by Archie Chipps

Warning this contains sexual content.

Chapter 3
On The Planet

Milana takes us to the subway type car, and in a short trip we get out to a hall that leads to some stairs that go over the subway tunnel, into another hall. We go through a door with a lot of markings all around it, from what I can see it is their written language. I see alot of engineering now and soon come to doorway into docking station with rails and a big opening in the floor.

Milana said "It looks like we are on time, so we don't have to wait for a shuttle. I can see big screen to show us the planet from space, and the big hole in the floor is another room with a big door to seal it off.

Milana takes us to a floating platform that takes us down to the lower deck as we go inside the docking room I see the door that will seal us off. It is about two feet thick, and I'm just guessing the big dock door is the same. Once the platform touches the deck we go straight into the shuttle. It is like a black box with port holes, not much different that the main ship, but it is a lot smaller. The dock area looks like it can handle ten of these at once with their own docking bay, but the floating platforms are for two shuttle platforms.

We go in to sit down, and buckle up. Milana tells me "These things are fast, so just be ready. It looks like each seat could hold four people, and Milana, and Hattie had me in the middle. They have done this before, and it was easy for me to not see where we were going, because this was strange to me, so I looked around more than looking where I was going on the way. I could tell Hattie was still not use to this part, so I did as she did, and hung on the arms when the outer door opened. I felt pressure on us like the air thickened and we took off a lot faster than the Subway car. Milana knew that the air would hold us in place so she turned her head to look at us holding on, and smiled. I thought it was okay to let go. I have felt something like that air before, from when I was in the army, and we set off a lot of C-4, impact of the blast was big, and the air grew thick and covered us for a moment as the wave past. Normally, you would think the air pressure would effect your ears, but I didn't feel that much because it was moving, and not filling every hole. The shuttle was made to do that at the time of take off in a forward movement, and cause the blast wave to come from behind, to hold us in place. It is hard to describe what that felt like, unless you can imagine being in a tank of water as it suddenly takes off very fast. Knowing we are now blasting toward the planet was something not normal for me. I was thinking it was going to burn from friction going through the atmosphere, but some how that never happen, and there was no flames. We start to slow down a little and then a blast from the front, when we seemed to almost stop, but we were just moving slower to the dock. All I could see through the ports was black and a few lights. Then the window frames lit up like a light under us, and we stopped.

When the doors opened Milana said "Are you ready to see my planet?"

When we walked out, the shuttle was sitting in a square of lights, and the outside was dark. I didn't see any stars. Then something over us closed and the lights came on. We were in another room. Milana takes us to the elevator, and we go down a long way before we stop. Then we walked out into a bright room, and go out the doors.

Milana said "We are outside now, but the sun is on the other side on the planet, so this is night. We have time to eat, and get some new clothes, before the sun comes up. We have a different time to go by, but a group on Earth called Mayan used what we use to tell time. To you it's around 2:30 in the morning. So what do you think of being in the fresh air now?" I don't know how to describe it, but what I say is close "It smells like spring air with flowers, and something nice."

Hattie was enjoying the smell of the air "I think a lot of what you smell is the tea trees, because we are close to the gardens. I just love the smell of the tea trees."

Milana said "Well, lets go eat."

She takes us to a big building and we follow her inside. It has a few counters like a bar with bays built in for tables. The person waiting on each bar has a two tracks they ride on with a platform to step on. The tracks look like two strips of gold tape on the floor about an inch wide, set apart wide enough for the platform on each track. I seen one used, and the guy rides one platform and steps to one side to slow it down. At the same time he holds a tray that hoovers over the bar. Then he steps on a section of floor at the table, while he pushes the tray out over the table to the people, and they take the plates off and he puts the try on the other bar, and goes back to a central room. It seem the place is half full, so it was easy to find a table close to the center room. Milana orders " Ovid Bease, Shap.", and Hattie says "Nueto Besiqua." Milana tells me "I ordered for you." The guy looks at me and said "Me Tomain, I speach Engless, and Italiano, I return." Then he steps on a platform going the other way.

I said "It looks like I have a lot to learn if I want to eat."

Milana said "You will not be eating alone. I will not be the only one here, and you have Hattie, and tomorrow there will be Bethlene, and Achilles. I will call her when I know where our lab, and homes are. So, you will not be alone for long. You will not even know we were gone when you get in the training chair."

The way they learn must be strange to me and all I could do was say "Training Chair?"

Hattie said "It make it easy to learn, and I might be going back into training myself."

Milana said "You will have to know more about having babies, and you need to learn more, than building ships if you are going to be a mother."

Hattie said "I guess that is settled."

Milana looked at her as if there was more, but her mind thought about an incubator room."

Hattie's face lost it's smile as she said " I guess I have a lot to learn."

The waiter returns and pushes the tray out, and it looks like Milana ordered stakes and tea. Hattie ordered a fish and chips plate. After eating beef a lot the fish looks good. Milana looks at me, and said "Maybe next time we can eat fish and fruits."

I said "That sounds good."

Milana said "That fish does look good." as she smiles at Hattie.

Hattie looked at me and said "They don't have that much fish on the ship, so I had to get some."

Milana said "Well, eat up, sweety, because you have four to feed."

I look around to see what people are wearing, but a lot of them are wearing different things. A lot of the women are wearing what looks like short leather dresses, and I don't know if they are wearing underwear. All of the women, look better than Hattie, and a few look better than Milana, with the same size tits. It's like I am in the middle of a bunch of models, even the some of the men look better than me, and some are well built, even the older men. On Earth I am medium build, but here I am small, and tall. This give me more reason to love Milana for even wanting me. She looks at me looking around to see what we will be wearing, and most of the men are in gray suits while some are in loose skirts like Kilts. My guess that leather case in the front helps to keep a boner under control with the women looking like that.

Milana looks at my lap, and starts to giggle, and tries to eat with a smile. Then she tells Hattie "After we eat we will need to wait a while, until your father calms down."

Hattie looks under the table, and get up giggling "I guess so."

I look down to see what they are talking about the same time Milana puts her hand on my leg and pulls my dick up from the inside of my leg, and works it up to my belly through the stretchy vinyl.

Milana looks down after we finished and said "I think we can go now."

Hattie leads us this time, and we walk into a small section of the clothes department for men.

Hattie goes to a rack with kilts, and Milana picks out a blue leather one, and a white shirt made out of the same material as the sheets, but has small wholes in it.

Milana said "These will do, I know what you are thinking, but we can solve that problem, so hold these I will be back." She goes to a counter for what I could only guess is for special orders, and as she is talking she points to me. Hattie come back with a vinyl jock strap, and said this is what they wear, but I don't think it will work for you, as she looks at my crotch, and puts it back. Milana comes back and said "That lady I was talking to is making something just for you, and she is going to bring it over here when she is done."

Hattie comes back, and asked Milana "What is he going to where under that?"

Milana told her that she ordered something. We waited for a little while and the lady came out of a room, and approached us, talking in their language. She looks at my crotch and up at me with a smile. Milana must have said thank you, because she said something before she pointed to the counter before she walked away. Milana and Hattie walked me into a dressing room and Hattie took the outfit and set it down, while Milana held that thing the lady made, so I took the suit off.

Milana said "Step into this." It was mostly like elastic strings, but was a little wide so it felt okay when it was round my stomach I felt a smaller sting in the crack of my ass, and in the front was something like a sock that she slid my on my dick. The sock was made of the same material as the shirt and it was white. Milana pulled the waist band down, and she gets down on her knees, reaches between my legs and grabbed strap, and it had plastic end that locked onto a piece on the bottom of the sock.

I adjusted it, but it works, and my balls where in the sock so nothing will fall out. Being semi-hard a lot this gives me more freedom. So, now its time to put on the rest of the outfit.

