by Archie Chipps

Warning this contains sexual content.

Chapter 1

The Visitor

I walk outside for a little fresh air. It's a cool day in April. One of those days when you just have to get out of the house and enjoy the spring air. That is one of the nice things about living in the country. The most noise you will hear is when the crows fly around the area, otherwise it is just the birds churping. They can get a little noisy at times.

I have a big pond on the property that keeps a little moisture in the air, and I had all the trees cut down so they aren't close enough to fall on the house, or have to fight the leaves in the fall. So, in the summer it is very hot with out shade, and more tropical all year round. From the start of my driveway to my house the temperature goes up 10 degrees. On cool days it is hot inside from heat of electronics in a well insolated house. The cool air feel nice but it looks like a storm is coming, and this area is know for tornados. They can happen quick, and without warning, and more if your someone that don't watch the news.

Usually the trees tops would be thrashing around about now, but they stay still, like there is no wind, so this starts to feel a little unusual. It is afternoon but with the heavy clouds builting kind of fast, it looks more like it is becoming time for the sun to set.

I watch to see if clouds start a twister, but then they fade away, and something big and dark starts to cover the sky. It's a ship, but not like any UFO I have ever heard about. It is more of a black box shape with pipes on the front. It's not smooth but has panels and rounded edges like black bumper sections, and I can not see the sides. Daylight soon becomes night, and the ship blocks the sun and sky with blue swirly lights on a black bottom. Now I make sure to look at the trees to see if it is using anything to hold it up, but they stay motionless. The blue swirl lights are set into panels with the lights just barely showing the design of each panel.

I watch the last of the sky get blocked out by this ship and never get a chance to see the other end. I see the lights passing the trees starts to slow down a lot, and come to a stop. I had to see how big this was. Depending how high it is in the sky, it could be 5 to 100 miles square, but it don't look like it is very high over the trees, and it is not touching them. I walk around to get another view to see if I can see an end to it some where. All I know right now is it must be huge and dark. I is not very high up because I can get an idea of the size of things. It is below the clouds, and above the trees. Normally I can see jets in the sky going to the airport 40 miles away. So, for something to block the sky... it has to be huge.

A section on the bottom starts to come down. It is bigger than my house. I guess you might wonder why I'm not running right now in panic. Not much happens in the country, and where will I run, because this is huge. Besides what ever it is will be coming out soon, and it is right over my front yard. It stops lowering and it appears to only come down about 25 to 50 feet. I guess that section is about 200 feet over my yard.

I watch for shadows in front of the blue swirl lights. Then a small craft comes out and flies around and goes over my pond. It disapears in the darkness, as the street lights all over comes on. I have one in my front yard because it can get very dark. Then the craft flies right over the house, and lands in my front yard.

This is starting to send chills through me, because it will see me. The craft looked black and smooth. It looks like a stealth bomber. I could think this is some kind of military mannover, but I don't think the military can do what I am seeing without blasting the ground to hold it up. No, this is some thing else, and this stealth craft thing didn't even blow the tall grass around when it came to a stop to land.

Lights on the bottom came on and went out quick as if someone hit the wrong switch and that gave be a better look at it. The landing gear came down and touched ground. It is a combination of the blue lights of the ship, and the street light that lights this black object.
Now a hatch opens, and my emotions don't know what to do. I am normally a curious guy when it comes to things like this, and I have been in the dark to find what scares us is something simple, so you can say I have a lot of nerve, but I'm starting to worry. When a black figure gets out, closes the hatch and jumps down.

As it moves and lights shine on a tight black suit I can make out tits. She walks up and says, she is just visiting, and asked do I mind. Her tits look as big as her head. Wow, Why would I, but I just say "No, that is just fine.". I asked what is she doing around here, as she walks closer, and stops. She said just a minute, and grabed some kind of radio, and said "Correct Scenario". The bottom went back up, and the ship went straight up into the clouds as the clouds starting to move back in and fade.

I invited her in the house, and I'm guessing the ship is going to hide, as it became daylight again. She said "Sure, that is a nice way to get to know each other." That gave me a hint that she is here because of me, as if she knows something she is not telling. It is a little strange that she looked good, and so human that I would not know she is some kind of alien. I let her go in first as I held the door open. She is about 5 feet 8 inches tall, and I am 6 feet tall, so the top over head is at my nose.

