by Archie Chipps

Warning this contains sexual content.

Chapter 2

When I woke up the vibrating feeling came back for a moment I was still laying on the table, and feel my back was wet from water, then a feeling of someone sleeping with there arms on my back, and a sound of someone taking in a sobbing breath. I started to wonder what is going on, and then I started to remember Milana, and my love for her. I heard that sound again and started to think, is that Milana crying. I remember her tits are so wonderful, and then I hear that sound again, and it sounds like her, so I say "Milana?"

She is surprise and I hear happiness in her voice" Oh, you remember me!"

I said, "I remember the feeling of those big tits against me, Of course I remember my life partner."

She laughed "He's okay, and he remembers."

Beth said, "Well, test him."

Milana said, "Okay" She slapped my ass and said "You feel that?"

I said, "Yes and your tears on my back."

She said "Well, that just leaves this." I felt fingers grab my toe and I said " You just grabbed my toe."

"Now the other end," she says as she walks around the table, and put a nipple in my ear.

I said, "That feels nice." and as I move my head a little I felt a neck brace that had a hard piece that went from the back of my head down to between the shoulder blades. I asked "Can I get up now."

Beth come in and said, "Only of you go to your room and lay down, but you shouldn't be standing for long. The scan shows he can live as long as Adam, that could 800 years. There is only one question and that is how old are you."

I say, "I'm 49"

Beth said, "Well, that works out great, you both have 400 years to go."

I asked, "What about Achilles and you?"

A small giggle comes from her voice, "We are life partners now, thanks to you."

Milana sounds very happy, "That's great I'm so happy for you."

Since I can't see Milana, I can't send her my thoughts.

Then Milana most have know what I was thinking, "Sorry, WE are happy for you."

Well, at least she can see me. I hear her thought say, "I was looking at your ass, and Bethlene is not exactly looking away from it."

I hear a whoa come from Hattie.

Hattie asked, "How did I get here? What happened?" then she must have seen me "What happened to you? I didn't hurt you did I daddy?"

Beth asked, "What did you say?"

Milana said, "Hattie is our daughter now."

Beth said, "We just gave Allen a very painful shot to give him a normal life. He is from Earth where we shortened their lived to make Evolution happen faster. He is a lucky man, and you are going to be a lucky mother of three babies. I have to get back to Achilles, before he starts to feel forgotten. When you get better, we like you do the joining ceremony?

I said, "Sure, but you don't have to wait that long I just need to get dressed."

Beth said, "Thanks, but we are not going anywhere. We can wait."

I strongly think, "Beth did us a big favor, we have to do this today, after we kept Achilles waiting so long."

Milana told Hattie "Come on and get your clothes on."

Hattie ran out the door and down the hall, and they left me for a moment, it's a good thing suits are quick to put on, because not long after Beth closed the door, they were back and knocked on Beth's door, and asked is it okay to go in to talk to Achilles. Beth said, "Sure." So Hattie opened the door and walked in and Milana rolled my table through the door. Down up the hall and turned it into the room. It was like our room, but opposite.

I could see their feet, and Milana asked, "Could we use a towel?" Beth said, "Yes. Are you going to do this now?"

Hattie grabbed a towel and said she was ready, then Milana sat me up, and Hattie covered my lap. I seemed for a moment we acted as one. So, I smiled.

Achilles said, "I knew it was important, but had no idea you where like this, are you sure you can do this?"

I said, "A few hearts were broken and Beth helped us, and now just two hearts left. You and Beth. Have a seat Hattie."

Hattie sat on the table on the side of the door and Milana on the other side.

I continued, "We are very happy for the both of you, if you still want to be Life Partners."

Beth said, "I do."

Achilles said, "I do."

I go on, thinking this sounds like a wedding "Both of you get together and sit on the bed and hug, now your bodies are together your souls are still apart, in separate bodies, just feel how much they want to me together. Know there is a deep need for you to be as close as you can. Do you feel the pain of your souls longing to be one? Then tell each other you feel the need to join, to make the pain go away.

They cry out to each other and hug tight, the a light starts to leave their bodies to join each soul in the middle and the light was bright as they joined and their bodies pushed away until it was one bright blinding spirit. Their bodies hugged again and the light faded until there was only a blue glow of energy around them, they where now one. With a glow in there faces they said "Thank you we feel... High on love."

Hattie was in shock from what she just saw, and Achilles said, "What's wrong with Hattie" they had no idea what just happened. I said, "She will be okay." Milana kissed me and said "I thought I imagined the light when we did it, but it's real."

Beth heard and asked, "The light thing was real?"

I said just in a reflex, "Love is a powerful thing."

Milana said, "It sure is. Love kept you alive."

I said in my mind, "I thought that was your tits."

Milana look at me with a smile, "Oh, your going to get it, Earthling."

The next thing I saw was those tits smothering me in my mind.

I try to snap out of it, "You could make me stop breathing like that."

She was shocked and hurt by what I said, "Don't say that. Don't you ever say that."

I held Milana and whispered, "We have to go, can't you feel they want us to go."

I shook Hattie and she said, "Did you see that!"

I said, "Yes, we all saw it, but they want to be alone now."

Hattie said, "Oh, right. We have to go. Bye."

Hattie pulled the table out and Milana pushed, once we were in the hall I stepped off, and Hattie put the table back Milana put her arm around me and took me to our bed, and laid me in the middle. Then laid facing me, and kissed my shoulder and laid her head there. Hattie came in and laid on the other side. The bed pounced and Milana raised her head for a moment.

Hattie asked, "Daddy, can you do that butterfly thing on me."

I was a little stunned, "You saw that?"

Hattie said, "Yes, it landed on mommy's lips."

I kissed my fingers and flip my hand in the air, and imagine it flying in the air I let it fly around, and land on her nose. She grabs her nose and said that tickles.

Milana said, "Where's mine, but not on the lips, thatstings."

I do the same thing again, but this time I put it on her ass.

Milana said, "That didn't tickle at all, so do it again after I get this suit off."

She stands up facing away from me and takes the suit off. I watch the suit as it hangs between her legs, and wiggles her ass to get it loose, as it breaks free from her pussy. I watch it getting pull down her legs as the while reveals her tanned legs. It made be want to reach out and grab that ass. So, I do it again, and this time I make it fly around her in a twister pattern and circle her butt, and dives between her cheeks hit her pussy.

Milana saw it as she twist her back to keep her butt facing me. "That felt good, so how did you learn that?

I said, "When I was a little kid in school, a girl did that, and it looked like I could actually see it, but she used her finger to point where is was so I could imagine it. So I tried it, and it disappeared when they didn't look at my finger, so a few of us kept trying, and we got so good at it. We had it flying anywhere we wanted. When I saw people follow it even when they could not see my finger, I stopped pointing. I thought it was just a trick of the imagination, because I had to use a lot of imagination to make it work, and I had make it move fast so they would use their imagination to see it. I have not done that in a long time. I knew you would see it, because we are one, and my imagination is yours. I just didn't know Hattie could see it. I guess there is a little magic to it.

Hattie asked, "Could you teach me."

Milana moved in closer saying, "I'll watch" as she put her knee on the bed.

I try to get Hattie to follow, what I do "Get your hand up, and imagine your hand takes your kiss from your lips. You have to imagine that clearly as something you can blow off your fingers. Now, imagine the people looking just saw it leave you fingers, and they need you to help them see where it went. So, you show them, and use your finger point it out. If they don't see it then you just need more practice with imagination."

Hattie asked, "Like this?"

I saw something, so I tell her, "Almost, I think I saw something. You just need to practice."

Milana laid down on the bed, turning away from me, and pushed her ass against me. I turn against her, and my dick falls toward her anus as I push my hip into her, and it starts to grow. She rubs her ass against me, and asked, "Are you just teasing? Because your neck brace comes off tomorrow, and I don't want your neck to move around much until your spinal cord heals."

With a little disappointment I say "I was just getting comfortable."

She moaned, "You are torturing me. Can't you just lie on your back? We can do that tomorrow."

I was sorry, but I knew she was thinking of it. I just thought I could help.

I can hear her in my head "I know you are sorry, but I'm lucky you are still alive. I risked your life so I wouldn't be lonely." Then she started to cry. "I was wrong, because it was a selfish thing to do, and you could have died."