The shirt is next, and it was easy for Milana I put it on and she slides hand up and it's sealed. Kind of like ziplock but with softer material, and two flaps on one side. The kilt was just stepping into it and pulling it up. This outfit has more to it than a suit, but I guess it is made to handle the heat, so I can only guess it gets hot in the day time.

Milana said "Now it's time for you to pick something out for us to wear."

Milana leads us out and into a section with women's clothes, and I see the short dress like I have seen other women wearing. Short and tight one piece, and as I look close it is a lot like the suit, but with small holes in it, but not something you can see through. I pick out a white one for both of them.

Hattie held up a G-string and asked "Are we going to be wearing one of these."

I looked at it "You can if it makes you feel better."

Hattie threw it back and said "It is useless with a butt plug, anyway." I know Milana don't mind how she is dressed, as long as I am happy. They get dressed and I just want to see if it is too revealing when they bend over so I asked them to bend over so I can see. They bend over and I look to see it pulls up just a little, but Hattie's pussy hiding not far away from what I see, and Milana's showed a little, but I was low to the ground. I pull on the material, and it stretches softly like a knit.

I said "They look great, and they can't see my erection."

Milana laughed as grabbed for it and said "No, but I can feel it."

Hattie put her hand on it and giggled then raised the kilt "It's not like we don't know where it is."

On our way out, Milana put our clothes in a tube to clean them and said "We will leave these for someone else to wear. We hugged each other, and as I hugged Milana I whisper in her ear "Is there a cream that can remove Hattie's freckles, and some where we can make her look better."

Milana lead us to another place that had a reclining chair, and bottles all around. She told Hattie to have a seat and we can help her look better.

Hattie said "Thanks mommy, that would make me feel a lot better."

Milana handed me a swab stick and told me to rub her fingernails and toe nails with it, and gave me a bottle of fingernail polish and said "Then use this use this."

I rubbed her thumbnail and tried the polish on it to see how it looks, and the fingernail polish came off the brush in a stream before I touched her thumbnail, I just kept going until it covered the nail perfectly with a thin coat. I'm sure that is just a trick with static, but it was very nice how it worked. I did the rest, and had to make sure to pull the brush away before it got too much on her fingernails.

After I was done with her toenails I looked at Hattie, and Milana was almost done. She removed the freckles and had her face looking soft and less sweaty, leaving a pretty tan face, like a model. She was just finished trimming her eyebrows, and started brushing her hair, with something that put waves in her blonde hair.

When Hattie stood up she looked as good as Milana. Milana told her to look in the mirror, and Hattie looked to she a girl looking back, looks surprised and happy. She touched her face to make sure it was her and saw the polished fingernails, and screamed she was so happy. She hugged and kissed both of us, on the lips. Milana said "Okay, calm down, we still need to get some sandals."

Mattie wraps her arm around Milana, as we go to find some sandals. By the time we got there Hattie wanted to know if she could pick something out for me, and Milana said "Go ahead, but I would them to be white."

Hattie comes back with sandals, so I pick out some sandals for them with a 2 inch platform, and they get some in their size. They don't cover the toenails, and Milana looks almost my height. I said "Now that you are taller it is very easy to put my arms around you." I was in the middle, walking with two pretty women outside to see the sunrise.

They walked me to the Training Center, and in front of it was a huge ship under construction. I couldn't see the ends of it but I could see the corner, and it was beside the building that has the landing deck, and there was much more to that landing deck. The shuttles were busy moving big parts to build the ship. The bottom of the shuttles had a big pipe running along the bottom to carry or guide the part to where they were going, and everything else had something attached to the side like some kind of engine with someone sitting on top. Some of them was flying around with smaller parts on there own. They moved in very straight lines like the inside of the circular electromagnet had a gyroscope in it to control perfect placement, one under the driver for tilt control, and a small on in back to steer. One of them landed on the ground with arcing sparks going around the gyroscopes as if there was more to them then the way they looked. A small ship landed close. It looked like they started to work on it, after the driver shut it down and jumped off.

They take me through the building to a place with reclining chairs with a lot of wires and things all over them. I saw Tomain go to one of the chairs. I say hello to Tomain, and he came over and said " You Name." I said it was Allen. He nodded his head and got in one of the chairs. A lady came over and said something, but Milana must have told her I was here to learn their language, because she looked at me and said "Have a seat, this is the way we learn anything we want to know. The information you learn will work it's way into your memory, but it takes time, and these tubes give your body the nutrition it needs to grow more rapidly. It's a natural chemical in you body."

Milana said "His body considers steroids as waste of it is not his own."

The lady says "We can change it with a chemical that stimulates his adrenal gland and that will put out his own steroids. I am Simone, so if the chemical causes you the need to urinate the bathroom is over there." She points to a door. "So, let me get you hooked up so you can learn our language."

She hooks up the wires, and gets another rack of chemicals, and puts a needle in my arm like an IV, and starts the program. Then she goes to Tomain and hooks him up.

Milana tells me "Everything will be fine, and we will be back before you know we are gone. Have a nice sleep."

Hattie kissed me and smiled "Mommy for got that. See you later."

Simone goes to a room and works a console, and soon everything starts. Flashing of images and symbols, and the words to speak each one. It turned into a wild dream, that I learned a lot from, and lasted a long time. She was monitoring my brain to know how much of this I could take. For a moment I thought I saw Tomain leave while everything was hitting me slower, and picked up again. It started to slow down again, and something else was going on to relax me, like the sound of trinkling spring, and images of the beach. I even felt my body on the water, then it faded as I woke up.

I hear Simone tell Milana "His brain took everything in one day, so he will need some rest so it will sink in."

Milana said "We can do that, because we have our homes in this building, and we have one of the labs close to the Incubator building."

Simone said "That sound great, because he can learn a lot. It seems his brain is a little more advanced, but his body seems to have defects, like an earthling, which that part is normal if he came from earth. So, I don't know how long it takes for his brain to absorb all the information I put in, but it didn't reject anything."

I said " So we going to live in this building."

Milana said curiously "Yes. Allen did you know you are speaking the Hue language?"

Simone was surprised "He learns quick?"

Milana giggles and said "He tends to do that. Are you ready to go home."

I say "After I get unhooked."

Simone said "Oh! sorry." she comes over and unhooks me.

Milana asked me in English "Did you learn a lot to day."

I was confused, and I know what she was asking but it didn't sink in.

She saw the look on my face "Don't worry you will get your language back."

I asked where is Hattie, and Milana told me she was at home. Milana walked me around to a zip booth, that is what they call the subway cars. We got out after a short trip and walked through a lab, and ended up in something that looked like a nice two story house, with a kitchen and everything. Most of the appliances were different, but they served the same purpose. Hattie comes bouncing in saying something, and Milana told her to only speak Hue. That is what they called there language.

Hattie said "You just need some rest, but I have to show you my house."

I asked Milana "Hattie has her own house? That's nice. Have you called Beth yet?"

Milana said "I can do that while Hattie shows you her house."

I go with Hattie, and it is like walking into another room from our house.

Hattie is all excited saying "This is my living room where I can relax, and this is my kitchen. It is so nice. This is my bathroom, and I have another one up stairs. Just follow me." I can see her pussy showing under that short tight dress as we go up the stairs. "And this is one of the small bedrooms up here, and I have three, and a master bedroom. My bedroom is big, and the bed is so nice, you could fuck me all night." She starts to rub her legs on the bed, spreading her legs, and bouncing her ass, that could get any man hard in a second.

I said "I have a bed with your mommy."

That didn't change how happy she was, and she said "I made you a promise, and I'm going to keep it. So, you can get some rest, but tomorrow you are sleeping with me before my pussy runs out of time for you to be doing that. We were going to break in your bed tonight, so maybe we can still do it then, after you get some rest."

