and found out, it was a Cheese Burger. Hattie past me the jar, and a spoon saying I hope I didn't use too much vinegar. I dipped a fry in it, and tasted. It was Catchup. She said "I used some eggs to make the mayonnaise, but it can't stay in the air too long, so I put it in their refrigerator."

Achilles said "This really taste good. I didn't know some of that stuff would be eatable, but I really like it."

Hattie said "Thank you."

Milana liked it too, and asked "Is this something that takes a lot of work to make?" Hattie said "Just for the stuff that goes with it, but I can make more until, that stuff runs out. The Cheese Burger and Fries are easy to make. I can make more."

I stopped eating for a minute to say "This is really great. Where did you learn how to do this?"

Hattie said "When I was putting the suits in the bin, I found a Earth Cook Book. I learned a lot of cooking at the training center, so the book helps a lot to find out what people on Earth eat. This was something called fast foods. It is not all that fast if you have to make all the stuff."

I said "When you said you were going to give a surprise, I thought it was sex, but this really is a surprise."

Everyone laughed, and Hattie said in her laughter "Well, That wouldn't be a surprise, you get plenty of that anyway." I see how silly that was.

After we eat, we get a good night sleep. I think everyone was tired after a long day and eating late. I'm sure Hattie was tired. We all were happy, when we said see you tomorrow. I laid my head next to Milana in our bed, and asked her "Did you really liked the cheese burger?"

Milana said "Yes, and it was a nice surprise. I wished I could surprise you like that."

I say "Oh, you have, and a lot better than that. You almost stopped my heart from beating."

Milana said "Yes, When?"

I said "The day you jumped off that gravity craft, and every day after that. I will never get over that."

Milana started to cry as she hugged me "Oh, that makes me feel so happy."

I asked "Did I ever surprise you?"

She giggled "Don't even ask, because you know you do. Every day it is something new, and now I'm living in a dream world with a wonderful man with a big dick and a heart full of passion, with a lot of magic."

I said "Well, being on another planet with the most beautiful woman I have ever met, that made me live longer, and saved my life so many times. Makes me think this is so unreal." I was rubbing her breast, and feeling soft warm silky skin shifting around, and the hard nipples running across my fingers.

Milana said "How many?"

I said "You never talk about the third time. Is there something you don't want me to know?"

Milana stopped me "Wait, you said a THIRD TIME? When did that happen."

I said "My brain stopped working, and the only thing keeping me partly alive was my spiritual mind took over, and it is full of wisdom, so I know that happened."

Milana said "From what we know you where alive, but you were brain dead, and in a lot of pain. After I met Bes, I thanked him for saving you, because we can't cure people from being dead, that was Bes. All we did was remove the cancer cells. When that is gone there is very little left, but it grew back without the cancer. I don't know what Simone gave you, but it did kill you. I know she is working for the Elders. I had Bethlene check the training room, and someone else is there. She was gone and so was the stuff she was using."

I said "So I guess they really did claim war, and we just didn't know about it."

Milana sat up and said "If you can remember all of that then I guess you are ready to fight. I will let Achilles know, because he has been waiting for you to get better. So, get some rest, I'll be back in a minute."

I was going to say wait until morning, but she disappeared. A minute later she was back saying "He wants to see you."

I get up out of bed and she said "Not like that. We have not seen you space jump for a while. We waited for you to heal, so we can see if you still had the ability. He wants to see you by yourself."

I disappear, but I have never been in there bedroom, so imagine Achilles, where ever he was. As soon as I get there he binds my hands up with metal straps in the dark, saying "I like to see how you get out of this."

I fade out and back, and the metal falls to the floor, and he said "I guess we are ready, but can you make the metal disappear, because we need to do that." I make it disappear, and reappear in my hands as I hand it to him, saying "I don't know why, because we can just go to the elders and limit our fight with just them. So why is it so dark in here." I imagine a burning candle in the air, and as soon as I made it real, it fell to the floor. I said "Oops, I didn't think about levitation, and I don't know how to do that while it was solid." I made the candle disappear before it started a fire.

Achilles said "We are going to refuse any more testing tomorrow, so get some sleep."

I appear back in our room, and tell Milana "We are going to refuse any more testing."

Milana said "Well, come on sexy time to get some sleep. You are very vulnerable when you are sleeping, so I don't want you to be sleepy tomorrow."

I go to sleep, and I wake up later than I planed, because I wanted to see if Daniel showed up in the lab. They told me he didn't, so he is getting people on our side, and Hattie's babies are in danger. To try to save a lot of trouble I need to talk to the Elders, to tell them this link is a genetic memory.