I pass my thought to her so Hattie can't hear "I gave my life to you, and you gave yours to me, to live together for the rest of our lives. If you feel that was selfish of you, then you can blame me for wanting the same thing. Half of my life was already over, but I would like to have more time with you."

I felt a huge warm love come over me as she started to glowing, and it brought out the love I have for her as we kissed. Then Hattie climbed over our waist and joined in hugging us. We looked down at her, wondering what she was feeling.

She said "I saw that light again. It felt love was all around you, and I threw myself into the light, because I wanted to be a part of it, but then you were looking at me. Did I do something wrong?"

Milana and I said, "No, You didn't do anything wrong, we just wonder how you were feeling."

Hattie instantly was overjoyed, and said, "It felt GREAT!!"

I said, "Next time it happens we will let you join us."

Hattie said, "I can't wait! But when will that be."

Milana said, "How about, Now!" Then she felt all the love she had for me, as I helped with all my love for her, and it started uninterrupted, as Hattie was now part of it.

Hattie said, "Ah, I love both of you."

Soon it just became a glow moving around all of us, and then I could only see it in their faces.

Milana thinks to me, "Does this mean Hattie is one with us?"

I think, "Her spirit didn't join, just her love for us. So you can say we love as one. I don't think she will be able to hear our thoughts, but I could be wrong."

Milana thinks, "I can't always hear what you are thinking, like you are somewhere else."

I let her know, "That is because I was."

She wonders, "Where do you go."

I say, "I was thinking of that lady, Mary, because it seems something is going on, making us so lucky, and I think it has something to do with her."

Milana thought, "I feel she is hiding something from us, but I was thinking it might be, because she is an Elder, someone with wisdom and power."

I silently tell Milana so Hattie can't hear, "I feel the same way, but I also think it is strange that she teased someone from the last evolution into almost throwing herself at us. I don't think it was our luck, but something planed, and that would mean she knows that we are the beginning, of next evolution."

Milana starts to imagine more, "Maybe she is from the future. This is the first time a ship has one built in. So maybe she had something to do with that, so she can go back when she is done."

I wonder, "Do you think it is strange, that I have an extra link on my DNA, and you stopped at my house to test the time device, before you visited me. Doesn't that give her time to some how change me before you get pregnant?"

She thinks, "That really is strange, but I don't see how she could have done that. Maybe we are just thinking too much into this."

I whisper in her ear, "Yea, your right, and if we ask her what is going on, we will sound like we lost our minds."

Milana looked in my eyes and asked "Is that what you were thinking of doing... Oh, I guess that is the best way to find out for sure."

We went to sleep in each others arms, and I guess Hattie could have been late for work or something. A voice came over the speaker. "Hattie wake up."

Milana and I thought that sounded like Mary as we got up in a shock, wondering why did she do that?

Hattie said I guess it's time for me to go to work. She put her suit through the laundry and drank some milk, and got dressed, while Milana opened a panel with a phone digital pad and hit the call back or something, and said "Is this Mary?"

Mary said, "So, what if it is?"

Milana laughed and said, "If we are right you don't mind coming to see us, because we are not able to go to you."

Mary said, "I know. I will be alone, so just don't tell anyone what you know."

Hattie just closed the door. So, Milana said, "One other person might know a little."

Mary said, "Hattie? No need to worry about her."

Milana put her suit on, and got us some hot chocolate. I still don't know how that works, I guess I will find out some day. She helped me sit up against the wall at the head of the bed, and kissed me.

She is strong.

Then she starts prancing back and forth while she drinks her Hot Chocolate.

I drink mine while I my eyes to follow her.

She said, "I looks like this does change things, and time is a little out of scenario right now."

I asked, "Does that mean we will not get to your planet in the right scenario?"

She said, "No, because we have been at my planet for the last four days."

I was a little shocked by that, "You didn't tell me, and I know, I wasn't out that long because Hattie woke up after I did, and Achilles was still waiting on Beth."

Milana said, "We arrived here when you first had sex with Hattie. The intercom by the bed flashes red as long as we are stopped and flashes green for a day be for we leave. That way we can get off if we don't want to go to the next planet."

I ask, "How do we know where we are going?"

Milana said, "You just push it when it is green and find out."

I hear Milana think that's enough questions while I am trying to think about the scenario we are in. Did it change when we tested the time device. Mary is on the ship, and she would have gone with us. So, that is not right." I say, "Mary is going to tell us, so relax and trust her, because she is an Elder. Don't that mean she is wise, and know what is best?"

Milana said, "You're right, but you don't know that much about us."

I quickly feel that whip snap, "Sorry, just don't bite my head off."

Milana came over to me and sits on the bed and hugs me.

I asked her, "If time has slipped into another scenario, and in the original one, you never met me, would you want to change it back?"

Milana cried, "No. I can't be happy without you, I don't like thinking that is part of it, but that is why I'm so worried. I think it has everything to do with it."

She lies back trying to relax, and lays her hand on my dick. Her eye's light up and said, "What am I thinking? I have to get you covered up."

We hear a knock on the door, so she grabs the covers and folds them over me, and sits down. Then she said, "Come In."

The door opens and Mary steps in and says, "Can I have a seat next to you?"

Milana pats the bed and said, "Have a seat."

Mary says, "Thank you, I'm getting old, but I am still in great shape, but it is nice to sit down. I guess I will start by telling you this is not a slipped scenario. I am here to find out how your sperm managed to have an extra link in your DNA, because that changed our life in a good way. That started our new evolution, but you already know it will, so I will tell you what I found. There is another alien race that spends a lot of time on your planet, even more than we to. People in Ireland call them Leprechauns. They come from a planet that we don't go to, because the gravity is too strong and the planet is very big to get around. That is why they are so small, but they are so far advanced to us that what they do, can only be called magic. They go where they want and could just pop in here if they want, but they never tried to change who we are, until one of them met a little boy named Allen. The creature didn't show himself, but you knew he was there didn't you?"

I said, "Yes. He brought my white comb back to me."

Mary said, "Well, One morning while everyone was going to work the night after you lost your wallet on the highway, you found a way to go there and get it, and at the same time Bess was there getting it for you. Your atoms traveled the same space at the same time as Bes, and one atom stayed with you, in your body when you both appeared at the same time reaching for that wallet. That became part of you."

I said, "I thought I dreamed that. So how did you find out, and what about Milana?"

Mary said, "Both of you love each other so much, that the thought of one of you dying was too much, so when the time grew close you told us if there was ever a device created to collect your memory, we will find out how this new evolution started and tell you before it started. Then both of you looked at each other and a bright light blinded us. When the light was gone so were the both of you. I think you became a spirit." As she pointed to Milana and said "I am the one inside mom right now."

Milana said, "You are our daughter, and you are running around with men? Then why don't you have a Life Partner?"

Mary said, "I Did, but he died, and I miss him a lot. I just go out with a lot of guys because it hurts when I miss him. Besides, I got Hattie all worked up for you, so life will be better this time."

Milana said, "You changed the future, and Hattie is your sister now. So you are not in the right scenario anymore."

Mary says, "I'm an Elder, and I can make one last request. I know it is not much, but I think it will make things better. It isn't for personal reasons."

Milana hugs her and said, "Sorry about your life partner."

Mary says, "I have to go, and I like to say I miss you both so much, but you are so young. Bye mom, and dad." Then she just disappears. Not walking through the door, just poof and she is gone.

I said, "That was a wild story, but what she said about my life only I would know."

Milana said, "That really explains one thing I find strange, besides the fact she just vanished."

I asked her, "What is that?"

She said, "That butterfly trick takes a lot of imagination for it to work."

I asked, "Do you believe what Mary said."

Milana said, "It don't matter, if it is true or not, because we will always be together, but just in case, I want name this baby Mary."

I said with a little sorrow, "It does make me feel sorry for her."

Milana asked, "Why>"

I say, "Because, she said it was her last request, and what that means to me is she is not going to return to her time."

Milana said, "I just saw her vanish, but do you think she would kill herself? I was thinking that she just went back to her time some how, because she just vanished." Look at me and waiting from what I have to say.

"I don't think she can, but she would have collected my memories before we disappeared. So she could be sure."

Milana is a little happier, "So she is going to disappear with her life partner before he dies."

With a smile I say, "Mary said I have one atom that is Leprechaun." so, I laughed and said "Care ta try some more of me magic tricks?"