I said okay and went to home. I was guessing the houses where the same I went upstairs in our house and it looks like two bed rooms with a master bedroom is normal for these houses, but when some one needs another room they move a wall. Hattie's extra bedroom was one that we didn't need. So the placement of the divider was the only difference with the two houses. The whole place is like a prefabricated house.

I go into the our master bedroom and go to sleep. I see flashes of my whole life even one when my whole body disappeared. It was a feeling I got that made it happen. That feeling was an electrical pulse that I put out making my adams separate. I wasn't gone, but I could not be see, and I could float on the wind, or just think of a place and I was there instantly. When I wake up I forget how to do this so when I get stuck some place I have to go back to sleep to return to go someplace else. It is like my mind can pull the adams out of the air where ever I want to go. It takes less power than light, because light charges everything in it's path, but I just appear somewhere else that I want to be, even if I have never been there. It is easier to go places I know. One thing I learned the last time I did this, I could disappear from under a blanket, and wear what I was wearing, like I took only what I considered part of me. I can do this with Milana or anyone. When I return the blanket rises and I reappear. I know all of this wasn't just me, but some kind of a electrical charge I felt when one of these Lepreichauns appeared and disappeared on top of me while I was asleep, and I remembered that feeling, but only while I was relaxed and asleep. Maybe I remember it because Bes took me someplace, all I know is that was when it started to happen to me. I felt the electrical pulse and remembered it. This extra link I have could have been put there, and I could be their experiment. If that is the case, I should keep an eye open, because Bes is still around watching me.

I wake up, and Milana was on one side of the bed, and Hattie was on the other.

Milana said "It looks like you still have a lot of magic in you. I brought Hattie in here to keep an eye on you while you were asleep. I thought you were going to leave me."

I asked "What are you talking about? I was asleep, so how didn't I go anywhere."

Milana was concerned "You disappeared! I didn't know what to do. I didn't know where you went. So, I had Hattie help me find you, and you were on the bed, and gone again right in front of me."

I asked "Did you touch me?"

She said yes

I asked "Did you feel and electrical pulse."

"No, why should I?"

I told her "Then it is true, Bes took me someplace and added the extra link to my DNA, and I disappear, because I remember the feeling of the pulse that make adams seperate, and can go anywhere. I think he might be here, because I am his experiment."

I look through the door way to the rest of the house and see him for a second running to hide. I said "Yep, he's here."

Milana looked out the door and saw nothing "Can I see him?"

Hattie moves closer to hear me "Yes, but it is not easy, and he will never want you to see him. The only way you can see him is when you look without any emotions at all, because he can feel you looking at him. He feels what ever you do, but a lot stronger. If you are surprised to see him, you will really scare him a lot. So, you have to look with out thinking, or feeling anything then he will not know you are looking. You know how you can light things up in the dark with a light, well your eyes does the same thing, and your emotions are very strong where ever you look. If you can walk around and not feel anything and learn to look at him without fear or feeling anything you will see him, until he starts to feel you looking, then he will run and hide, because the excitement is too much, and he can not disappear until he calms down. I can't disappear intill I am asleep or half way there, and Bes has done this for years, so he is very quick to do that."

Milana and Hattie now know something new, besides there is an alien watching them. It will take some practice, and Hattie is already good with the butterfly trick, because she shows me. Milana didn't want to be left out so she gave it a try, and almost did it, but her eyes grew big and was looking at the doorway.

I asked Milana "Are you okay."

Milana said "I saw him by the door. He is a very little guy, only a foot tall if that much. He was watching us. I'm sorry, but he surprised me, and I scared him away."

I said "That is okay, he will be back."

Hattie said "I wish I could see him."

I said "You will. He likes to look at anything you have that you feel is yours, and now we have a home he will be looking for anything we take a personal attachment to. Maybe he is judging us, to see we could be able to leave anytime and not feel we left anything behind. Bes can feel that in any idem he touches, so he will be checking us out."

Milana hugged me thinking we must be doing something right, because this creature is like a God to them in a way, and from what Mary said, it seems like we will join and live forever as a spirit. Then she hugged me very tight, and started to think if we can't do it without Bes's help, maybe Mary will not be able to do it.

I grab Hattie's hand as I hold on to Milana and said "Everybody relax, and hang on to me, because we are one, and you are a part of me now. Just remember this electrical pulse." I sent the pulse through us, and it was like the pulse of my heart was now broadcasting the signal, and we appeared on our bed on the ship, and it became real. I said "Now, we are on the ship, and we need to see if Beth and Achilles has left. So we can take them home."

Milana pushes the button and calls Beth. Beth asked "Are you on the ship?"

Milana said "Yes, we are going to take you home, I think. We are in our room when you are ready."

It don't take long before Beth and Achilles come in the room, and said " We, can't leave, because we are waiting on a shuttle. So, how did you get here?"

Milana asked "Are you ready right now?"

Achilles said "Yes, but how are we going to get to the planet."

I said "Just get on the bed and hold on to us, and do as I say. Milana do you remember the pulse?"

She said "Yes. Will I need to help?"

I look at every one and close my eyes to see if are all with me "I need to feel everyone is a part of me, you have known Beth a lot longer, and she is one with Achilles. So, we all need to be a part of my dream, and go with me, and no place else. Can everybody do that?" I start to see everyone join in, so I use my spirit to wrap around them, to make them a part of me.

Everybody tells me they are ready when they feel our emotions. I let Milana get ready to make sure we all stay together. Then when she was ready I sent the pulse though us as a group, and imagined our bed at home, in a dream like state faded, and we were home. Everyone started talking about what just happened and how it felt, but my ears and head started to hurt and I yelled "QUIET!" They look at me and I said "My head hurts." I had my hands and arms over my head bent down into the bed crying.

Beth said "Lets get him to the lab, Hattie can you lead the way."

Milana spoke to me in Hue "Is this better?"

I said yes. Beth didn't understand how I would know the Hue language, but she used it, because it was better for me. They took me to the lab, and looked at my brain. She saw small cancer cells building up in my brain, as my brain was trying to grow with what ever my body had to build with. She told me to lay down, as Milana moved the light from my head to my feet. Beth told Milana when to move down, and soon Milana's mind could see what Beth saw and nothing else was needed to be said. Milana was hurting inside and she knew I would be okay, and had to keep her mind on Beth. They spent a lot of time on my head and my headache went way. They removed all the cancer cells from my body. I could imagine it wasn't easy because the cells were a part of me, and it's possible it was hard to see them. This took about 3 hours, and they said they were done. Milana held up a small mirror in front of me, and I looked younger, by at least ten years.

Milana said "Do you see what the cancer was doing to you."

I said "Wow, so it was making me look old?"

Beth said "It was decaying your body, and new tissue was full of it. So, how did you learn this language so quick, because from what I can see your brain could not grow much, but I took care of that. So, where did all that information go, to make you learn so much, so fast."

I was about to tell Beth when Milana moved closer and sat beside me on the table, and then everyone was wanting to hear, so I said "My subconsciense is the only thing that held my memory of that electric pulse, and my physcal was damaged, so my subconsciense took over. It remembers the pulse, and it was easy to learn the Hue language, because it only need energy to grow. When my brain grows it will recover everything, and I will speak English. When we left the ship our adams that made up our bodies was split up in the air, and our spirits appeared here with out a body, but our spirits carried energy to rebuild our bodies here from the adams in the air. That pulse was built into our bodies like a genetic memory from our spirit. I think that is how I got the extra link."

Milana asked "You think we have the extra link now."

I look at everyone and say "It is just a guess, but if I am right about how I got the link, then I just gave it to you."

Beth checked Milana first and said "She has it !" After everyone was check, we found out we all have that extra link.

Milana asked "How did you know we would have it?"

I said "Because when Bes took me on a trip for some reason and I remembered the pulse. So, I was thinking that pulse could be that extra link. So, now I know it is, and how I got it. Maybe Bes will tell me someday why and where he took me."

Beth asked "Who is Bes?"