I asked Milana to guide me to the Elders. She said "I can take you, but don't wait too long to get out of there if something goes wrong."

Next thing I know is I am standing in a big room with people all around. One of the guys at a desk behind computer screen yelled "Grab them."

Milana yells "This is Allen, he is here to talk to the Elders."

An old lady behind another desk, to his left asked "What does he have to say?"

I said "This extra link you are trying to get from me can be taught, because it is a genetic memory."

The lady said "Then teach us."

I said "If I teach you, I will become a teacher with an Elder as a student, so I need to be an equal."

The crowd started to mumble, and she yelled "Quiet! You can't be an Elder because you are not on our level of wisdom."

I said "You can join people and make them one. Are you one with someone in this room? Then show me your light."

She pointed to the man that spoke first, and said he is my life partner, but I don't know what you are talking about when you say show your my light.

I said "I guess I will have to show you. Is there anyone here that came to become one with your life partner?"

Tomain had a big smile on his face as Rosslyn step up saying "I think we are the only ones that will try."

I talk to them softly so the Elders don't hear, as they try. By the time I'm done they are joined in a bright light. I asked them how do they feel, and Tomain said "Great, but we want to go home now, I hope everything goes well."

I asked the lady what was her name, and she said it was JoMarria, and her partner is Ludal. I told JoMarria "I didn't make that light. It comes from true love, with the joining if two spirits. When they are joined there is only one mind. I was killed by an Elder to get this link, but I am here now with wisdom that can defy death. If I am made an elder, I can show you more, but I will not do that with anyone that is capable of killing.

JoMarria said "That light was a trick."

Milana said "No, it is real, and binds the soul. I was going to have you do it, and I thought that it would be the same, but it looks like I was wrong, and the Elders lost their ability over the years. You will kill to control that power, so..." JoMarria said "Shut her up." A guard reached for Milana, and she grabbed his head and kissed him, and in minutes he drops to the floor.

Milana said "I am a Hue Woman with have more magic than you. I am still learning from Allen, and he is my Elder. You can not win the war you started. You distroyed Allen's brain with chemicals you created, and we did nothing to you."

Ludal said "We only wanted to study him, we didn't try to kill him."

I said "You wanted to take what I have, but it is not something you can take."

The crowd was making too much noise, so Ludal ordered the room to be cleared. After everyone was gone, he said " What makes you think we tried to kill you."

I said "The chemicals I was given in the training center, by Simone. I hear that it will be one of Hattie's babies next."

JoMarria said "We know the people of Earth are good at creating stories, so that makes it hard to believe you. I don't know what Milana did to that man, but he is waking up, so it seems you mean us no harm."

I said "Then let me prove I am honest by making you one with your partner."

Another Elder stands up and said "We can't allow you to do that. It might give him control over you."

Ludal said "Rulsan, may be right."

I asked "Is Rulsan over the project to study us."

Ludal said "Yes, but he is one of us, and it is only wise to believe him over you."

I took a piece of paper and wrote instructions of how to be come one, and gave it to JoMarria.

I said "We know who ever is trying to kill, is someone that can not be trusted with knowledge I have. I like to trust you with that knowledge, but it is an Elder that is killing people."

I saw Rulsan taking to a guard, and I disappered. I didn't reappear but standing close to Rulsan to hear he just sent the guards to our house. I reappeared where I was standing and said "Really you shouldn't tell me everything. I told Milana out loud so the others could hear "Rulsan just sent the guards to our house to take everyone. Sorry we have to go, and I wished I could kill him, but it is not something I should do without everyone in agreement." I imagined him tied up to the chair and made it real, before I left, and told them setting him free will let us know you want a war.

I appeared in our living room and called Milana "Milana where are you. Hattie, Beth, and Achilles where are you. They appeared next to me, and I asked "Did Milana tell you there are guards on the way, and where is she?"

They said "No, we didn't see her."

I said "Go to the rooms on the ship, and appear there when it is safe I will met you there, but I need to go where Milana is first."

Achilles said "Where is that?"

I said "I don't know, but when I imagine her I will go where ever that is."

I disappear and imagine her but I don't see her. I do see Maxwell, so she must be watching him to see if he is on our side or not. I appear behind him and tap him on the shoulder. He turns and was startled, with his eyes in shock "I didn't see you come in. So how did you find me?"

I called Milana, and she appeared. I said we are at war with Rulsan, and we don't know who else."

Maxwell said "What you just did, is that what they are after you to get."

Milana said "Yes, and if we had the chemicals they used on Allen, then we will know what they used to kill him with, but we need a lab."

I asked "Is it safe for us to hide here?"

Maxwell said "Sure, but I don't want to be in a war. I am retired."