Milana smiles, "Sure, Let's see what you can do."

I realize she didn't get my joke, "That was just a joke." The movement shifted the neck brace. It didn't feel good as some of the skin was stuck to the inside.

Milana threw the cover off me and lay down on top of me saying, "How would I know that was a joke, because you have shown me a lot of your magic already, but your magic wand is taking the day off."

I was a little surprised, "Well, it's a good thing you still have your suit on."

Milana says, "Oh really."

She gets up and holds out her hand and says, "Come with me. I know that brace is bothering you."

She takes me to the lab and said, "Lay face down."

She covers me and takes the brace off and said, "Lay still." Then she lowers the light over my neck.

I asked, "How does this camera work in the light."

She said "There is no camera in the light. The way it works is, light can send radiation through you body, so we use the radiation, like a wire sending data through it. It also radiates an electrical code from your bodies own electrical function. Once we learned how to translate it, we get a picture of everything disrupting the radiation.

The computer translates that into a picture with a 3D program. It was a big break through in our science, because we can track anything in your body, because it puts out a different signature. We can interrupt signal that don't belong and atomically stop that signal, and that will destroy it. It can cure anything. After we were better at that, we discovered we could use it to repair internal wounds, even your spinal cord can be healed."

I asked, "So why didn't you do that before."

She said, "We did, but the repair was small since it was close to the brain with all that steroid we shot in there, made it hard to repair, so it was a weak spot. One that would not handle a lot of pressure. One day of healing fixes that. I'm just checking to see if it is good enough to leave the brace off."

Beth walks in and says, "I thought I heard someone in here." She looks around and tells Achilles "It's okay to come in."

Milana said, "His neck looks good to me."

I here Beth say, "Let me take a look... Oh yes, that is much better. You can get up now Allen."

I get up to see everyone I thought was in here. Not sure if I should walk around naked.

Beth said, "It's okay Allen, Achilles knows about the next evolution inside me. He is a part of our group now, since we became one. Besides, you should know you can't hide anything from someone you are spiritually linked up with."

That was a good reason she has nothing to hide. We are both men, it's not like there is something we have not seen before.

I get up, and ask her, "So, I am okay now."

She said, "Yes, I even checked to see if you're aging was still holding, so now you're better than before. While we are here I want to show Achilles my embryo. Then we can show him yours Milana."

Soon they are showing him their eggs, and he ask "How do you know it has an extra link in the DNA."

Milana thought it was best if she showed him with Beth's egg. So, she told Beth "Just lay back on the table and I will show him."

She told Achilles "You see this signal line light up when I move over the embryo? That is the signature, so I pick that and bring up the DNA chain, and the part in red is a new link that we don't normally have."

Then she said, "Bethlene, we are sure this extra link will be past on. I gave mine a name already."

Beth said, "Really, how do you know if it is a boy or a girl when it is still developing, and what did you name it?"

I said, "Mary, because it will be a girl." I didn't want to feel left out.

Beth patted me on the back and said "I hope mine will be a boy, so it can spread it around a lot more, because Achilles will provide me with some of his own children."

Milana smiles, "That would be good, but I have someone doing that already." as she looks at me, pointing her finger, and I see her looking at Beth and her eyebrows raised for a quick moment with a smile.

Achilles said, "I hope I can see the triplets."

Milana straighten her face, "Hattie is at work right now, so maybe later."

Achilles said, "That would be good, because triplets are very rare."

I said, "Since you will be part of this, you get to see them a lot when they are growing up."

Achilles said, "Yes, but not as they are now." Milana was behind him motioned me, and thinking lets go.

I look at Achilles while thinking Milana and I have something we were going to do, but I didn't say it.

He just replied to my thoughts, "Sure, we understand, we will see you guys later." Then he looked at Beth and thinking to her "They want to get going, you know sex." Beth thought "Oh." then said " Take care."

After we got back I asked her, "Did you pick up on anything they were thinking."

She said, "Yea. I thought we were the only ones that can hear what we were thinking, and now it seem they can too. So, I think we need to talk to Hattie, because she must knows every word we were thinking and didn't say anything about it. There must be something wrong with her, because she don't talk about a lot of things. I think something is bothering her, and keeping her mind distant, because I never knew what she was thinking."

I say,, "That sounds like Hattie, she thinks everything she feels is wrong. Let's just get some thing to eat so we can talk to her."

Milana said, "No! You have something I want, and I don't want to wait any longer."

She dropped the top of her suit, and pulls it off her arms. As soon as her arms were free she pulled me to her naked body for a kissed on the mouth. I put my hands on her waist. I love the way her hips feel, and the small of her back how it curves outward to that wonderful ass, as I push the suit down more. I feel her tits on me like water balloons. They feel great they are bare. We are still kissing with her slightly sweaty tits on my chest slipping a little to the sides of my chest, but leaving plenty to feel the pillows between us. There is just so much of this woman to love, with the face of a model. Most people here are like that, but not on earth, maybe it is evolution, and now to many girls are looking better than when I was young. So you can say Milana looks like a 20 year old, and she is really 10 years older than me. I know if you love someone, they will feel it to. They decide if being in love with you is a good thing or not. Just knowing Milana loves me as much as I love her, is a thrill all by itself.

Every touch my hand makes causes me to get hard, and her beautiful body against mine only adds to my love for her. When you are around someone long enough just little flaws like her boobs sag too much, turns you off. When you become one, you are blinded by love, and everything is always perfect, and flawless. Our kiss seem to last forever as I think about her.

I see Milana like someone I could never touch because there is always someone better than me. I saw Milana I saw it in her face when she was removing my body hair. She had that look, that look of disgust. I stopped kissing her to breathe for a while, knowing she could never look at me like that again. It feels terrible when you see someone looking at you like that. I kiss her some more, and think what makes her love me. As beautiful she is to me, even she has had that look from the guys in the gym, when they were done with her, and looked at her like some disgusting slut. I can see it hurt her, even if she never told me. That is why I never asked her anything about the guys in the gym. This kiss seems so revealing, and I stop.

"It looks to me like I am the luckiest guy in the galaxy, with the love of a beautiful woman."

So, now that I am alone with her for the first time without being rushed, or having someone else around, I can take my time and enjoy this moment, and make it last the rest of my life.

I walked her over to the bed and pull her suit the rest of the way down. She sits on the bed as I get to her knees. I look see her tanned pussy on the way down, and her muscular legs, and the tanned knees and the perfect calves. I hold the foot of the suit tight so she can lip them off, and pick up the suit and throw it in the bathroom. She wants me as much as I want her. I put my hands on the outside of her calves and slide my hands up over her knees, then across her thighs and up on the inside, she spreads her tan legs, and I continue with my hands up to her hips, as I grab them and pull her to me. Her skin is now dry and feels like silk, I can smell her pussy is as sweet as ever. She lays back and wrap my arms around her legs, feeling her legs are wonderful, as I pull. Her ass pops over the edge of the bed, and her legs tighten on my neck to hold herself up. I cup her behind the knees and raise her legs up holding them together until I see her pussy come out between her legs.

I stop for a while to admire the smooth skin at the back of her thighs down to her nice ass. I see a little sparkle of dew on her bud, and lick it off. That make her feel good as she twitched. She look so clean, so tan, all the way to the crack of her ass. I had to lick it, all the way to her little bud on that swollen mound, with her pussy, a closed slot on the way, and it slowly unfold as I lick her from anus to bud. Soon she is opened and my tongue fall into her pussy, and over her pedals to the bud on the rise. I go back this time to swirl my tongue around her pedals, and stick my freshly wet tongue in her cunt hole. My nose was against her bud, she is moving and I let her feel my wet tongue in her as deep as I can, and she grabs my head with her heals, while her breathing tells me she needs more, because she is so close. Then she fucks my face as I try to hold me breath to make it easier on myself. I feel her let go and the juices are smeared on my face as I stick my tongue out again, and try to breathe with out drowning. I get my breath back, as I see the juices run over her anus and down the crack of her ass. I see the juices glisten in the crack of her ass as she lowered her legs. I tell her " You can pull yourself back on the bed." She uses her elbows not lifting her head much as I watch her chin raise up and disappear between her Boobs from her heavy breathing. I look down to see her ass get pulled onto the covers and stop.