Milana said "He is a little alien." and Hattie said "He is a Leprechaun." They giggled at each other, and Beth started to wonder, then asked "Is he around here somewhere? Did you see him?"

Hattie said "I haven't seen him yet, but there is a trick to be able to see him. Would you like me to show you your new home?"

Beth said "Okay, lead the way." As she took Achilles by the hand, an followed Hattie.

Milana told Hattie "Don't take to long, because I think Allen is very hungery." Since she mentioned it, I am very hungry. Milana takes me to the kitchen table to sit down. She gets some fruit and chops them up, and there was a lot of fruit like on earth, even bananas, then she got a watermelon out and cut it cut it the long way, scooped it out and put it in bowl. She left some of it in there, and put in grapes, pears, peaches, cherries, and some fruit I have never seen before. She mixes it up with her hands the put her hands under the sink and said "Water 89 degrees." and she cleaned her hands, and got some small bowls and some spoons. She put some in a bowl, and put it in front of me, then got some for herself. She told me this is some very sweet stuff we call fruit cocktail."

I asked Milana "Is this your favorite thing to do with fruit?"

She seemed happy "Yes, don't you just love it?"

I was saying "Yes, it is my favorite." as I heard Hattie come in.

Hattie and bent over after Milana sat down eating some fruit and asked with a giggle "What do you need for nutrition today."

Milana said with her mouth full "Fish" Fruit juice ran down her chin, and she wiped it off with the back of her hand. Hattie bent over to get the fish out of the freezer, and the cold air rolled out against her bare legs, and she bent down to rub them and her skirt pulled up higher on her hips exposing her pussy, and at the side of my eye, while I was looking at Hattie's pussy, Milana did something to her top, so I turned to look, and her nipples where out over her low cut top, and where hard.

Milana smiled at me and said "We are just giving you food for thought, since you worked so hard to learn our language today. We are showing you our body language."

Hattie said " Yea, and I used the large plug today. I took it out for now, because it was a little too soon."

I could see enough of her ass that I could she don't have one now. Hattie started baking the fish. I'm use to eating fryed fish, but the way she was baking the fish, it would be more of a deep fried fish, and I like that better. I noticed that she didn't scale the fish just skin it. That will take a lot of the fish taste out, because that is the way I do it.

Milana said "One of the things Hattie is very good at is cooking, and she wanted to do this for us whenever she can. So, I said it was really nice of her, and she can do it anytime she wants." then she giggled "Would you like to try some Nectarine?"

Hattie got a bowl and put some fruit cocktail in it, and sat at the table, while the fish was baking, and I know Milana wasn't asking her that, and Milana wanted me to look under the table. I saw Hattie pick out a piece of Nectarine from the bowl. I looked under the table and Milana was rubbing the Nectarine on her pussy, and held it on her pussy lips. I crawl under the table, and lick it from her fingers, and clean her fingers with my mouth. I pull her to the front of the chair. Milana giggled "Whoa, I almost fell out of my chair." as clean up the sticky Nectarine juice, and do my best to get any of it out of her. She is really enjoying this as she squirms around in her chair, and finally pushes my head into her as she has a spasm on my face, and her juices flushes her out, and I lick it off her pussy lips. I turn to see Hattie is doing the same thing, so I give her the same treatment. When I was done and got back to my chair, and sat up, they where still slumped in their chairs, and Milana was waiting for Hattie to look at her. When Hattie did they laughed and sat up in there chair.

Milana looked at me openly moving chewed fruit around in her mouth and said "It's your turn, so come here." She was pointing between her and Hattie. So, I walk over there. Milana pulled the kilt to the floor and pulled the bottom strap loose, and pulled the sock off my hard dick, then turn the waist band around. She said "I swallowed my fruit" She put her fingers in her bowl, and smeared juice on my dick, then she looked at it and put the bowl up and used my dick to stir her fruit then she put her bowl down and stuck her tongue out and used it to raised dick for a straight shot at her mouth as she licked under the head, then she did it again and this time shoved it in her mouth, and swallowed my dick pushing it all the way down her throat, and licked the juices of my ball. Then she passed my dick to Hattie, and Hattie did the same thing, but Hattie licked my balls a little longer and my knees started getting weak.

Milana yelled wait, and got behind me to help hold me up, and then she giggled putting her bowl under my dick, and said "Fill it up Hattie."

Hattie swallowed it again and sucked me until I started to shoot cum down her throat and she pulled off quick aiming it at Milana's bowl. Milana pulled my Kilt back up and helped me sit down leaving my semi-hard free to dangle.

I heard Beth say "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm intruding. I'll just go. We were just going to get something to eat."

Hattie said "No, I'm making you some fish."

Achilles said "Come on Honey, they invited us to dinner."

That kind of told me Beth saw a little more that she was planing, by the way she was acting.

Milana was stirring her bowl, and said "Come get some fruit while we wait."

Beth approached the table with Achilles as he sat down taking the last chair Beth asked "So, where do you keep the bowls." Milana got up and said you can have my chair, I'll get you two a bowl."

Beth looked down at Milana bowl, and Milanan said "I spiked mine. Have a taste."

Beth put her finger in the bowl and tasted it. "That's good. I think I should try that." Milana put their bowls on the table with fruit cocktail in it, and a spoon.

Hattie said "Milana, you can have my seat, because I'm going to get another chair." Milana said Thank you, as Hattie ran to her house. Beth was trying to tell Achilles that she couldn't have the fruit cocktail without the cock now that she has the fruit. I don't think he saw what happened, but he said okay and took his suit off. Maybe I was wrong.

I said "It will be better if he sat down." Hattie came back when beth was sucking on Achilles, and saw she wasn't swallowing it, so she sat her chair down, and walked over to whisper in beth's ear, and then she shoved Beths head down on it, and walked away to sit in her chair. Beth was a lot better at it now, and Achilles moaned and she held bowl to catch it, and I heard two beeps, and the oven said in Hue "Cooking complete." Beth said "It sure is, as she started to stir and ate some fruit cocktail.

Beth says with a smile "This taste a lot better. Thank you, dear."

Achilles said "That was better for me too." as he smilled, and looked at Hattie moving his mouth to say Thank You.

Hattie smiled and nodded her head, as she got up to take the fish out of the oven to cool. Hattie grabbed some plates and layed them out on the counter, and got a Spatula and put the fish on the plates. "Is anybody ready for the fish while it's hot?"

I said I am, and Milana said just put the plates on the table and they can dig in when they are ready. Milana finished her fruit, and started to pick up the empty bowls, and spoons. Then she passed out the forks, and sat down.

Beth said "We still need to get some food for our home, so we will go after we eat."

Hattie said "We are having a house party, to break in our new homes, I was hoping you were going to stay, because I have something else I want to break in." She wiggled her sexy ass in that short dress, and patted her ass to made sure Beth knew what she was thinking, before she turned to start putting the fish on the table.

Beth looked at Hattie thinking "Are you ready for that." Hattie smiled and nodded her head. Then Beth said "I guess we can get food in the morning, when it is a lot cooler. That will be better anyway. I just started using the second one, but Achilles is eager to try my ass out. I had to stop using my pussy today, so, he needs it if you are ready."

Hattie puts her thought in beth's head "I used the third one, but it's hard to get use to it and I have used the butt plugs so long I need to try out someone smaller."

Beth rolls her eyes, and thinks "I know what you mean. Allen's dick is big, and really bored me out." then they both giggled.

I wonder if they know I can hear all of this. Milana's thought said "I don't look like they know." and she giggles. I smiled at Milana and thought "We have a bed to get warmed up when we get done eating, and that will leave them to do what they want. Milana thought "You may have forgotten something, but Achilles is enjoying himself."