Milana said "If you are retired, Why do you drive."

Maxwell said "Because I like to drive, I even take a truck one home. Just look outside, there is one out there right now."

Milana said "No, I don't think I want to get close to any windows. Besides we don't need a truck."

I asked Milana to go to the ship and bring the others back. Then she disappears. Maxwell said "She can do that?"

I said "I can take them back to Earth with me with just a thought."

Maxwell said "You would be safe there."

I told him "I know I can trust you. Going back to Earth does not fix things, and that is why I am willing to fight, because this world has a lot of nice people. I'll be glad to end this now, and give them this link, but I can't just give it to someone that wants to kill someone."

Maxwell said "Milana spoke of chemicals. Is there anyway I can get a sample, from you, because I have a lab in this house."

I said "There is no trace left, because I was brain dead, but I can go get it from when I saw it last."

Milana and the others appear, So I tell her I'm going to get the chemicals I was poisoned with.

Milana asked "Can you do that?" I said "Yes, I just go to where I saw it last, and that takes me to that time, and place."

Milana said "I will be right behind you to see what Simone does after that."

I disappear and get the IV cart and bring it back to give it to Maxwell. Maxwell took it to his lab and drop some in a piece of glass with the IV needle, and took a look at it with a big microscope. He said "It's a mix of pest control and steroids, so it could be very deadly. You are lucky you could get up from that chair. You learned the hue language while your brain was poisoned? Amazing!"

Beth said "Milana is back, and we need one of the tables."

Milana was walking and holding up Simone. Simone was breathing heavy. Milana said "Rulsan tried to choke her to death. He really made me mad calling her names, because she was going to tell the other Elders about Rulsan. I didn't want to mess up so I could get back to you in the scenario, so I didn't kill him. I just stayed invisible and blew on his ear when he let go, I grabbed her and brought her back with me. I guess I did the right thing, because every thing looks the same. So what was in the bag."

I said "Someone put pest control in with the steroids."

Maxwell said "It looks like we have a killer for an Elder. It's not a good time to talk to the other Elders until we know who else in involved in this, because it takes more than one to keep something like this a secret. I was enjoying retirement."

I asked "Is there a place I could put him, like a jail or someplace he could be locked away."

Achilles said "You can't just space jump him there, because he will get the link."

I said "We don't have too, because there is a transport outside and a good driver that knows where everything is. I will need your combat skills to help. We just need some black suits. Beth how is she doing?"

Beth said "A lot better, she is sleeping. She knows more than we do, and she is the biggest break we have had to finding out who is involved."

I asked "Can you check to see if she is pregnant."

Beth started to look, and said she is not pregnant.

Melana said "One of the oldest ladies told me she was part of the project, and was sent to Earth to get pregnant. I think her name is Martinez. Unless there is someone else named Simone. She must have a room in the same building.Is there some way we could see if it was setup for a baby? Do you think you can find her home?"

I said "Let me touch her, so I can try." I lay and hand on her while she is sleeping, and I can feel her dreams. I disappear, and go to her home, and look around. It looks just like our home, I look in the refrigerator, and see a jar of ketchup. So I go back to tell them.

After I tell Milana, she said "When they gave us her home they knew she wasn't going to be using it again. So they were going to kill her that day anyway." I want to know if I can see what she is dreaming.

Milana walks over to her, and I know she is very good at that, so I just waited for her to finish.

Milana said "Can Simone hear me?" she waited "Can Simone hear me?" Every one was quite "Can Simone hear me?"

Simmone says "Yes, Simone can hear you. What do you want?

Milana says "We like to know what Elders are bad, and who Simone works for."

Simone replies "Simone works for Donagrant, he is her boyfriend."

Milana asked "What elders are bad?"

Simmone replies "Rulsan, tried to killer Simmone, and Martinez gave Simone the IV bag to use on Allen.

Milana said "I don't think there is a way to find out all of the bad elders, so we are stuck, until we find out who else."

Maxwell said "You are saying we are stuck? It don't sound like that to me. We know two of them, and if we ask we can find out who hangs around those two. If you don't mind I will call Ludal, and ask him some questions. Like who sits beside Rulsan, and Martinez."

I said "We already know someone that sits beside Rulsan."

Maxwell said "Who?"

Milana said "Ludal sits beside Rulsan." Maxwell decides he better wait.

I asked "Does Ludal or JoMarria know how to do the One ceremony?"

Maxwell said "Yes, they have been life partners for years. They even did their own ceremony."

I said "She didn't want to show me the light of their love. Does the couples they join show light?"

Maxwell said "No, but they do all of them."