I look up from between her legs as she moves her arms under her head to looking down at me through the valley of those tan mounds on her chest. I move up kissing her lower tummy, then lick over a small hump then down inside her belly button. She jump for a moment. I kiss the right side of the crease in her abs and lick along the wavy crease, as she shakes, until my forehead slides between her boobs. I just breathe on her skin as I move up her body. Her nipples are getting hard knowing they are next. So, I use my nose to push them side to side, and try to see them bounce back, then I lick them. Her nipples excite me, and after I am done with the left one I move to the right nipple, and try to get them closer together. Then I lick her soft cleavage and blow on the wetness, and do the same to the nipples. Then I move away and slide my mouth up her chest breathing on her skin, and head for the left side of her neck as I lay down on her. My dick is hard so I feel her pussy mound on the shaft, and ass on the head of my dick. I was breathing in her ear, and said "I love you, and I want to enjoy this moment for the rest of my life" For a moment I could feel her worry, wondering where are you going. I move down to let the head of my dick slide in front of the bed so I could lower my hips on her. I give her a small kissed her and said "Anywhere you go."

Milana said, "I owe you all I can give, and love you so much it hurts." She hug me tight and kissed me. I could feel the warmth of our love making me sweat. I closed my eyes for a moment to feel her love, as we kiss. I opened my eyes in the shadow of her face as the light surrounded us. Maybe it isn't my love that makes the light even if I wished it did, but it is her love that seems to do it. A light as bright as the sun, like a shield around us. That is how she shows her love for me. The light fades as she finished kissing me on the lips. She rolls over and starts to rubbing her pussy on my dick while the rest bounces on her ass. I use my feet and arms to get us up on the bed more. Her chest draws in and starts to give me little kisses, down my neck as she puts her hands on my chest, and slides down pushing my dick straight down now. I say "Careful don't break it."

So she gets on her feet, as my dick slaps my belly, while kissing me down my chest. I see her tits shift when she starts to drag them down my body as she gets on her knees. She was breathing on my bare skin beside my dick, laying her head on my left leg. She puts her tongue under my balls, and licked them, lifting them up, and moves to kissed each one as her nose moves across the base. She lifted my dick from my belly and lick the under side to the head, then kissed the bottom of the head. I was laying back with my eyes closed enjoying this, when the bed moved and she climbed up and kissed my cheek and said "I love you."

I think she is teasing me, when she laid on me as she put my dick between her legs so it slides up and down the crack of her ass. She moved up to get my dick to drop. Her tits were on each side of my face, before they crossed my face. Her nipples where hard and rubbing my nose. I reached up to hold them so I could kiss her nipples.

I took my eyes off her tits to look up into her eyes looking down at me, and said "When you are pregnant those will get bigger when they are holding milk."

She says, "My body is all yours to play with when ever you want, even if I get embarrassed in public, because there is nothing you can do to me, to ever make me stop loving you. So, I'm yours anytime anywhere you want me."

I said, "I know the guys in the gym humiliated you, and it was a pain in my heart, but I saw it through your eyes. I could never do that, unless that is what it takes to make you happy. We have never been apart since we met, and that makes me happy. I know we will have other things to do, and there will be times when we are not together. I will do what it takes, so we will have our moments together. That is why I want to enjoy this moment, and always have something to remember until we can be together again."

She looked forward into the bed over me as her hand moved up to rest her head, and said "That makes it hard to tell you what needs to be said. For the sake of the baby."

I look up at her waiting for her to just say what she needs to.

"You can fuck my pussy until the baby is in my belly, then you will only get to fuck my ass and mouth, until I have the baby. You will have to start shooting your sperm in my ass, unless I swallow it. Is this your favorite position?" She moved off me and laid her tits on the bed with her knees on the floor.

I said, "There are many positions I like, but I don't think there could ever be a favorite position, unless I am tired. Then I like you on top."

She asked, "So, you only have a favorite position when you are tired, and that would be if I do all the work. Well, when I get tired, you will have to take over, and do all the work. That would only be fair." as she looks up at me.

I see her face as she kisses the air. I tell her "If we are going to wear each other out, we will have to use all positions. I guess we will start with the one you are in now." On my way to get behind her I give her a kiss. I kiss my way down her back.

She twist her hips to tease me, as I get on my knees behind her with her legs apart. I look down and say "You know what I think looks very sexy. It's when the mound of you pussy is between your closed legs." She closes them and I say "Beautiful " as I bend down to enjoy this by squeezing her pussy with my fingers. Her legs tighten in reaction, and do it again and kiss her mound then start licking and kissing, until she trembles. When I get behind her, and put my dick in just to the head, and feel she is tighter like this. Milana moves back against me to get more in, resisting the need to spread her legs.

She says, "Ah, I like that too. I feel every vein in your dick, just let me open my legs until you get all wet, then we can go back to this."

I lift one of my legs so she can spread out, and the head of my dick almost fell out as she opened her legs, she just shoved it all the way in. She moved on me, so I started to hump her, and it wasn't long before she began getting dick soaking wet, and breathing heavy. Then she closed her legs and I put my knee back down on the outside of her legs. She squeezed her legs together rubbing me hard, and really enjoying this. When she started slamming against me I stayed still and she held her breath. I watched her as she used me in her climax, as the feeling of her moving against me out of rhythm. I almost shot off if it lasted a little longer, so I started humping as I heard her moan as I knock the wind out of her.

She was gasping for air as she asked "Does it feel, as sexy, as it looked?"

I keep humping and saying yes.

She said, "It must look very sexy if it feels like this. Your hard dick looks as good as it feels. I feel the veins ripple into my pussy."

She starts to climax again, I can fell her starting to sweat, and this time I am almost ready to cum. So I pulled out, and just putting it into her warm ass made me shove it deep, and I was filling her up as I laid on her back. My hips were thrusting into her out of my control. She reacted to every shot going in, bending her lower back down, pushing her belly into the bed, and her ass up, stroking my dick with her ass, while making me drain every drop deep in her. She was breathing heavy and started to lay still, as I pulled out.

I asked, "Do you want to cool down a while, and get something to drink, before we start again." We were both breathing heavy and holding don't help.

Her voice is in my head, "That sounds good to me."

I asked her, "How does this work?" as my breath returned to normal.

She dragged her boobs across the bed so she could see me, as she was just too tired to talk, so se used her mind "I have cum running down my legs, and I don't feel like I can get up right now. Open that door and you will find a small sink in the wall. Just used the water in rinse out the cups, and behind the other door is cold, so don't keep it open too long. I only wished I could feel that cool air for a moment."

I told her "I see how it works now, it is the same as the ice and water I have on my refrigerator, but which one is for Chocolate milk?"

"The dark gray one on the right." she speaks.

I ask, "So, how does this oven work, or is this a microwave?"

She said, "It's a microwave, but I want mine cold."

I said, "Me too, just thought I would ask since the other things were easy.

She said "You have to know how to read our language, before you could push the right buttons."

She sits up on the bed and I give her some cold Chocolate milk.

I sit beside her as she drinks her milk and she reaches to fondle my dick. I can see her skin is drying as she cools down. I hurry to finish my milk and set the cup down at the foot of the bed. Then I lay down sideways behind her, and she reaches over my leg and pulls my dick through my legs so she can play with my balls too. I rub her back, as I ask about the bed covers, and what kind of material the suits was made of.

She said "Since you have a need to learn about us, I will take you down to the planet tomorrow while Hattie is at work. I will take you to one of the training centers, so you can learn all you want."

She finishes her milk, sets the cup down, as my hand drops down to her ass. She took her time to get up, and then she bent over to put her cup on the night stand. I laid back on the bed, she turned to get on me putting her knees on both sides of me and pull me straight. Then she laid her tits on me, and ask "Are you ready to get started again?"

I said okay, and she told me, "Slide up on the bed more." as her tits laid on me. I look at her tits hanging together while she held herself up on her arms. I pull myself up in the bed more as my dick comes up between her tits, and I stop there, as my hips start to fuck her tits for a moment.

She smiled and said, "I knew you would like that." Then she move down and got my dick wet with her mouth, and raised up to get my dick back between her tits, and just dangled the on both sides of my dick, moving them up and down. I grabbed her tits and started to fuck them for a while. They where so soft, and the nipples were hard and pointed down. This felt great until it got dry. She got up and turned around as I saw her ass coming down, still glisten with cum. She put it in her slick ass and sat down all the way, as I grabbed her hips, and watched her ass starting to move up and down.