I look at her nipples, and they were still hard and sticking out, and Achilles is eating kind of fast as he is looking right at them. I could only think he will get a lot of joy milking Beth when hers gets full of milk. Milana shakes her tits and when they stop, he looks at Beth, as Beth lets him know what Hattie have planed for him, then he looks at Hattie and his eyes grew big, and then he realized he was finished eating. Milana said "You can put your dishes in the sink."

He stood up and almost knocked Beth's empty bowl of the table with his dick. So, he put it in the sink too. Not long after that I was finished and Milana reached over for my plate, and put it on hers and put them in the sink. I get up and she can see the tent in the kilt as she warps her arm around me and we go to our bedroom.

When we were walking to the bed room I had Milana go first so I could look up her short dress. I enjoyed the view, but I started to wonder what she told the Elders? She pulled her dress up a little, and I can see her ass a little. I reach up and push my has up under her dress, so I could hold her ass as she walks. When we get to the top of the steps, she grabbs my hands and hold them there as she walks into the bed room.

When we were inside our bedroom she move my hands to the front of her his, and rubs her ass on my dick. She started to tell me "Me and Hattie has a secret I think you should know about, because it concerns you."

I said "Okay, what is it."

"I knew you wanted me to tell them everything and I didn't really want to, but I did. You are doing your best to fit into my world, and I love you for that. So, I told them everything so they can take you as you are. They were happy that you got me Beth, and Hattie pregnant, and they don't care that even Hattie don't carry a normal baby, because Mary talked to them before they sent me, and they knew everything, and if they didn't want me to get pregnant by you, they had a fair warning by a lady that would not exist if they didn't sent me to you. So, they were ready for me to report in, so they could continue. They also sent Hattie, and that girl in the Training center Simone, so we will know where evolution really is on your planet. Hattie is not an experiment with Earths evolution, just with yours, to help Bethlene find the Genetic difference. Bethlene was not suppose to get pregnant, so they are going to send three others to check all of us out tomorrow, to find that extra link. Hattie has tonight to give you her promise, then no more seed in her pussy. The elders want this for themselves and that is not the way we should be, but they want to be able to inject this link into as many people as they can. So, they are trying to keep right with the way we live, but in a way they are not. If this extra link can make people disappear and go anywhere, that will change everything. Bethlene don't know they are taking over the experiment, but was hiding the truth from us, and was working to separate the link, so the Elders coud have it. So I'm not telling her."

I said "Beth know how to give the Elder the extra link now, so we need her on our side. I think we need to know more about what could happen, because we don't know." I turn around very quick, and see Bes in the closet.

I say out loud "Okay, Bes, You have watch me long enough to now me, and I need some help here. Milana will not harm you or herself, but if you don't want to come out and talk, or at least talk from where you are, I will touch the spot in the closet and follow you where ever you go to get some answers."

Bes said "You can do that, you lie."

"I traveled with you before."

Bes makes a move "Okay I'm coming out, but I know you can't follow me."

I said "I also know you can go anywhere in front of us, but I can do it in front of anybody."

Bes asked as he walks out "How do you do that anyway."

"I can tell you, but I need some help first."

He sits on the floor, and it looks very easy for him to do "What is the problem?"

A part of you is in me did you want that to happen?

Bes looks at me and said "It made you fell better at the time, so I didn't plan that to happen, it just did."

I asked "What will happen if this whole planet could copy that, so everyone can do what we can do?"

Bes said "They can't because they only way they can get that, is if their bodies are rebuilt. Is that what you are worried about."

I say "Yes, but can our babies be born with it."

Bes said "There bodies will be created with it, and everyone in your family will pass it on."

I asked "What will this planet be like then?"

Bes gets up and walks around "Don't know they will be your kids."

I said not just mine, but everyone in this house. Beth, Hattie, Achilles, and Milana."

Bes said "It's the same thing, they are your kids."

I say kind of wondering "If I am yours, and I don't see how, but I know you watched over me, my whole life, and you never showed yourself before. So, does this mean you are comfortable with me."

Bes had to think and said "In a way you are my kid, my student, and I find it hard to keep hiding when you can always see me anyway, so yes I am more comfortable this way, but if that is all you need to know tell me how to disappear in front of people."

I say "There is one more thing. What if they make a machine that can make the electrical pulse."

Bes looks at me like I am stupid "Why did you asked that, when you know what would happen to you when you make that pulse. I know you are not stalling, so tell me how you disappear in from of people."

I say "Never completely wake up, so that made it easy, but now I have no fear of being seen doing that, so that makes it very easy."

Bes said "That's it, that is all there is to it."

I said "Yes. you can try now if you feel comfortable."

He disappeared and reappeared on the bed "That was nice, Thank you. I should have trusted you sooner, but with everyone trying to catch me for gold, like I could give that to them. I guess that made it hard to trust anyone. Why didn't you ever ask for gold?"

I say "Because there is all kinds of treasures, but most people think it's gold. As long as I have watch you when you didn't know it, I see your treasure is the love we have for things. I could be a brush even a piece of paper, so your treasure is the need to feel treasured, and I can give you that, without getting it from anything, and I'm sure Milana can too."

Milana says "You are my friend , and I love you."

Bes says as a warning "Hey you, don't get too close, back off, I feel to much emotion from you."

I said "That is because you are afraid to feel love, because you don't want to be hurt by it. If you trust us you will never be hurt by us."

Bes said "Okay, I'll think about it, but it is too much right now, but if I can disappear in front of you with the way I feel right now, I will be your friend."

He disappeared, saying "Great! see you later."

I tell Milana "I guess there is nothing to worry about, because it is something the elders can't get. So, we will just let them try, but we need to make sure the rest know so they don't take anyone on a little trip. Beth needs to know how the Elders what are up to, so she can see it for herself."

As I start to go tell them, Milana said "They are a little busy right now."

I asked "Are you sure?"

Milana thought for a moment, and said "Hattie just said love you mommy, so she knows I can check on her, but, yes I'm sure. Besides, You know what they had planed. You know I will not let you get away from what you promised me, so get you clothes off, or do I need to give you a special kiss, and tie you to the bed." I pull down the kilt, and drop the strap at the same time, and hug Milana from behind when she was heading for the bed. My dick raised up and she looks down and grabs it and said "I always wondered what I would look like with a dick."

I said "Well, what's mine is your's, and what's your's is mine, so right now your ass is mine. You enjoyed tying those guys up in the gym, is that what you would like to do with me, or would you like me to do it to you?"

Milana laughs "I like it is sound so simple, and so good, but more because my ass can feel the heat from your dick, and it makes me feel hot, and yes I like to try both ways once."

I smile "Well, that dress you look hot, and if you get any hotter I could get burned, so I better lick you and blow you down."

she says "I'm wet enough from our meal to night, so lets skip that and get on with you using the fire hose."

Milana bent over the bed and I said "I still want to lick you." She said "No more teasing."

I look at that ass with the short dress on, and I enjoy the way it teases me, so I get down behind her and slide my dick in. I don't know if this will take long, but I will enjoy it while I can. I pull the straps down off her shoulders, and pull her top down to release her tit's, I said "Now that is better." I rub my hands on the sides of her tit's smashed into the bed. Then down her back as I keep smacking into her. When I move my hands to the back side of her hips, her ass starts to move, so I grab the sides of her hips, and she starts slamming back against me as her ass was making a slapping sound on me. I move my hands down a little more below her hip bone, down to where her ass starts to curve out. My finger tips were around the front where her thighs start, and my thumbs were under the hip bone. I give a little squeeze, pressing my thumbs into her muscles. I think I hit a sensitive spot for her pleasure, so I start to use my thumbs to massage her. For a moment she stays still to enjoy this and moaning, then she starts to bounce. I grab the top section of her ass, and then rub feeling the curves. Then move my hands around to her pussy, and stroke my finger down the lips, making sure to rub the little bud. She starts jerking, and forces my hand flat as she has a climax. When she recovers she does all she can to get me empty my load into her. Her body was sweaty and slippery, and the heat off her back was making my face hot. I blow air across her back and she starts to tighten up, and pulling on my dick. Her body was hot, and I lay on her anyway, to thrust in her, taking her breath out of her until my dick releases its load. I get up and she moves on my dick slowly to keep stroking it.