Milana said "We think they have been faking there wisdom, because there should be light coming from couples as they are joined, and if they can't do that the couples are not really one soul. I think she might not really love him for some reason, and if he is one of these three, he could be dragging her along."

I said "I have an idea, but I need to do it before it's too late."

Milana said "I know what that is, and I hope they are still there. It would be very bad if she becomes one with the wrong guy. So good luck."

I said "Thank you, Dear." Milana smiled at me knowing I was going to fix things, and find out if Ludal is one of them. I stay in invisible, but I sense JoMarria knows I'm there. So when I whisper in her ear, she is not shocked "Don't become one with Ludal."

She whispers "I can't, because there is something not right about him, and he has a lot of secrets."

I whisper "Really? That's good. By the way are you in love someone I know."

She whispers back "No, but I can give you a name, and if you can make me and Maxwell one, I will help you."

I try to hold my giggle, and she whispers "Do you know him?"

I whisper "Yes, he drove us around once, but if I can arrange this are you willing to let him drive you some place to become one?"

She speaks up "Yes"

Ludal asked "Is that your vote? We can't just let these people run around thinking they are better than us."

JoMarria said "Then I will repeat my vote, Yes, Yes, Yes. Don't ask me to change it, because that is the way I feel. You should have never untied Rusan."

I go back to tell the others "He is the third one. So we have that problem fixed. They took a vote to stop us. I didn't stay to find out, but JoMarria voted to leave us alone, against Ludals vote. So, Maxwell, what do you think of JoMarria. I'm sure you must really like her a lot, just to become friends with a man as bad as Ludal."

Maxwell said "Yes, I like her but she is Ludal's life partner."

I asked "Did you retire because you could not stand to see her with Ludal?"

Maxwell asked "Is that what she told you?"

I said "No, I was just wondering, that if Ludal is just her boy friend, and she couldn't become one with him, because she was in love with you, would you want to become one with her, and go back to being an Elder?"

Maxwell looked confused "That is one big question, but since that is not the case, and we are just thinking about it. Then yes. I would."

I giggled "Good, because that is what she told me she wanted."

Everyone was cheering for Maxwell. Maxwell said "Hold it just a minute, your just joking with me. That is not what she said."

I say "If I am telling the truth, would you pick her up today, and become one right here in your home."

Achilles said "He is telling the truth, Max." Then Beth said "You will be happier if you say yes."

Hattie said "If you can say no, you will continue be alone." Milana said "Is that what you want?"

Maxwell said "Your right, what time do I pick her up?"

I said "I have to go back and ask." I stay invisible again and whisper in her ear, "Can I do the ceremony?"

She whipered "I saw what you did for those two that was here, and I want to feel what they felt. So, I would not have it any other way."

I whisper "What time do you want him to pick you up?"

She whispers "As soon as possible."

Ludal said "Did you just say something?"

JoMarria said "I was just calling for a transport, to get something to eat. Why, do you want something."

Ludal said "No, I don't need anything."

I hurry back and told Maxwell "She wants you now, and said the longer she waits the worse she feels."

Maxwell said "I better hurry then." as he ran out the door.

Milana asked "What really happened."

I said "JoMarria told me, If I could make her happy with Maxwell like I did the couple she saw, then she would help us."

Milana said "I have only seen you get mad once, and I found out why, because Rulsan sent guards out for everyone. You controlled it very well, but I would have made him disappear forever. I know that would give him the link so he could come back worse than before."

I said "Do I have time to check on Daniel? Could you see if Donagrant is okay? Rulsan might want to kill him since he his girlfriend. Just stay invisible. I checked on Daniel but I saw him in the spirit world. I quickly thought of Danagrant, and found him there too, I called for Milana and saw her light glowing, so I brought her back with me."

Hattie said "So are they dead?"

I said "Yes. Maybe I could check on Annete." Milana said "No, she is a good looking woman and I don't think it is a good idea for you to see her naked, besides if she is in the spirit world I can show you I can come back."

I said "Okay" Milana didn't take long, and she said "She is fine, one of the guards is her boyfriend, or she is just using him to protect her."

Achilles said "It don't look like we are at war yet. I was thinking we will be in some kind of battle.

I said "You mean where a lot of people die? I think it is better to fight the guys that started the war, than to kill people that was told to stand in our way while they hide someplace safe. If our fight was with the people, they would come in crowds with torches and pitch forks, but they are organized, because they were told to fight us. You were trained to do as you were told, and I want you to think for yourself. Who are we fighting?"

Achilles said "Simone tried to kill you, and she is right here."

I said "Simone was a soldier. She was almost killed by them, so that makes her want to kill them not us."

Achilles said "I guess it is also in my training to deside who to kill without question."