When she started breathing heavy, she leaned back toward me, holding herself up on her arms. My fingers were able to touch her belly so I slid my hands up to hold hers tits. She was getting all worked up, too sweaty, so I told her to lay down on her side. When she laid down I started to fuck her ass, and she twisted her shoulders around so she could rest her hand on my hip. I could see the echoes of my thrust as waves through her boobs, as they bounced. She rubbed her cunt, and climaxed, over and over again, and it thrilled me so much I shot all my cum in her. She gave a sound of relief, and both of us hot and sweating and trying to catch our breath. We had enough, so we just laid there as my dick slipped out of her ass for the first time drained.

I put my hand under her arm and on her ass, and with all the sweat, it just slid off and dropped on my wet dick. I was the first to get up, so I rolled her over and told her "I have a special kiss for you. Just keep track of my lips and let them touch and keep our lips touching."

My lips touched hers in a kiss and I started to move my mouth in circles. Milana was taken totally of guard for something so simple, and so powerful that it shuts down her body. She goes limp, and blacks out. About 20 minutes later Milana is aware of what happened but her eyes only see black. She is blinded for the moment, her eyes are open wide with a daze, she still can not see, but she can move again.

Milana asked in fear, "What happen, why can't I see." She feels her face and almost touched her eyeball, but I grab her hands.

I say, "Don't do that your eyes are find, and they will start working again soon."

She was still a little shocked, "Why can't I see? What did you do to me?"

I comfort her, "I gave you a powerful kiss and this is what your body does, but that is all it was. Just a kiss. It will wear off soon, and I will hold you until you can see again."

She tells me what she sees "I can see light coming back, now everything is blurry, but I see where you are. I'm trying to focus but it don't work. I see you now, I'm okay. That kiss was like magic, and I have never knew a kiss could ever be like that. Is that something you get from being part Leprechaun?"

I laughed and said, "No, that is something I learned from an ex-prostitute, and it really threw me off guard when it happen to me. It is not something you want to do standing up unless you are ready to carry their limp body. I can tell you how that kiss works if you really want to know."

She said, "Tell me, and maybe I can try it on you."

I said, "I don't know if I want you to do that too much, because it would be a battle of control to win over the other, but as you know it can also be wonderful, to be rendered helpless in your lover's arms."

She needs to know, "We can take turns on each other. Just tell me." I watch her eyes looking up at me as she strokes her hand over my face. I can fell her love for me is strong.

I give in, "Okay, The lips just need a little pressure as a loving contact so you can let your love flow through. The movement in circles is to distract the balance in your ears. While they are enjoying the kiss they lose there balance and become dizzy from the circle motion, as if the room was spinning. You just keep doing that until they black out. This can happen to both people unless one of us stays aware of what is happening. If you are weak the dizziness will take over you, and you will black out. So, you have to stay in control until the other one falls. If it is not done right, and the pressure on the lips is wrong it will not work at all. That is all there is to it."

She said with a big smile, "I remember that part, so I guess I can try it out on you now." as she gets up.

I said, "I will let you try, so you can be sure you know how."

She starts to kiss me as I told her, but I didn't try to stay in control, so it will work faster. I only remember I was sitting up in bed when it started, but when I woke up, she had my head on her shoulder hugging me. I hug her back, and she said "I'm so happy! I did it! I waited for you to wake up so I could tell you that, but you were asleep for a while, so I enjoyed just hugging you until you started to move. Can you see now?"

I said, "I'll just hug you until I can see, and that way you will know I'm okay." A few minutes went by, and she started to worry, but I could see again and let go to get up. She slammed me against her, to hugged me tighter, and I said "I love you, too."

She said, "I love you. Can I do this to anyone."

I said, "Yes, are you thinking of getting even with the guys in gym."

She said, "Oh, you know you can read my thoughts, so why are you asking?"

I give her a small kiss with a few thoughts of my own. We took a shower and she rushed us through it. As soon as we had our suits on, she said, "Okay let's do it."

On our way to the gym, I think about how much these guys act like some guys on my planet, and not much like they are from a planet that has a better way of life, to feed the need of others, they seem to only feed the need of themselves, and that makes them so predictable. Milana has a lot of anxiety, but says "I am right about them not fitting in with their way of life, and they were probably banned from her planet, but they need a lesson in manners."

I said "In order to do this right you need to calm down before we go in there."

She kisses me and said that helps let's go in.

We go in the gym and ask for chocolate milk with extra vitamins, and after we drink for a while she starts her act. For her it wasn't an act. She was flaunting herself all over me, and that gets their attention, as I was rubbing her ass through the suit. They came over and realized it was Milana.

They told her, "Come on Milana, let's show how a real man does it."

Milana tells them, "I'm with a real man. He is more of a man than you will ever be, and he can handle me a lot better than you can."

The guy gets mad and jerks her off of me, and looks at me, "You can't stop me so don't try." I smile, because it is not me he should be worried about.

He drags Milana over to the bench press and she laughs. He said, "Are you playing with me?"

Milana said, "You really think you can handle me. Then you should at least kiss me before we do this."

She starts to kiss him and said, "Take it easy." Then she grabs his head and starts to control the kiss, and it wasn't long before he dropped to the floor. Another guy came up behind her, and she turned to kiss him as she grabbed his head, I guess their work out made them weak. Now, there are two guys on the floor, so I help her get their suits off before they wake up, and tie them up with their suits. The biggest guy I tied his hands in front, holding his dick, and laid him face down smashing is dick into the floor. The other one Milana put him on top with his hands tied behind him. Then she put his dick up to the other guy's ass hole. She didn't put it in, but as it started to get hard. It look like it was trying to go in as it grew. We sat on the bench until they woke up.

The big guy felt his dick being smash into the floor, so he moves hip back to let go of it. The other guy's dick slipped into his ass while he was moving his hands. He yelled "What the fuck!" The guy on top thrust his dick in deeper in a spasm and shot off in the big guy's ass. The big guy rolled with his elbow out, throwing the guy off him. They couldn't see yet, but they can hear just fine. Milana had to stop the big guy from complaining. As I walk back to the bar. Milana said, "It's like I said, you can't handle me, because I learned to be much better from a real man, and you are just ass holes. So learn to fill your needs by fucking each other, because you will never be a real man. My life partner has the real magic, and what I just did to you, just shows how weak you really are." Joins me at the bar to give them more room. They didn't even know I was over there, helping her.

They were mad and tried to get up, but couldn't see, and that made people laugh at them. The guy at the bar said "I don't think they will ever come back in here, again. I don't need to know how you did that, but I'm glad you did, Thank you, Milana. I hope we will see you again, now that you just made friends with everyone in here."

Milana said, "That's nice, but I have what I need." as she hugged me and left her arm around me, but dropped it down to pat me on the ass to say lets go get something to eat.

By the time we entered the Canteen it was almost time for Hattie to go home, so we were the last people she served, just like most days.

Hattie was glad to see us, and said, "Today was a little boring without Mary around. I hope she is okay."

Milana said, "We talked to Mary, and she wanted you to know she was going home."

Hattie said, "Oh, do you need milk today.

I said ,"No. Will you be joining us?"

Hattie said, "Yes, it will not take long.

We didn't have time to think, before she came back with the food.

I said, "That was fast."

Hattie said, "You come here at almost the same time every day, so I had it ready, and drank my milk since you took a little longer to get here this time."

I said, "Your mom had something to do, so I helped her."

Milana told Hattie, "We will try to be on time tomorrow. We will be spending most of the day on the planet. Your father is going to start learning at the training center, and I have to go to the Elders to report in, and find out where our new home will be. So, when we come back here to eat, we will be spending our last night on this ship. It is a good chance that you will be working around the training center. I will ask the elders for you while I am there if you would like."

Hattie smiles, and said "Thanks, I will let them know, so they can report the new opening at this station." She walked away from the table for a moment. Milana said we need to wash our hands, so she leads me to a sink in the corner next to a door where Hattie just walked into. We wash our hands and Hattie steps out. She looks at us, and walks with us back to the table.

We started eating, and I asked Hattie "How do you feel about moving to the planet?

Hattie said, "I lived there once."

That wasn't what I wanted to hear, so I said, "I wasn't asking that. I was just wanting to know how you are feeling about something."