Then Bes appears on the bed "Sorry, I didn't know I would find you mating. I guess I will just appear somewhere to check to see if it is a good time."

I said "Milana is this a bad time? It seem to be fine with us. So, are you here for a reason?"

Bes said "I just wanted to say, now that we are friends you would need to know how to find me."

Milana asked "Are you going to take us there?

I looked at Bes and asked "Are you?"

Bes said "I'm not ready for that. I just wanted to say all you need to do is imagine me and call me by my name."

I asked "It is Bes, right?"

He said "Yes"

I went out on a limb on this one "What ever happened to Bast? Was she your mate?"

Bes said "Where have you heard about her?"

I replied "We have people that learn about history."

Bes said "She died of old age."

I asked "Was she your mate?"

Bes said "Did history tell you that?"

I said "No, I was just thinking a lot of what you did, and she did, made you friends, and I just wanted to know if there was more, than just friendship, because of your fear to love."

Bes said "Yes, but she was a party girl, and loved everyone, but never just one."

I said "I know the type, and I was with someone like that, and if you followed me around you know, all that changed with Milana. Hattie is someone that can love one person if they make her feel good about herself, and wanted. We try but we have each other."

Bes said "Well, I'm going and if you need me you know how to get my attention, anywhere."

Milana and I say "Bye"

Milana said "I stopped moving and now you are limp."

I asked "Were you done?"

she said Yes. So, I pulled out.

Milana said "Hattie will have you the rest of the night, so she can get you going again."

I said "You don't have to do a teasing act to get me hard, all I have to do is look at you, or touch you. Can we just cuddle for a while before we tell the others about what is going on."

She said "I would love that."

A few hour latter Hattie came in the bed room naked. Milana asked "Have you seen Bes."

Hattie said "No"

We have something to tell everyone so tell everyone to met us in the living room."

Hattie said "Okay" and we got dressed and went down stairs, and sat on the couch. They all came from the lab and sat down. I asked Milana to tell them everything, but not about Bes for now, just what we learned from him. Just start with the bad news.

Milana starts "Well, I turned in my report, and I told the Elders everything this morning. They said that they are going to send three new people in to take over, and we are all subjects of their important experiment. They want to pin point this extra link, and try to bottle it for others to use, but not everyone, and the Elder will be one of the first. What they don't want is any help from us, so we are just for testing. What they don't know, is this is something they can not take, because it can only happen when the body is created, and we will pass it on through our families. The elders will get greedy to so they can remain the elders. If you think about this, we will be their teachers, and they want to skip that and take what they want. It is not good to be teaching our elders as long as we are their experiments. So we need you to not practice this with anyone else. It is our gift for those that are willing to learn from us, and we have to be responsible for them as if they were our children. Until we are the elders we can not do that. To our children we are their elders, and we must let them know, the responsibility that goes with this gift."

Achilles says "So, you are saying you are our Elders, because you gave us the extra link, and we should not share it unless we take on the resonabilities for them, for the rest of our lives. I already see you as our elders, but I don't think I will ever want to share this link, if you will not be their elder. You do more than any Elder I know."

Beth face was a little shocked "I can't believe I am nothing but a test subject. I don't like that, because it's like taking our life from us."

Milana' eyes water "I feel the same way."

Hattie feels all this feel unfare "I never had much of a life anyway, and the only life I know is hear with you. So I don't feel something was taken from me, but I feel sad, and unfare it was taken from you."

Everyone goes to Hattie and hugs her.

I say "If you want to learn more about this gift, I can help when they are gone. I want everyone here know we are a family, and I don't think they can read our thoughts, but we can all read each others. So we can always talk to each other. We need our rest if we are going to get to handle tomorrow." Everyone heads to their homes. Hattie pulls me to her room.

I grab Milana, and say "I hope you don't plan on staying in our bed all alone."

Milana smilled "That don't sound like fun at all."

We follow Hattie us to her room.

I hate to feel I neglect Milana, but that is the way I feel, a little. I am getting use to the fact she will be with me for the rest of my life, and I will always have a need to attract her. I want to win her over every day. I want her to always feel no regrets about loving me, and she is still the only one for me. Hattie seems to be trying to changing that, and Milana has helped, but she is not trying to push me away. I know I have to do my thinking about things like this, as if my mind was somewhere else, so all they would know is I am distant right now. I to surprise her with what I can do for her. I know she will ask what's wrong, so when it happens I have to tell her. "I'm just trying to think of a way to win your love again."

Milana wraps her arm around me "You don't have to, because you are the only one for me."

"I know, but to keep our love strong, I should never stop trying, and it will make us closer with no regrets."

Milana said "I don't have any, but I know what you mean. Maybe I should tease you more so you don't feel that way." she giggles.

My eyes light up, she knows I love a good tease, even if that wasn't what I was thinking, but maybe it can lead to something that inspires me. Hattie wasn't wearing any clothes, and she probably just didn't see the point in putting them on, when everyone here is use to seeing her having sex. She looks like anal sex wasn't as enjoyable as what we were going to do.

As soon as she gets to her bedroom Hattie jumps on the bed, gives her pussy a good rub as she sides her pussy down the bed and laid back. "I'm going to be on top of you all night, so you can start by being on top."

"Okay" I will be able to see what Milana has planed that way, so it would be better. I drop the kilt to the floor and climb over her chest. I check her to see if she was wet from waiting for this moment, and she was. I look at Hattie's face as I move my dick over her nipples, and they grew hard very quick. She bent her head down to taste my dick with her tongue. A small bead of pre cum rises to the top, and she licks it, and suck the head in her mouth. She made a popping sound with her mouth. She begs "Likes get started, I have been waiting to have you to myself for the whole night for a while."

I move my hip down, and she grabs hold of my ass to help her sit up a little. The weight of her body made me sink in her pussy fast. She climbed her hands up my back pulling herself up to me. We drop to the bed and she puts her feet on the back up my thighs, as her pussy made itself comfortable, with her body squirming under me.

I say "It seems that your mommy drained me again, and you will be getting leftovers." As I smile at Milana.

Hattie said "That's better, because you last a lot longer that way. I makes me feel like I helped make every drop of cum, and when it comes out, it is fresh and hot."

Milana said "You make that sound very interesting, and I know you are right."

I interrupted "My body makes cum when I am teased. I can handle being teased for a 3 days before it is a problem. Teasing is not all that hard without you around, because I can remember seeing something sexy, feel a vibration, or just letting it hang lose to bounce around."

They said "Okay, Okay, that's enough, that last one makes me so hot. I wish I had one dangling between my legs all the time." Then they laughed at each other Milana said "Oh My, what a feeling That would be." Hattie just sighed "Oh" as she pushed her hip into me. I said "I'm glad you don't, but you have mine."

I shove my dick into Hattie, and watch Milana moving round like a dog doing circles before she lays down, and her mound was squeezed tightly between her legs. The short dress was tight on her ass, squeezing her ass cheeks. She saw me, and wiggled her ass, and said "This will give him more cum Hattie." Hattie moaned as she felt my dick harden even more rigid. She told Milana "Mommy, Pace it out. I want him to last." Milana swings around and drops her ass on the bed with her legs spread. The shock wave make me fuck Hattie as she bounced under me. I watch Milana started to rub her pussy, then she cupped it, closed her legs and smiled at me. Her fingernails where stuffed into the crack of her ass, barely visible in the shadows of her legs, between her shins. For a lady that looks twenty, but is really 59, she is acting like a teenager. That makes me feel a lot better to know she is so happy.