I said "If you were alowed to think, you might turn against them. It's just the way it works. You will learn half of your skills for battle is to be a wheel that will roll over anyone in their way. With your new skills you need to know, one person can't deside what is right, not even me, but you are held responsible by others to doing the right thing. I could have killed Rulsan already, but if the Elders didn't think it was the right thing to do I would be taking away their right to deside, and that make me the bad guy, not him."

Maxwell finally arrives with JoMarria, and I did the ceremony. They were a happy couple still glowing, So I tell her we are not at war, but some of the Elders are, and we are forced to stop them. We know they killed Simone, Donagrant, and Daniel.

I asked Maxwell "Could you, and JoMarria take us some place where we can lock up the killers, so nobody can get them out until we give our evidence to the other Elders."

JoMarria said "I know a place. It is a supply bunker under the ship they are building."

I say "That sounds good. Then I guess there is only one thing we will need, and that is the location of where we can find Martinez, Rulsan, and Ludal tonight."

JoMarria said "I can help you with that to, because after the sun goes down they have a meeting place. I know where they live and when they will be there."

Milana said "If she is going to help us you need to teach her the special kiss. While you are at it you can teach Hattie and Bethlene. I will show Achilles. You can start by explaining how it works."

JoMarria asked "Do you mean that kiss you did to the guard? That is all it was, just a kiss, and nothing else?"

I said "Yes, but you have to know how to do it. What you want to remember is to just touch the lips with very little pressure, with the mouth parted a little. Like this." I show each one and Milana shows Achilles, but since it took me a while for three , she shows Maxwell. "Now, that you know that part, you just have to move your mouth around in circles. This part is to cause them to stay off ballance for a while, and while they enjoy this they get dizzy. If you do this long enough they will back out, and their body shuts down to regain it's ballance. When they wake up, their vision is still blacked out so they don't see anything spinning untill they recover. So, it will take a while longer before their eyes are working. You will have time to get away after they see you. Milana, can you take me to get some fruit for vitamin C so they don't stay out so long? We will be right back so don't practice this on anyone."

Milana takes me to a lime tree, and I kiss her "These will be great. I think there is seven of us. You can load up my kilt." I hold the bottom of my kilt up and the sides, and she throws in some extra just in case. Then we space jump back.

Milana passes out the limes, and tells everyone "Eat these for energy. That will keep the effects from lasting long. The last thing you want to happen is let someone take control over the kiss, because you need to make them pass out. So, keep your mind alert. When you finish eating the fruit, then we have to do this in a order, so everyone can try. Hatty and Allen will start you out, but I want you to make him pass out. JoMarria does it to Maxwell. Achilles does it to me, and when he is done, Bethlene does it to him. Everyone that should pass out, let it happen so the others can learn. After Maxwell wakes up he can do it to JoMarria. Does it sound like I covered everyone?"

Hattie looks lost "Who am I doing it to." I said "Me" Then she smiled "But who does it to me."

Milana said "If you want to know how it feels when it happens to you, just what until we wake up."

Everyone does it in the order Milana said, and when I wake up, I hear Hattie "He is waking up."

I say "It will be a while before I can see."

Hattie said "I'm glad you really think of me as your sex kitten." Then I felt her hug me and give me a kiss on the lips."

I asked "What did you do while I was out."

Hattie said "I asked Allen does he love Hattie, and Allen said he loves Hattie. Hattie is a sexy little sex kitten."

Milana heard that, and as soon as we could see she told me to do Hattie. While Hattie was passed out Milana said "Can Hattie answer a question?" Hattie didn't respond so the said it again, and Hattie said "Yes" Milana asked "How does Hattie feel about Allen?"

Hattie said "Hattie loves Allen. Allen is the father of Hattie's two kids. Hattie will always love Allen."

Milana asked "How does Hattie feel about Milana?"

Hattie said "Hattie loves Milana, because Milana makes Allen happy."

I look up and I see Maxwell just made JoMarria pass out. So I try it on her. "Can JoMarria answer a question?" I had to do it again before she said "Yes". I wanted to trust her so I asked "What does JoMarria think of the new Evolution?"

JoMarria said "JoMarria is one of them. Allen is JoMarria's favorite Elder."

I asked her "How does JoMarria feel about Maxwell."

JoMarria said "JoMarria loves Maxwell forever."

Maxwell asked "Did she just say she is one of you?"

I said "Yes, but that don't mean she is on right now, because the spirit inside her don't understand time. So, She if you ask her spirit the right way, she could tell you how she dies. I can show you.

Maxwell said "I don't want to know that."

I asked Milana "What did you find out." as I smiled from looking around with pussies showing everywhere.