I ask her to have a seat, on the couch, and tell me about why she is visiting me, and not someone else. She said her name is Milana, when I just remembered introductions would be a good idea.

I said I am Allen. Slightly over come by all the question I have. I started to think I should start slow, or let her just come out and say what is going on.

I say "You look like the normal woman on this planet, but a lot better looking, with a very nice body and huge tits. People don't travel around the galaxy for nothing, and you are alone to do something private by my guess.

Milana said "You are right, I'm here for something very private. To get pregnant."

I say " I am guess you have men getting women pregnant on the other side of the planet, and since you are here for sex you are here to study evolution. So you have seen it change over thousands of years, so how old are you?"

Milana laughed and said " Boy, you are quick. Yes, we have been around for thousands of years, and I am 19."

Milana points at her tits and said "Do you find me attractive? Do you like what you see?"

All I could say is "Wow, maybe too much that it makes me afraid to do anything."

It is no doubt in my mind she is very good looking. She is wearing a tight black laytex suit, with nice breast, the size of her head. With a body of an olympic ice skater.

I am wearing a pocket T-Shirt, and very big loose fitting shorts. Not very attractive i'm sure, but comfortable.

She looks at my lap, and don't see any signs, but can tell I love the way she looks.

I don't think it was just me, but the tention was getting a little heavy, and seemed to be the moment of truth kind of thing.

I said as honest as I could "Your a dream come true, and I wish you can just take me with you."

Milana said "You would not fit in to our way of life. Although you are very much like us."

I said " I hope I can change your mind."

Milana was getting impatient and takes off her suit and says "Lets get started."

I watched as she stretched that suit off. I started to get harder, and that was a problem, because it was growing into a tighter ball all rolled up. I thought, Oh right get undressed.

I start by taking my T-shirt off while I tried to kick my shoes off at the same time.

Milana asked with a concerned look "Is there something wrong? Do you have a normal human dick because I don't see you getting hard, and that is not right if you really like me?"

I told her "I was getting hard and it was starting to hurt." so I quickly reached down and laid it out straight in my underware to let it continue to grow. She saw that just before I reached down to get one of my socks off and I stood up to remove my shorts, and underwear at the same time. As I stood up again, she took in a deep breath.

"Wow." Milana eyes opened wide "You are So, BIG."

"Really?" I added "I thought I was just normal, but I have been told that." Some reason until now I never thought anyone told the truth about that. Girl friends just say that to make their boy friends feel better, but she seemed honest. Yet, I don't really know what that could mean coming from a girl from another planet.

I had to get a good look at her, but now that I do, the only hair on her tanned body was on her head, and now getting back to that tan, it was so beautiful. Like a bronse goddess, with perfect skin.

"I would feel much better if you looked a little more like the men on our planet." Milana commented, like she didn't want to impose to much.

I asked "Is there something wrong with the way I look?"

"No" she said "You are a lot better than I could have ever imagined and not be asian."

"What do you mean?" I started to wonder.

"I was told that most men around this part of the world has more body hair. They have hair on their chest, and back, but you don't. Just like I was told asian men were like." Milana paused and said "The men on my planet don't have any body hair, and a few have some, but only on their head like women."

I asked "Do you want me to shave?"

Milana said " No, I brought this." and she reached into her suit and pulled out something that looked like a credit card. As she held it in her hand close to her shoulder "I like to take care of that."

I said "Okay I want to keep the hair on my head."

Milana moved up close to me and I could see this was a kissing moment, because she looked sexy. We kissed for a moment and then she grabbed my arm and used her thumb in the middle of the card and I heard in click as a little green arc of light went across the end, and she slid that edge down my arm, and back up to my arm pit. Then the other side.

She said "Hair and fingernails are body waste, but if I remove most of it like this it will not grow back, and the hair on your head will get thicker, because it needs some place to exit your body. All I could think about was her body so close working on me, and kind of in my arms. It kind of made me feel love and passion for that beautifull body even more than before as if she cared about me. She finished my arms. The feeling gave me a tingleing sensation from that hair remover, and most of it just disappeared, while the hair under my arms had some fall to the floor, she kind of looked like she was a little sick by it, but she looked into my eyes with pure love as she ran it over my chin and face removing the shaved hair roots from my beard, and mustashe.