Hattie looked at me thinking don't get bent out of shape, "I feel fine about it."

I tried to control myself, "Fine? You don't feel happy about staying with us or you will miss your friends here?"

Hattie looked like she did want to show what she was feeling right now "I will miss being around this place, but I don't regret being with you. I don't have any friends here. You are all I have, and I would really be hurt if you didn't want to take me with you." I see tears in her eyes.

I touch her shoulder and said "We are happy you feel that way. I feel we are a family, but if you feel better to call us Milana, and Allen we will still love you."

Hattie looks at me to feel how it sounds "Okay Allen, Dad, Daddy. No I like daddy better." She almost laughed at that.

I asked Hattie "Look at Milana, and tell me what she is thinking."

Hattie and Milana made eye contact, and Milana didn't know what to think while her eyes were a little wet.

Hattie said "She wasn't thinking of anything.

I had to say, "Really."

Hattie said, "She wasn't thinking of anything, because you caught her off guard, and she didn't know what to think."

Milana said, "You're were right, the second time. I didn't know what to think, and you can see why. We are closer that other families. Do you know when one of us has a problem we spend our time thinking about that, like we are somewhere else, and the rest of us don't hear what they are thinking, and that tells us is, something wrong, and they need help. I don't know any other family that close."

Hattie's lower lip trembles as the water fills her eyes, "Really."

Milana said, "We love you a lot. Lets all finish eating so we can go back to our room."

Hattie said, "Okay Milana, Mom, mommy. I like mommy better." That time she laughed.

Milana was laughing too, and said, "Okay Hattie, Daughter, My child. I like Hattie better."

Hattie clinched her teeth with a shocking look, before she said "The other choices sound terrible."

Milana laughed and I just happy it helped to get the pressure off her for a while, and we are happy for that, more than anything.

Later when we entered our room all of us took our suits off to get comfortable. I had to use the bathroom to pee. I noticed I never had any solid waste, and it could be the food with extra Vitamins. I have had shots of steroids before and they didn't do any good, even in large doses, because it flushes through my body, and comes out in my urine, so I hold it and asked Milana "What if my urine was full of steroids."

Milana said, "That would explain why the milk with steroids don't work on you, but with that shot, there is no way it will come back out of your body, but we can check if you are worried."

I ask, "So, it is okay if I pee without a urine sample to find out my body is wasting steroids."

She took me to the lab quickly, and checked me with the light. Then said go ahead and pee in the bathroom for the lab and sit back on the table. I did and it took a little while, and finally sat on the table and put the light over my head I thought why wait. Milana said "Everything is fine, but if you prefer you don't have to drink the extra vitamin Chocolate milk. You can drink the plain milk. If we knew your body reacts to steroids like that before, we would have known you needed the injection. We didn't know that Earth knew anything about steroids."

I tell her, "Steroids on Earth causes violent behavior, but the synthetic hormone is safe, and use to treat everything. I think we need to get back to the room before Hattie starts to worry."

Milana feels that is what Hattie is thinking if we don't get back, and that is strange because we are in another room not even close.

We walk back to the room as if nothing was wrong, and Hattie, says "It looks like everything is okay. That's good."

I said with a smile, "It just looks like I should just drink regular milk, because the suits are too much trouble when I need to pee."

Hattie giggles and said, "I can imagine."

Milana said "I like to talk to you a little more about being pregnant, because there are some things you need to learn. She takes Hattie to the bathroom and opens up a door and says. "These are maternity suits this is yours, so put it on, and I can explain it." It was a latex dress that goes to the knees.

Milana starts to explain "This is if you carry the babies full term, so if your water breaks you can use the bathroom quicker. It will stretch softly so it will get as big as you get without putting pressure on the babies. Now sit down." Hattie sits on the commode, and Milana lifts the dress "This is where the babies will be and it will stop you from having sex, more, because you are having three. If you want sex it can only be anal sex. Do you think that will be what you want?"

Hattie says "If that is all I can have, then of course, but what is that."

Milana says "That is when you get fucked here, and the only way your daddy can do that, is if this hole gets bigger. You will need this." Milana opens a small door by the sink and get a Butt Plug as she leaves the door open. "This is the smallest for a start, and there are two more sizes. You will need to start keeping one in you ass until you get use to the biggest one, and then you will be ready for sex.

"We will have the same setup in our new home so it will be easy to know where everything is in this bathroom. We will have two bathrooms where we are going. I think you have a week until your daddy will have to stop fucking your pussy. I have 2 days, but I can take him already. The plug will not slip out while you are wearing the suit, and it will not be noticeable. This is the cream to help you get it in better."

Hattie slicks up the plug and puts it in. After she gets it in she sits down to make sure it's in. " This feels strange, and it seems like it will be hard to get use to, but I will get use to it." She looks at me and smiles.

Milana asked, "Is there anything I forgot, or do you have anything you like to ask?"

Hattie says, "Yes, is this the way you got use to it? As she gets up taking the dress off.

Milana said, "No, some guys hurt me by forcing dicks in my ass. It made me bleed and I sore for a while. That is something I don't want you to feel. If someone hurts you let me, or you daddy know. We can handle them."

Hattie says, "Thanks mommy, I love you. I am really glad I met you and daddy, because so many kids had parents, and they did a lot of things together, that I never did. Nobody came to take me home from the training center, so I stayed there without a home, and family.

"Almost all of them had boy friends, and nobody wanted anything to do with me, and that made me feel alone anywhere I went. I see happy people all the time, but I grew use to just looking, and never be a part of anything. I see you and daddy are happy together, and I just feel, I am in the way, but when you let me share your love of each other, I felt real love for the first time and it was great. It seems too good for me, but I want to feel I am apart of your lives."

Milana was sad as she hugged Hattie, "You are! More than you know, we could tell you were having problems, and you were afraid to ask us for help. We are proud of you for just being a good person. I think if everyone was hurt as much as you, they would be very mean, and only want to hurt others. You are the way you are, because you are full of love.

"You are not just a part of our lives, you are a part of us. So any time you want love, just jump in, we love you too. Just remember one thing, we are not blind, just being around us, makes you feel the need to have someone all your own. It would be nice if we could help you find someone like we did for Bethlene. Sex is not a problem, because your daddy can go a long time, and produces his seed while having sex, because I keep his balls empty." They laugh and are feeling very good, as they look at me.

Hattie asked Milana, "So, he has a dick that can go all night long."

Melana smiles, "Longer, if you keep moving."

Hattie rolls her eyes trying to look sexy, "I can use some sex right now."

Milana looks at me, and said, "Well, you can see what you can get out of him, because I just drained him earlier."

I help when I can, but this don't sound like I have any say in this at all. I can see Hattie's nipples are hard and she is already breathing heavy as she rubs her pussy looking at my dick, then up at me. Hattie got up and walked over to me and palmed my balls with her wet hand, and pressed against me. She was very warm, but I think that plug in her ass might have something to do with it, if she was enjoying it. I realized they can't get out of the bathroom with me in the way, so I move out of their way, and Hattie laid on the bed, while Milana bend down to whisper in Hattie's ear. Milana's mind just gives me a hint Hattie will be teasing me.

Milana gets up and crawls over Hattie slowly to show me her ass with her pussy press between her legs. I go to the night stand on Milana's side and get the cup, then pick the one up at the foot of the bed. When I raise up Hattie is rubbing her pussy, and she pulling on the pillow and puts it between her legs, and tries to hold it still while she rubs her pussy on it. The pillows are white latex that is a lot like silk, and the sheets are the same way, but when you rub your legs on it, you get a tingling feeling. It seems like all liquids rolls off so, she could get a lot of pleasure off that pillow. Hattie looks at me and smiles, thinking that she was on my leg, and flashes of her rubbing her pussy on my leg as I can hear her heavy breathing in my ear, as I sit down on the bed.

Milana said, "I will get the milk for you." She gets up and takes the cups from my hands. Since Milana is busy, I know she isn't putting these images in my head. So it must be Hattie. I turn to look at her and she is still staring at me while she rubs her pussy on the pillow. I look at Milana as she gets the milk, and she stops for a moment as an image of Hattie pushing her hard nipples in my face. I knew Milana was doing this, to help Hattie. I sent Milana a thought that I was right behind her whispering in her ear "Are you teasing me with Hattie?"

Milana said, "She is sexy isn't she. You know she is feeling hot for you, so fuck her."