Milana didn't know how to feel. "One of Hattie's babies dies at birth, because she dyes before the baby comes out. We can't let her go full term, even if we have to take them out."

Hattie starts to wake up "Wow, that was a great kiss." I go over there and kissed her again. She didn't take long to pass out.

I said "So, we will take them out and raise them in incubators." Now, ask her again.

Milana asked her how many babies she will have, and Hattie said three. Then she asked her how long will she live. Hattie said "Hattie will die as an old lonely woman."

Milana said "I can fix that. Does Hattie find a life partner."

Hattie said "Hattie has a boyfriend."

Beth and Achilles just learned something new. Maxwell did too, even if he didn't want to. We can ask people any thing after they pass out.

I said "We need to find out where we can catch them tonight. It looks like the sun is going down already."

JoMarria said "I think we can take all three of them at one time. While they are in their meeting. Hattie, can kiss Rulsan, Achilles can kiss Martinez, and I can kiss Ludal. I can go in and tell them that they are life partners, and want to thank them for giving them a nice house. The Elders will let them offer a kiss. I will look very happy, and kiss Ludal. If anything goes wrong the rest of you can bang on the wall, to get them to follow you to the transport. We can catch them when they come out of the building doors. If everything goes right we will need to carry them out. So, Achilles needs to wear a red kilt to look like a guard."

Milana said "That sounds good, but there will be guards with radios."

JoMarria said "You can go invisible. Can you force them out when you are invisible?"

I said "No, because we are ghost when we are invisible. We go through walls or people. Going through someone is not something I like to do. It is a very bad feeling."

Achilles laughed and said "This will sound funny, but we can make them passed out, and keep them that way, and when we see the guards, we tell them they need to get these people on the transport right away."

Beth ask "What if they know Hattie, and Achilles?

JoMarria said "That would be what could go wrong, so we will need to take them by force, before they call the guards. I was just thinking of ideas, but I am sure we can take all of them at the same time."

I say "Let's try that, because we can always space jump, and they don't know JoMarria is with us, but we can't leave her with them."

Maxwell said "I will drive , so you guys can do what you have to, and keep JoMarria safe."

All of us go out side and see the transport is number 89. We have a lot of room in there, and again I am facing Hattie's and Milana's pussies. I smile and hope I can keep my mind on what we are going to do, but I am a quick thinker. So, I can come up with a new plan in a heart beat. Milana is wiggling in her seat. I think to her "This is not a good time to be sticking my tongue in there." Milana reminded me "JoMarria was in the front passenger seat. So, the only ones that will see is family." I see Achilles moves to his knees know he was going to do Beth, so I get down, and Milana made it easy to lick her. I reach over and use my thumb on Hattie. Not long after we just got started, JoMarria was smelling the juices flowing, and said with a giggle "We are almost there. Did you do know I can read your minds?"

Milana said "That is just part of being one. You can read the thoughts of who ever you are thinking about. So, you must have been thinking of us."

JoMarria said "So, you are saying I can find out what Ludal is thinking right now?"

Milana said "Yes, so what is he thinking."

JoMarria thinks and said "He is mad, because I didn't get back from getting something to eat. He likes to know where I am, and he hopes I am at home sleeping, or he will get really mad."

I asked "Did you really read his mind like that?

JoMarria said "No, I think it's because I don't like him. So, I just used what I know to make it sound good."

I said "Well, you could be right and dot sure."

JoMarria said "With what I smell in this truck, all Ican think about is Max."

The girls thought that was funny by the bref sound they made.

We stop in front of the Elders building, and JoMarria said "Okay you two. You need to look like you are in love, and follow me. The rest of you follow us, but stay invisible. Max will you be okay to just drive around some place until I tell you to come get us."

Maxwell said "I will be fine as long as you don't get hurt. Take care of yourself and don't take any chances."

JoMarria sent Maxwell a thought "I love you. Don't let anyone stop you."

There was six guards in front, and most of them watched Hattie waving her ass around in that short dress, as she hung onto Achilles. We follow them inside and to a elevator, and when they went in I told everyone "Wait until the elevator stops and space jump to it."

I see the elevator go up and look up to see the bottom, but it was dark in the shaft. I said "Show your lights." Then I heard it stop so we space jumped to it. I asked "Is everyone with me." Beth said "I felt another ghost, so I jumped and stayed with the elevator." Milana said "Me too." I said "We are traveling in the spirit world, that will happen."

Achilles said "Stay with me Bethlene." She said "You can bet I will."

