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About Me
Date: 12/11/2022
I worked in a lot of places. In Virginia I worked cleaning up a boat yard, to get money to build a peddle car. In Parkersburg West Virginia I worked as a carpenter until I was hired by K-mart. In Salem West Virginia I joined the National Guard and did basic training in Fort Leonardwood Missouri for Combat Engineer Training. I became an artist in Salem West Virginia and a contractor in Parkersburg when I was taking a break from art. I wanted to change to be a digital artist, so I moved to Ashland Virginia to get away from the high demand, and work at a truckstop for 9 years. I bought my first computer while I worked at the truckstop in 1994. I was not getting paid like others that did less of my job, so I moved to Asheland North Carolina and worked in a factory for Plastic injection for 9 years. While I worked a 12 hour shift, I go home and worked for media companies around the world. I worked hard to be a better artist, and a way to have unique ideas. My first big hit had 600,000 downloads, while it beat the highest on record of 35,000. Jessica Simpson made a video using my idea of opening the yen and yang in her video "Irresistible". She wanted to ask and not offer anything to use the idea, but she used it anyway. I had a lot of big companies trying to get free art from me or pay me a little money to keep me from working for the competition. After the contract was over, I sold mmy art, and people didn't like paying for art. After that caused the company to fall Yahoo gave them money to let them fade away. I used that to change what people think of digital artist, because I was gettiing a lot of hate for selling my art, while it really was not much. Some people thought it was worth it, and all of them knew it was better than the free art. Someone said,"don't insult people by asking for money, just keep your mouth shut, and keep making great art for free." I hid in an art community online because it seemed to be closed off from the rest of the world. After 7 years, the people that was talking about me and my art faded, so I could com out of hiding. I kept up a website and one day the domain name I originially used, freed up. It took about 12 years for them to stop using my name, and now I get to use it again. became my domain name again. I got rid of the, and the and just use my original. I guess droping out of fame had something to do with it. Now I am in the Twilight zone where I can get paid for being skilled. It is a place where I have a hard time trying to change my address to because some thing tells them it don't exist. It is funny, because it really feels like I am in the Twighlight Zone. Anyone that knows me might think I was already there.