The she kissed me on the lips taking her time, and her breast smashed into my chest. I love that feeling as we hugged for a while. Then she bent down to the floor and did my legs, I never had much above the knees but the rest took a while, and she tried to get up her foot was asleep and fell against my leg and my dick hit the side of her face as she bumped it to get her on her knees to start on the pubic area. Every once in a while she hung her head sideways a little and I could feel her breating on my dick. Then she held it up and kissed the underside of my dick, and I could feel she was breathing heavy and working on my sack the balls where moving around shifting the skin, making it hard to work on. She paused for a while before she asked me to sit down, lay back, and spread my legs to get my balls. She told me to raise my legs for a moment, and I felt the little tingle a little more over my anus. It was more like a small sting but very bref.

She was done and my body was bald and I put my feet on the floor. My shoulders were on the back of the couch.

By this time my dick dropped back to semi-hard, and she bent in front of me to kissed my lips, and said thank you. She said she was a little tired from the trip, and just started to notice. She turned me so my head laid on the seat of the couch. As I stretched out she laid on top, so I left my left foot on the floor.

She fell asleep laying on me. I reached down and grabed her nice ass, to pull her up more in a very nice way for me. She gave out a little grunt, and I left one hand there, and rested the other on the small of her back. Feeling her globes on my chest, as she breathed softly in my ear.

I must have been tired too, but my dick was on the rise again swinging up the inside of her left leg. She took in a little extra breath as her breathing changed for a moment. When I get sleepy, I usually get hard, and with a beautiful woman laying on me it was unpreventable. My dick stopped when it landed in the crack of her ass. As I started to drop off to sleep, feeling good at the moment, she started to squirm at the hips.

I guess most men would get too excited to sleep, but I always feel sleepy when I feel good and warm, like laying under heavy blankets in a warm bed, with sheets so smooth I feel tingles as I rub my legs across the tight smooth sheets. That is the way I felt from the hair remover, and her body laying on me made me feel good as something warm soft, and heavy laid on me, like a pile of blankets.

I forgot what was going on and had a nice dream. I don't know how long I was asleep, but I could feel some thing licking my belly in the cool air, as I felt my half swollen dick danging in the air between my legs. I open my eyes and could see I wasn't dreaming. She asked with a smile " Are you awake now?" She was off to the side with one breast touching my side.

I have had women admire me while I was asleep before, and I'm sure that is what see she was doing, besides tasting my warm skin from the sweat that formed between us.

Milana got up to sit over my stomahe, and slid back a little to lean down and kiss me. Then she lays down on me kissing my lips with more passion this time. She lifted her chest off me, and I could feel the heat from her cunt on my hip, and it grew hard fast and landed bettween the cheeks of her ass. She acted like it was a familar feeling as she bent down to look closely into my eyes with a smile. Then she moved up, and put her nipple right in my mouth. I started to reach up with my right hand to grab the other one, and started to sucking on her nipple the best I could as I hear her breathing loader. The heavy wieght of her tit was resting on my chin, when she leaned on my face and rubbed the nipple up and down. she lifted the wieght of her boob up a little, while her pussy was rubbing my lower belly. My dick was sliding up and down along the crack of her ass. She let go of my head and leaned back, so I started to use both hands on her nipples. I tried to bent my hips back into the couch, but only managed to get my dick down to her warm anal ring and that part of her body caved in, she moaned. For a moment she started to bend her hip back and forth so she keep the pressure on her ass and rubbed her pussy on me, and the sent jolts through her nipple as the tip of my dick goes in. Then she moved forward and my dick dropped on my belly, and moved back down. She kissed me, as I desided to make her feel better, so I rubbed her back. Her pussy rubbed the head of my dick. All that smooth skin in my hands soon sliding down to the tops of her ass as her hips move. I move my hands up to the sides of her breast and slide them around to her back again, and she lowers her chest as I rub lower back.

Then she pushed herself up on her hands curving her back as a boobs goes in front of my face. The she bent her back up to rub her slit down the under side of my dick. I felt her cunt pressing hard, sliding back up to the head. Then she slid down get it wet from her juices. When it was at the end she backed up a little to rub it into the head with small jerks.