There are two guards next to a door, and Hattie swings her ass around, and walks up to them "Wow, look dear, radios." She takes one of the guards radio, and said "Oh, come with me baby." The guards smile at her, and Achilles get the other radio, and said "I'm coming baby." The other guard broke out in a laugh, and JoMarria said" Alright you two, time to thank the Elders." They walked through the door with the radios.

Ludal got up and said "JoMarria I was wondering where you were. Who are you bringing into our private meeting?"

JoMarria said "They have been telling me how happy they are for their new home, and I said it wasn't me they should be thanking, but Martinez, and Rulsan. So they want to kiss you, because they are so happy with what you did for them. Then they will go home."

JoMarria walked up to Ludal, and said "It wouldn't be fair if you didn't get a kiss too." Now all the Elders are standing, and they kiss them, and soon the Elders was on the floor. While they took off the elders clothes they asked each one will they answer a question. They had to do that a few times, when they gave them a yes. Then they asked them How many people they killed, and they had to ask that twice, but Rulsan killed to many to count, and he tried to wake up, because he had to think too hard, but he said a lot, before he went limber again.

Ludal killed five, and Martinez killed twelve, but Rulsan needed to answer another question. So, I told Hattie to asked him why he kills people. After Hattie asked he said "Rulsan loves to kill people, because they think he is a God."

I said "We need to get rid of the guards in the hall." Milana said "Me and Bethlene can handle them."

JoMarria said "I have a better idea." She gets the radios, and said "Move out of sight." then she gives the radios to the guards and said "Sorry, You might be needing these."

The Elders were starting to wake up, so she grabbed Ludal and gave him another kiss, Hattie and Achilles did the same.

JoMarria said "I looks like they don't have any radios. Just a minute." She opens the door and asked one of the guards could she use his radio, and he gave it back to her. She said "Thank you." Then she closed the door, and locked it.

JoMarria said "We are going to let everyone with a radio hear their confession, so I will ask Ludal first, and we will let Rulsan be last. I want him to answer that last question over the radio."

She started with telling everyone who she was and keep the radios clear, because it will be used for confessions. The she asked the First question over the radio "Did Ludal kill any one." she turned the radio to him "Yes, Ludal has killed people." She asked how many, and who was last, while she kept the radio on. Ludal said he killed Donagrant, because he was with the people of the next evolution. Then she pass the radio to Achilles, and the Elders started to wake up again, and they kissed them again, but Rulsan pushed Hattie away, and Milana ran over to him and forced her kiss on him. Achilles asked all the same questions, but it seems like Martinez likes killing babies more than people. She killed all her babies. Milana stayed with Rulsan as she kissed him again before Hattie asked him anything. They kissed the others again while Milana held the radio for Hattie. Then JoMarria said she was going to order the guards to take the Elders to the transport, while Hattie was asking Rulsan his questions and wanted us to hide. Beth said she will jump to the transport, and JoMarria let Maxwell know so he is not shocked while he was driving, and told Beth to not let the guards see her when they get there.

JoMarria unlocks the door, and tells the guards "I am locking up these Elders for killing people, but Do not made too much noise, while we are asking Rulsan questions. When the drug wears off you need to hold onto them very tight, and they will not be able to see for a while." The guards say "Yes JoMarria."

They came in and each held one of the Elders up against the wall while they waited to see if they will be needed, so they watched Hattie as Achilles stood next to her. After Rulsan answered the last question as he did before, the guards were shocked, and was more forcefull towards the Elders. They were very thankfull to JoMarria, and Achilles. They called for three more guards to help them escort the Elders out.

We get them to the main room of the building and one of the lady Elders was sitting at a desk. There was seven guards in the room.

JoMarria was surprised "Soodie, What are you doing here?"

Soodie said "What that Allen guy said had me worried. So, I kept a radio on, so I could hear what was going on. Why are they naked."

JoMarria looked worried "I wanted to embarrass Ludal for telling me what to think all these years. The others just seemed like they should be treated the same way."

Soodie said "I think that is a nice touch, but there is something you forgot to ask them."

JoMarria asked "There is? I thought I asked them enough."

Soodie said "Well, I don't. Could I ask Martinez my question?"

JoMarria said "Achilles will need to drug her with a kiss."

Soodie gets up and gets the guards to surround them as she walks toward Martinez and tells Achilles "Well, go on and do it." Achilles kisses her. She puts up a small fight, but she enjoys his kiss.

Soodie said "I wonder what that feels like with such a strong young man."

Achilles said "Could Martinez answer a question for Soodie."

Martinez said "Yes, Soodie is Martinez's mother." I think we all started to worry now.

Soodie had the questioning part right, because she asked "Is there any other Elders killing people that Martinez knows about."