I say, "What if I just like to watch."

Milana said, "We are giving you a choice, you don't have to, but she will not be satisfied until you fuck her."

I say, "That's not much of a choice, so, I think I will watch and see how good this can get."

Hattie put her bottom lip in her mouth, as she was doing longer strokes on the pillow. Then she pushed her crotch forward and rubbed a finger on her little bud, and down her pussy lips, as her mouth opened, and her finger sunk into her pussy. She started to slowly stroke the pillow on her ass as her finger was slipping in and out of her pussy lips, and she put her head back and moaned, and moved a little faster, soon she had a little spasm.

She took her finger out of her pussy, still moving her hips on the pillow, and spread the juice around her hard nipple. She is sweating, and Milana tapped my arm and said, "Are you going to take this." I look at her wondering how long was she standing there, as I heard in my mind, "She is good." in Milana's voice.

Milana goes to Hattie's side of the bed with her milk. Hattie lays back for a moment to turn her knees the other way with the pillow still between her legs. Then she raises her shoulders up to drink some of the milk that Milana put on her night stand. While she is drinking he is still slowly humping her hips on the pillow. I drink some milk as I watch everything she does. The pillow almost hides the crack of her ass and most of her right cheek, but that tanned ass with that white pillow makes her sweating skin look darker, almost dark chocolate.

Her breathing get softer, but I can hear her gasping for air after she drinks. By the time she sets the cup down she is breathing heavy again. She laid back to rest for a little while, and I can see her hard nipples sticking straight up. I look at Milana and she is sitting on the bed watching with her feet on the bed, facing me, with her arms on her knees, giving me a good view of her pussy between her legs. She looks at me, and grabs the pillow from Hattie's legs. I saw Hattie stomach sink in as she gasp, and spreading her legs and look at me, starting back to rubbing her pussy with her fingers. Hattie was looking at me with a loving look.

I put my cup down, and move over to Hattie, quickly licking her nipples. She grabs my head with two hands at my ears and turns my head up to face her, and she said, "I love you Daddy."

Then she lets go and rest one head on the back of my head. So I wet her nipples with my tongue and blow on her nipples. Hattie moans "Oh that feels good." I move my left hand down to her pussy and just the touch of my hand caused her hip to thrust forward ramming her pussy up my hand hitting my thumb against her leg. She was soaked with sweat and pussy juice, so I swing over her and lower my dick between her legs, and she started humping my dick as it slid along her pussy lips, and her body took over until she started to jerk her hips in hard thrust against my dick, until she slowed down. She just thrust her hips in a few more strokes, as she calmed down. I aimed my dick into her pussy while she slowed her strokes.

As soon as the started head sink in, she wrapped her legs around me to pull her hips up onto my dick. I push forward and pin her hips down, and her legs drop as I started to hump deep into her. She raised her hips up while I tried to keep fucking her, but her orgasm made it hard to pull out, until she relaxed her hip.

I roll over getting her on top. Her hips start moving again as she picks herself up on her arms, pushing me deeper. Her nipples come down on my chest poking me, and sliding on my chest as she moves up and down with her hips. Then the warmth of her round tits touch me for a moment as her nipples are the last to get up. Her pussy is doing the best it can to pull the seed out of me, while I know she enjoys the feel of every inch of my dick inside her. She moves faster for a moment as it grew rigid. The she slows down and her pussy start pulling at my dick again I want to shoot my load into her, but my seed is not ready to come out, and she said "Cum for me." as she starts to pound herself hips into me, and each thrust knocks a little more air out of her.

She starts to cry "Cum in me!" The tears run down her face, with her mouth open gasping for breath. She lays down on me and hugs me, as she starts to move slow to catch her breath. I hear her breathing heavy as blast of wind hit my ear. Then the breathing stops and she forces her pussy as deep as it can go, as I hear "Ti!" and then some sniffles. Her body starts to spasm as her arms go limp. I hear her whisper, "I love you. Ti?" more sniffles I wrap my arms around her and hug her them, slide my hands down her back over her lower back, and down to her ass.

This sends her over the top, and as if her hips had a mind of their own, while her arms remained limp, and all she could do was let herself go. I am not even sure her mind was working at this point. My dick took over my hips as I started to shoot my sperm in side her. I get a response, as she lifts herself up on her arms with her eyes open wide and mouth, and return to normal and starts to kiss my face all over, as she humped to drain me only breaking the kiss to go "Uh, Uh, Uh."

She lays back down on me, as her pussy relaxed, her pussy tighten when she hit bottom, and then she pulled, to get every drop of cum she could get. She kept this up until my dick started to tingle, and going numb, giving me a hard on that will last a while. She didn't want to get off me.

I said, "I am done, time to get off."

Hattie said, "NO!" as she kept slowly moving her hips on me. I put my hands on her ribs under her tits, and push, but all that did was make her wrap her arms around my neck, and arch her back and pushed her pussy on me more.

I said, "My dick is numb, and feels like thousand of tiny needles, and the feeling of you are still moving even after you stop."

Hattie said, "Well, you must be feeling good because you are so hard, and I just need to stay like this while I keep stroking it. It is what I need every time we do this, and Mommy said I should tell you how I feel, and that is what I need, and it hurts when I don't at least get to do this once. Please, Daddy lets just stay like this."

I say, "Okay, if it makes you happy, but I don't know what will happen after this. I have never gone that far. I just hope it don't fall off."

Hattie and Milana giggles, then Hattie said, "Thank you. You make me so happy."

Milana was still giggling when she said, "If it falls off, I'm sure we can fix it."

I say, "Is that suppose to comfort me? Because it don't."

Milana straightens up, "Just relax it will be okay. Besides in a week her pussy will have to stop doing this, and I'm sure this will be something her pussy will remember."

I said Okay, and told Hattie to sit up and cool down, because she is too hot.

Milana got up, "I will just rinse out the cups and get you two some water, because it looks like you two need it."

When Milana handed us the water the cup was a little cold so I put it against Hattie's chest bone. Hattie twitched, but it made her feel better so she put her finger in her cup and smeared some water on her forehead, then dipped her fingers in the water again and smeared them on my chest this time. I tasted the water in my cup, and it tasted like a hint of strawberries and watermelon. I saw Hattie was drinking hers, as I said, "This water taste good."

Milana said, "We get it from our energy cells, and it don't have any taste, so for the water we drink, we add a chemical for flavor."

I see Milana needs a kiss to fell better, so I put my cup down, lay back, and use my finger to motion her to come here. She held her mouth open knowing we were going to kiss. So when she gets on the bed she uses her hand and foot to kick the covers off the bed as her lips didn't stray from the direct path to my lips. It was a kiss for comfort, and assurance, since Hattie had me all to herself. Hattie started to move her hips again, but I didn't let that distract me much, so after the kiss, I told Milana, "Lay your head beside mine, and we can sleep on the same pillow."

I didn't notice Hattie had finish her water, but when she laid down on me, she did feel a lot cooler. Her knees was still at my side while she moved up and down she laid her head on my chest, as I hear her breathing, she kissed my shoulder. Milana was facing as she was breathing in my ear, until we fell asleep.

I was slowly waking up, and feel I was almost limp, but that didn't last long when I could feel it was still in Hattie. What did slip out was dry now, and as I grew hard again, it was trying to go back inside her to straighten out. Hattie woke up and started to move again, getting it wet. She quickly started to breath heavy and moaning. It wasn't long before she was having a climax, and that woke Milana up.

Hattie did all she could to get as much sex as she needed. We were sweating and I was not ready for this, but I shot off in her, and my dick softened to a semi-hard, after Hattie stopped she was very happy now, so she started to pull off me, but it was too tight to pull out. I was more worried than she was right now, because I could only get half my dick out of her, and moving to get out of her didn't help, because that was making it hard, and Hattie was enjoying every movement. I started to think of what could be doing this was the circumcised skin swelled up. It didn't hurt, but it has happened before, just not this much.

Milana saw what I was doing, and asked, "What's wrong?"

I told her what I think happened.

She asked, "Could both of you go to the lab like that?"

I got her to move her knees up, so I could sit up on the edge of the bed. Hattie felt me pulling out as I tried to sit up, and her eye widen from panic, as she pushed me back down "Don't get up!" I lay back down.

Hattie told Milana, "He tried to pull out and it felt like my insides was being pulled out. I'm sorry, I will not do this again."