Hattie wanted me to roll over, so she could get on with the sex. I said "No, you will be on top when I get tired." I reach underneath and rub her ass, and pull her legs up, as I side my hands along the sides of her body and push her tits together, trying to stay on my elbows, as I hump the air out of her, and get back to putting my weight on my hands. Hattie tries to curl up more under me, and take all I have to give. I hear a sound like she is trying to hold back her orgasm, so I get down on her, use on hand to rub her sweating ass, as I move a finger to her anus. She felt my finger going in, letting out all her tension in one big orgasm. I was so big it caused her to have many of them for a few moments. Then her legs dropped to the bed, and she was sweating a lot. I kiss her lips, and she hugged my head for dear life breaking the kiss, as her mouth was breathing heavy in my ear. "Are you going to make yourself cum now?"

I said "Yes" Then she asked "Can you shoot it in my ass, and let me drain the rest with my pussy?" I said "Okay"

I spent my time enjoying her spasm, and I continued to fuck her, but this time I don't work hard at letting it loose in her and that takes more work, but her pussy made it worth it. After I while I felt it build up inside of me, and start to travel the tube, as I hold it back, and pull out. I tried my best to get the head in her tight ass without letting some slipped out and my dick plunged in two inches as it shot off in her ass, I only shot about three times, and held it again pulling out of her ass, and put it in her pussy, draining the rest out of me. I laid on top of her hot body and she rolled me over, and got on top. Hattie lowered her body in a sigh as my dick sank deep in her, when she brought her knees under my arms. Milana bent down over my face and put a nipple in my mouth as Hattie felt me get hard again.

Hattie said "Keep it up mom. His dick enjoys what you are doing." Milana stops and gives me a special kiss, and I black out.

I woke up as Hattie was saying "and after he came in my ass he fell asleep, and dick just oozed out of my ass. So, Why does daddy sleep with a boner."

Milana said "I'm not sure, but I think he was raped in his sleep. I didn't ask, because he knew the guys in the gym raped me, and didn't say anything about it until he helped me get even. It is really not normal for a guy to get hard when he sleeps, but I really enjoy it when he didn't know, like it was my sex toy. He shot off in me the first night, and I was sure he woke up... Oh My, Really, he heard what we said." Milana giggled.

Hattie giggled "Daddy, are pretending to be asleep?"

I opened my eyes as Hattie bounced on me. "I was surprised to know you two even have secrets, but it's okay to have secrets, because that is something hard to keep around here, and it makes you feel better. I felt better just hearing them. We all know how to hide our thoughts, and as long as you are not hurting inside, I will not want to know them."

Milana said "We know you feel that way, because we talked about that when Hattie was having problems."

I asked "We did?" Then Hattie said "Are you trying to hide something you are feeling, like you enjoy me teasing you so much that you were forgetting about mommy."

Milana said "If that is what this is all about, then, it's okay. You must have missed the part when we talked about how you kissed her on the mouth. She could see you did it out of reflex to make her feel loved. She knew it wasn't real love. She is just happy she can be your little sex kitten, because you can stay hard in your sleep, and I told her you are my sex toy at night. I know you heard that part, because I heard you think (Wow, really?). You make me happier than you think. Did you know that I could ask you anything in your sleep, and you will always tell the truth?"

I asked her "How do you know it's the truth?"

Milana said "I will do my best to give you a replay, because I want you and Hattie to know this. The first time I asked you questions in your sleep I had to learn how to ask so you didn't have to think, and wake up. That happened on the first night, and you woke up. I didn't think anything about it until the first night you had sex with Hattie. I asked while you were sleeping, Do you love Milana, and you said you love Milana, and you could die for her. I cried and spoke in Hue language, Don't die for Milana. I was surprised that you answered in Hue (With Milana, we never die). So, I asked Where did Allen learn Hue Language. Then you said the first day Milana takes Allen to the Training Center. That didn't happen yet, so I asked will you answer anyones questions, and you said until Milana tells you not to."

Hattie said "That sound strange."

I said "I didn't know I still do that."

Milana said "What Happen to make you do that."

I could tell she was thinking it had something to do with rape, so I told her what happened "I was moving out on my own, and needed a place to stay. A truck driver friend of mine said I could stay with him until I found a job. He had a wife and two girls, and wanted a boy, so I told him of a French Mathematical method, to know when to get his wife pregnant. I explained how it worked, and after the math was done it looked like if he got his wife pregnant that month she would have a girl. It was the start of a new month, and he could not hold her off for a month, so he drove the truck the whole month. At night she was going to my bedroom while I was sleeping, and asked could she suck my dick. I said no, because she was married, but she kept asking all night. The next night she did the same thing, so I said okay, just let me sleep. I was tired from looking for work nothing could keep me awake, so I didn't know she was in my room every night. I shot off in her mouth, and what ever she wanted to do, until I started to wake up close to morning, and she was getting up so I don't shoot it in her pussy, but as she tried to get up I raised my hip, and shot a big load in her. That got her pregnant. She told her husband when he came home. I was a virgin, and the only way a man could prove he was a virgin, was mentally. Since I was asleep I didn't know what happened, mentally I was still a virgin, and I could not be sued for child support. They took me to a physiatrist, and he hypnotized me to find out the truth, because I didn't know. While I was under, the doctor asked questions about the past, but my mind was open completely to everything, until the end of time. He finished asking question, but my mind didn't want to wake up, because my past is easy, but nobody knows the future. That amazed me to not wake up, so I walked up to him and told him to ask about the future, and then I will wake up. He asked me something and I told him so much about the future, that I could see most of this he could not understand, because so much did not happen, so I gave up, and woke up on my own. So now that part of me is always awake, but if I am not sleeping, brain is in control.

Milana said "What about the baby, was it a girl or a boy? Did you see the baby grow up?"

I said "Nobody, knows the baby was mine, and it was a girl. I saw her a few times and I'm sure she has kids by now."

Hattie asked all happy "How old will she be now?"

I said "She is twenty years younger than me, so she is twenty-nine. I'm guessing she had a son when she was twenty from using my destiny math.

Hattie face was puzzled "What is destiny math?

I said "Everything in life happens in a rhythm, and using math we can link everything together and find out what is next."

Milana said "That sounds like our calendar, and the way we keep time. So you only use it for destiny?"

I said "Yes, a month before it I was raped, or you can say Involuntary sex, I predicted I would have a baby girl that year. Time was running out to see if it had flaws, but the baby was born before the new year. That proved to me that I could not stop it from happening, and I don't think anyone can stop destiny."

Milana looked worried "I don't want the new people to talk to you while you are asleep, so I want Hattie to know how to stop you from telling them anything. If he is sleeping in front of them, I want you to ask him anything to make him think. You can say (Who am I?) until he answers. That will do it. Allen Do you think that girl has the extra link."

I said "I don't think she does, because it was the violence after the mother got pregnant that started my disappearing."

Milana was concerned "Violence?"

I said "Yes, I woke up by the fist beating my face as my head was bouncing off a nail sticking out of the door. The guy went crazy, and beat his wife too. I think it was possible he could have killed me in my sleep if Bes didn't get me out if there."

Milana said "That explains a lot, and the next time I see Bes, I have to thank him for saving you."

Hattie giggles "You have to catch him first." Milana wanted to tell her and I said Okay.

Milana was very happy to tell Hattie "Bes talked to us, and we are his friends now. We just didn't want to tell everyone until he was ready to show himself, because the shocked of seeing him will scare him away."

Hattie begged "I won't. He is a little guy, and he is our friend. I want to see him and say thank you for Allen too."

Milana looks around and said "We will see what he thinks. Bes!... Bes! I like you to met Hattie. She is like a Daughter to us."

Bes appears by the closet door peaking out "This is not a good time because you are mating with Hattie now."

I smiled and said "That don't bother her, because she is just checking to see if my dick has any more holes that could be infected."