Martinez said "Rulsan, Ludal, and it is possible that JoMarria has killed."

Soodie pointed to JoMarria "Now, Achilles do it to JoMarria. Guards hold Martinez."

Achilles grabbs JoMarria and kissed her. Then he asked JoMarria did she kill anyone.

JoMarria said "No" Then Soodie asked "Has JoMarria ever felt like a God." JoMarria said "No. JoMarria was too much a slave to think for herself."

Soodie said "When she wakes up I want you to do the same to me, and ask both those questions, because that is something I want done with all the Elders, and anyone that will be one. I would like it to be done every ten years. That way this will never happen again. Since I am the oldest, this is something the rest of them will have to live with. Now, Young lady I didn't get your name, but can you do the men?"

Hattie said "My name is Hattie, and I would like that."

Soodie asked "Would both of you come back tomorrow to do this test to the other elders, and if I am guessing right, you are friends to Allen and Milana I would like to talk to them too, but I have to pass the test first."

JoMarria wakes up and Soodie tells her "Welcome back JoMarria, you are the first to pass our new test for the Elders of the new evolution. Right now you are the only offical Elder, I know I pass the same test, but I will not pass up a kis like that. Alright young man, I am ready."

Achilles does Soodie, and she passed out. When she wakes up she said "That was such a wonderful kiss, but why is everything so black?"

Hattie said "That is just your eyes, but you will see in a little while."

I tell Milana I'm going to the transport and bring in the others. I space jump there, but see Milana must have done that sooner, because they were already walking inside. I space jump to catch up. When we get inside Soodie could see again.

Soodie said "I can see you are here. Maxwell, I hope you want to be an Elder again because, we are running a little short right now, but you need to pass a test first. Hattie he is all yours.

Maxwell was told what was going on, so he was ready. While Hattie was testing him, Soodie asked me to talk to her. She told me "From now on all the Elder need to pass a test, so there will be no more killers thinking they are Gods around here, so if your offer still stands to take us to the next evolution, than you will need to take the test too. Hattie will do test, but I want you to do more as an Elder, I want to appoint you as guardian and teacher of the elders, so you will be over all the elders, even the oldest one, Me."

I say "That would be great, but we have homes next to the incubator building, so I'm told, and Hattie will die if she don't use them, because she has three babies growing in her right now."

Soodie was puzzled "I thought Milana is your life partner?"

I said "She is, but Hattie grew up without parents and needing some, so Milana and I, took her in as a Daughter. She is having my kids, and so is Bethlene. That was before we found Achilles for her."

Soodie was in shock to hear all of that "You were a busy man. You can keep your homes next to the Incubator building. Hattie sister is dead from what I have heard. So, it's good that you are her family."

I asked "Who was her sister?"

Soodie said "An elder visit me from the future, named Mary, she brought me twins, and told me about you, and said we should send Milana to Earth. The twins names were Hattie, and Simone, they had the same mission as Milana."

I said "Milana went back and saved Simone."

Soodie told Hattie, Simone was her twin sister, and Hattie space jumped and came back with Simone, and asked Soodie to tell Simone. After she did, I told Simone she was one of us, because she has been in two space jumps.

Soodie said "I think it will be best to have guards posted around your homes. I guess I will watch as you take the test, so nobody will say you cheated or anything. Then go home and get some rest. The guards I have will lock those three up. I know you will pass the test, so I want to ask you what are we going to do with them if we can't let them live after what they have done, and we can't kill them. What do we do?"

I said "They can kill themselves. I have some IV bags that they put pest control in, and used it on me when I was learning the Hue language. They tried to kill her, so I'm sure she will do it. They killed her boyfriend, but he was one of them, but his brother is a good man."

Simone asked "When did they kill Don.

I said "Milana can tell you all about that." Simone walked over to Milana confused.

Soodie said "It sound like that is the best thing we can think of. So, we can make that offer to the rest that pass the test, and see if that is what everyone wants. You have my vote, now lets get you tested."

Hattie gives me the test. When I woke up Soodie said "Welcome Elder, you and Milana are now our youngest Elders. I want you five guards to make sure they get home safely, and from now on that will be what you will be doing. If you want to do something else let Allen or Milana know so they can replace you."

One of the guards said "No way will I give up a chance to learn from them."

The other guards smile. Milana smiles at Hattie as she raises an eyebrow saying "Before we give you the ability, you will need to pass Hattie's test." I can tell Hattie will not be single much longer. All the guards wanted a kiss.

The three banned Elders was told before they can be released, if they learned to be nice at the Training Center, while Simone was incharge. The Elders desided it wasn't safe to have a poison IV bag laying around, so they had Simone give it back to the people that made it.

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