Milana said, "Okay Hattie just relax, I need you to relax. I will get some help and everything will be okay. So, just relax, it will be fine. With any luck we can fix this so it will not happen again. Just keep moving so your pussy so it will relax, and that will help a lot."

Milana looked at me thinking you know what we have to do, and I nod my head.

Then Milana pushes the button to call "Bethlene."

A little while later Beth answers, "Yes."

"We need you and Achilles to help us out of a situation, so we can get in the lab." as Milana looks at us.

Beth asked, "Will you be needing a Gurney."

Milana looks at us, "Yes, that would be nice."

Milana told us, "Just relax, I am going to wait by the door. I want them to be ready before they come in here, and I can open the door for them."

Hattie has had a few climaxes and she is dripping wet from them, and my dick is staying hard, and the excitement don't help the blood pressure on my dick. Itis harder than normal. Hattie started to push into me even more, and that was all it took for me to shoot another load. When Hattie felt that, she spread her knees out and slid them down as she laid on top of me.

They come in with a little surprise, even if Milana told them what happened, but they couldn't hide the smile, at this apparently a funny situation.

Milana and Achilles are the strongest, so they would be doing the lifting, and Beth would handle the table.

Beth said, "Hattie, lay on Allen and try to hold your balance. Allen it would be best if you keep can stiffen up to hold Hattie on you while they pick you two up."

Milana couldn't hold the laugh, and just cracked up laughing, saying "I think if Allen wasn't stiff we wouldn't be having this problem."

They all got the laughing out of the way. I think.

Milana said, "I can get their knees and you can get his shoulders."

Beth got some towels and gave one to each of them. "We don't want you to loose your grip."

Achilles is as tall as I am, so he bent down to get his hands with the towel under my shoulders and up in my arm pits.

With all this going on Milana didn't think to get her suit on. When she bent down her tits hung together, and that didn't help me, and as she briefly looked in my eyes she tried to get us on the table, before she wanted to think of something like that. I pushed my hip up into Hattie and Hattie was loving it as they put us on the table. Milana realized it was too late to worry, what they think of her being naked. Since they didn't say anything about that, it will not be a problem.

They get us to the lab and put us under the light. Beth noticed that, Milana was covering herself a little, and said "Achilles, it would be nice if we make them feel a little more comfortable, by taking our suits off."

He said, "Oh, sure," and they took their suits off and Achilles was hard, and Beth held on to his dick as she looked at the screen, and started to think. Milana moved over to me and kissed my forehead. Asking, "Do you feel more comfortable?"

I could tell what they did wasn't helping, but it was just being fair to us, so I say, "Just feel our love for each other, and let everything else fade away. Milana, I know you love us enough, can you show us now, because I think we need our love to make everything else go away."

Milana's eyes start to water and she said, "Don't worry, I love you both."

I said, "I love you Milana."

Hattie said, "I love you Mommy."

Milana laid on us and blue sparkles floated around us and the light grew very bright.

Beth yelled at us, "Stop!"

Milana turned and asked, "Why?" as the light faded.

Beth said, "Your atoms disappeared and the equipment was getting spiked. I think if you kept that up the gamma radiation in the light would have sent your atoms every where. If I didn't stop you, I don't know what would happen."

Milana thought we could have died. I looked at her and said, "I have been there, and I know we can come back, just as we left, because I did."

Milana smiled and she said "Maybe, Mary was right about you, and that is how we will stay together forever, even beyond life." Then she kisses me, but Beth said "Please, don't do that right now."

Hattie asked, "Who is Mary, because I can tell she is more than just an old lady to you, because she didn't just bump into you. I saw she recognized you, and walked in front of you, to stop you for a minute, to see if you knew who she was."

Milana held her belly and said, "This is Mary, and in her future, she will become an Elder, and go back to the past to met you, and stop to say hello to us."

Hattie's eyes grew big, and she said, "Wow!" then she giggled.

I knew we had plans, so I was going to try to pull out again. I asked Milana for some of that cream. She left to get it, and Beth said we need to get the water out of your skin, and use the radiation to mend the skin and seal the wholes where you were circumcised. I like a circumcised dick, but without our technology, Earthlings should not be doing that. As you can see with Achilles, that is something we do to help keep the body clean, but it is not needed, it just helps."

I see he is circumcised, but he is also a little smaller than mine, but I remember mine looked like that when I was 13. Knowing how tight Beth is he would be a good fit, even for Hattie. Hattie is moving around on me just looking at it.

I said, "Milana is getting some cream."

Beth said, "Well, I have this." as she raised her hand from behind her back. They looked a lot like salad tongs. Beth said "I was going to spread her open a little. The cream can help these slid in better."

Milana was standing right behind them, and said " Good, but I think Allen would be able to do it better, because he can feel his way, and he will be careful with Hattie. I mean no offence."

Beth said, "None taken."

I get Hattie to drop her legs to the side and sit up, then get Beth and Achilles to hold her legs up. I grease the tongs and take the pin out holding them together, and used them holding the handle end, but Hattie tightens, so I asked Milana to rub her nipples. I used my thumb on her little bud, and she starts moving as I slide them in, and only stopping for a off stroke, when my skin is pinched. I get it in to the circumcised skin, and tell Hattie to stop moving as I pull to spread her open, and pulled my dick out. A lot of our juices gushed out on the table, and Milana used the towel to clean it up. It was swollen very big, and the skin puffed out about an inch all around. I was lucky to get it out, and the pressure in Hattie helped.

I asked Hattie was she okay, but she was in shock, thinking she really messed me up. Milana hugged her and said, "It will be fine, Right?"

I said, "Of course, it will be back to normal in a few hours. Hattie, can you hear me?"

She looked up and nodded a yes, and when back to looking at it. I said, "Well, come with me because we need a shower."

Hattie quietly said, "Okay."

I took her to the shower and Milana said, "We will be waiting."

I started the shower, and pulled Hattie in, still looking down. The water started to cool us down and I moved close to her, and she backed into the wall when my dick touched her. I backed up and gave her the soap head and said, "Here clean my dick so it can get better." She moves slow and cleans it, I put the soap head back, and start to rinse it off as see gazed it, and keeps rubbing, until she saw pinch marks an two scratches, then realized I hurt myself getting it out of her. She jumped up and hugged me and said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean for you to get hurt."

I said, "That will heal, and everything will be back to normal, but I am lucky, because when the marks heal I will not have a scare. But, what I am worried about is you." I put my hand on her chest, "Right now you are hurting right here, and it seems that your heart could be scared, and that might not heal. So, would you make me a promise?"

Hattie says, "Yes, anything."

"Promise me when my dick is healed and back to normal, you will try that again after they fix what caused it, because it wasn't you."

Hattie started to cry like a little kid, as her tears ran down her face saying, "I can't, I'm afraid I will hurt you again. Please, don't make me do that."

I say, "Hattie, Hattie, Quite and listen to me. I don't want this to be a problem for the rest of your life. We are a good family, and when one of us is hurt, then all of us hurts. Do you think I would lie to you when all you need to do is look at me and see I'm telling the truth. Use that so I can show you a time in my life when something like this has happened before. Do you see?" I do my best to imagine a image for her.

Hattie said, "Yes, but it wasn't that bad, but it did go away." She looks better now.

I tell her, "You didn't do it the last time, and you didn't do it this time, its just something that happens, like my erection."

Hattie looks down and laughs. I said, "Well, lets get cleaned up. We don't have to tell your mommy that everything is okay, because she knows. She can do that from far away, because she loves you a lot. I do to, but I'm not that good."

We finish up and go back out to the lab, and I get on the table, and I lay on my back.

Milana lowers the light, and Beth tells her where to stop moving it around so she can heal different areas. When they are done, all marks, scratches, and holes in the skin is healed and welded over.

The swelling will take a while to go down, but it has already gone down some.

Milana asked, "Hattie do you feel like working today? If you don't I understand."

Hattie said, "No. Today just don't seem like a day to work, when you are going down to the planet."

Milana said, "You can come with me, and talk to the Elders yourself, about what you need. They will consider you important when I report what happened on Earth, and on the ship, because you are going to have three babies that are the next evolution for Earth. That makes you our project."

Hattie said, "I would love to go with you."

We thank Beth and Achilles and get dressed to catch the next shuttle down to the planet.