Bes sneaks out "I guess, it's okay."

Hattie looks at him with a big smile "Hi, Bes. Is it true you saved Allen from being beat to death by a crazy man."

Bes smiled and crossed hi little legs "So, he finally figured it out. Yes, I did because it was wrong. Not fair for a good person to die that way."

Hattie said "Thank you. I would kiss for you saving him, if I could get up, but I have to stay like this until morning to get over my fear of hurting him the first time.

Bes looked at Milana and she smiled saying "I know you don't like me next to you, but I would like to hug you, and give you a kiss, but your too small. I don't want to hurt you."

Bes disappeared and reappeared 3 feet tall on the bed "This is my normal size. Hug me and kiss me, because I am crush proof, but when I get uncomfortable I will disappear."

Hattie kissed Bes "I have three kids growing in me that are a part of you." her face was all excited

Bes put his hand on Hattie's tit "This feels soft. I can see them inside you, and there are three of them." he smiles

Milana hugged Bes and kissed him, and Bes said "I see you have one too." Milana said "Thank you for saving the love of my life."

Bes said "I'm glad you are happy, because your emotions will hurt me when they get ugly.I need to go before I start to like this."

We all said Thank you, as he disappeared.

I said "Lets get some sleep we have a long day tomorrow."

Hattie lays down on top me and gets back to moving her hips. I think she does this to feel me in her. I can feel her pussy holding my dick, and not long after that she starts humping hard, as I hear the wind getting knocked out of her. I hugged her, and she said "Don't, I'm trying to breath." I said sorry, and I kissed her under the ear. The sounds of her breathing and grunting in my ear makes my hips move and release another load in her. I just lay there with my arms around her waist, until I fell asleep.

I wake up and see Milana was already getting dressed. I wake Hattie up, by rolling her on the bed. My dick slips out and we look at it to see it looks fine. Hattie hugs me and said "Thank you, that made me so happy."

Milana asked "Is every one ready to met the new project team."

I said "I'm not, but I guess it don't matter if we are dressed for what they are going to do, does it?."

I get dressed and see Hattie didn't take as long to slip her dress on. My jock strap was in my bedroom, but I didn't bother to go get it.

We go to the kitchen and get some milk, and see Beth and Achilles waiting for us.
Beth said "They are here, and they wanted to start on Allen first, then the babies."

I said "I guess, the first thing I should show you tonight, is how to disappear, without going anywhere."

A man walks in, and he is one of the bald ones on this planet. "I sorry, to interrupt, but I just wanted to say I was told what was going on, and I find the Elders acting a little strange about what it is we are looking for. I know Bethlene must have found something, and we are told not to ask for her help. I would like to know why are you being studied, if she found the this link?"

Beth said "That is Daniel. I have worked with him before. Daniel, what you are looking for is a gene that make us the next evolution, so the Elders get it injected into them, stay in control."

Daniel said "I find that hard to believe, but from the way we were told, it must be something very important. As far as it being a new evolution, I will have to see that for myself. I would like to know your names before we get started."

I say I'm Allen, and everyone tells him their names. Another guy saw Daniel talking to us, and walk up to him to ask "What are you doing?"

Daniel says "I'm just getting to know their names." Then the guy looks at us and said "Oh, I'm Donagrant, but you can call me Don." I see he is bald too.

I ask "Is there any women in this crew to study the babies. That would make me feel better."

Don called "Annete. We are getting to know who each other are, so come here."

Annete comes out to say "Hi. So you know my name, what is yours."

We each tell our names again, and they say thank you, before they go back to the lab. Don said I was first when I was ready. So, I drink the milk, and go in the lab. I think our home being the closest to the lab, makes it a metting place, where we stay during the day. I sit on the table, and they tell me to lay down, and put the light over my face.
I said "This is a little hard with the light in my eye, and the built in padding around the head keeps me from turnning my head." Then they lay some sun goggles over my eyes. Then I felt a lady's hand grab my arm to take some blood. I decide to ask a strange question, because something seem like out of place "Are you brothers?" they wanted to know why I asked, because nobody ever asked that before. I say it is just something I am feeling, and they said "Yes, we are"

Don said "Move the light over his hip." Then Annete said "I saw and extra link in his blood, then it disappeared and the blood became normal. Can I take a look at the monitor?"

Then I hear Annette say "He has very little sperm. You see that link? That fades out on the blood sample. If this is what we are looking for, I don't see how we are going get that by itself. We could end up with a solution of water.

I said "Thank you Bes." Daniel heard me and said "I thought your people believe in God." I reply "I am starting to wonder about his influence, and if you believe in him."

Daniel said "A lot of us do. That is something some of us just see differently, like it is a spirit that can link us to life on other planets. The rest don't think that is possible, but could believe the Elders can do it. I think it is possible."

I said "And your brother don't?"

Daniel says "No that is what makes us so different. He don't even think the Elders can do it, and something like that is useless, because there is use for it."

I said "I thought you were going to tell me that is why Earth was created."

He said "It was, but now it is used for other reasons, now. Some of our people want to use Earth to fight our battles, while others feel people on Earth are our children. I think they are, because it was our seed that made them like us."

Don said "Stop talking and get the women. We are done will Allen for now."

I get up, but I don't leave "I would like to stay here while you check out my life partner." I hear her voice in my head telling me she will be okay. Don said "You will be in the way with the three of them in here. Annete will make sure they are fine, because we don't want anything to go wrong with this project."

I go into the kitchen, and sat with Achilles and tell him "You will be next, because you are the only one that can prove they didn't get it from the babies."

Achilles said "I know, and it will make me feel a part of this. I'm glad to have met to. I don't think my life will be the same again, but I am happy to be a part of Bethlene's life. There is only one thing that could top that off, and that is to be part of a new evolution. I have trained for battle, and I have a feeling it will lead to that. We need others on our side, and we could offer them the extra link, because it is just an electrical pulse."

That put his view in perspective and it was not good "It's more than that. It is the wisdom to generate a signal that can ungroup the adams that make up everything. You be could forced into the spirit world with a thought. The more you learn be safer you will be."

Achilles was lost for words. Then said "We need people on our side so we are not treated as freaks. Can't they just copy the pulse and use it?"

I explain "The machine that sends out the signal will be the only thing that disappears. Our link is the wisdom to make that pulse, if it was the pulse we would not exist."

Achilles asked "Did you do this stuff on Earth?"

I said "Yes, but only by myself, and when anyone saw me, I tried to get them to keep my secret, but realized if they say anything, people would think they are crazy. There are too many people locked up for that, so it was easy for me to do anything. I gave it up for a while and I forgot how, but learning the Hue language some how make it all come back after I had some rest."

Beth and Milana comes out of the lab, and they asked for Achilles. Milana said "They are taking longer to study Hattie. I think they are checking to see how long before they can take one of her embryos out. If it comes to that, I hope Bes can will help us."

Beth's eyes light up, and asked "Does that mean you talk to him."

Melana realized she said something they didn't know until now "Yes, but when he is ready you will see him too."

Beth smiles "I hope that will be tonight, because we think of him as our wisest Elder, don't we Achilles." He turns around, and nods with a smile as he was heading for the lab.

Hattie comes out, and we asked did they do anything extra to her, and she was happy to get our attention, and said "No."

It didn't take long until the finish Achilles. So Don came out and said "We have to turn our finding in to the Elders. So we are done for the day. We will see you tomorrow."

Daniel comes out and walks up to us to say something so the others don't hear "From what I have seen, if it get down to you or the Elders, I will take your side. To be honest not even the Elders know Don is my brother. That makes you a lot wiser, because all of you knew that. This extra link looks more like it is wisdom in your DNA, and that is what the Elders want. If they take a life to get wisdom, then they claim war for greed. I have to go, but if that is what they want, I will tell everyone the truth. So, I will not be here."

Achilles smiles and thanks him.