She looked down said "OH, You feel so good." and kissed me, while she began to put her knees on the floor. She pulled my left leg away from the couch. "Let's find out if I can swallow this." Then she kissed it. Milana licked it all over, getting it wet. When she put it in her mouth, she raised her knees off the floor and started to swallow as it. Hitting the back of her throat, she was lined up to take all of it. The head of my dick tingled and soon half of my dick was in her throat with a wonderful feeling. I felt a jolt forward, and my hip slammed into her face. Her throat was stretched over my dick, and I watched it get small as she pulled it out of her throat. She breathed for a while, then put it back in her mouth and shoved it down her throat. My hips started to move on thier own from a tingleing feeling in her throat, as I blasted my load. She held her head down on me as her throat drained every drop. I don't get soft until my dick stops feeling good, and sometimes in 3 hours my dick goes numb. That feels like little needles all over it, and I feel like it's still fucking, even after I pull it out. That is how far I want to go with his amazing woman.

She gets up and I lay her on the couch, under me, as I guide my dick in her cunt. I start fucking, and as I do, I reach up to comb her hair off her face over her forehead. I try to find all the sensitive areas to make her feel love and lust. I want to make her quiver as I touch her, driving her over the edge. I know her nipples are sensitive, but I know just barely touching her forehead as I brush my fingers across brings out her lust. While I am on top of her my breathing in her hear and moving the hair helps add to her joy. Her nipples helps me tease her, but touching her hips softly right now will force her hips to drive me in deep. She grabs my ass as she starts her groaning, pulling me in as her she pushed her hips forward and screams. I was riding her hips as her hips push up and bounced down in small jolts as she has her orgasam.

In a panting voice Milana says "That felt good". I tell her it is not over yet, and I pull up to let her get on top. "Ride me." I tell her. I lay back in her place and she gets on top as I hold my dick up toward her cunt. She puts her hand on my chest to control herself. My dick is hard and wet, and slide onto her feeling her warm soft cunt. I reach up to rub her breast. Lovely globes just waving in front of me. I try to hold on to them but while she was riding bounced out of my hands, so I place the palms of my hands up to her nipples as they bounce. Then she throws her head down on my shoulder. I can here her breathing heavy in my ear and the sound of air rushing out of her body as she continues to hit bottom. Like the sound of my dick is jabing her lungs. I feel her juices running down my balls, while some ran down between my legs and balls, and slowly soaking with wetness. I feel the droplets on the bottom of my sack and the movement of my balls and her humping swing the droplets around before dropping off.

I hold her hips knowing it makes her feel like I'm pulling her onto my dick and forcing her to take everything I have to give. She wimpers in my ear "HUH, It's hitting my lungs." Then she begs "HUH, cum in me." "HUH, I want your baby, HUH, so much." I say I love you too." She slows down and kisses me. She forces her arms under the back of my neck and hugs me and started to have a climax. I move my head to breath as her tit's smoother me. She says quickly, before the air rushes out of her "Let me feel your warm cum inside me."

I tell her "Sometimes it takes me few hours to cum again." she stops as her eyes widen, and she says with a smile " Oh, my. I think you need to come home with me." I said "I thought you will never ask." I put my hand on her hip and help her move. She says "Since this is going to take a while, lets try something else." She gets her knees on the floor and bends over on the couch, then looks back at me and wiggles her ass at me and tells me to be gentle. I get behind her and slide it back into her hot dripping cunt. I feel the cheeks of her ass and her voice makes her breathing heard, as she moans. I lean onto her back as my hips feel her ass under me. It feels great and I hear a slapping on her cheeks as I pump into her. I work on sending my seed into her and lay on her back. both our heads face the same way, and we just hear each other breathing. She says "Hold me, love me, I will always be yours to fuck." I start fucking her faster, and she goes in to another orgasam and says "Keep going, I'm yours, take me," I feel it building up deep inside me and she helps having orgasams one after another I feel like a half hour goes by and I am getting closer, she never stopped her cunt was running wet, and not moving anymore, but I can still hear her as small waves rushing through her. I blew my load she start to jerk with me as I finish. She just said " It's so hot. HO! Don't move, don't even twitch. Just lay still."

In a few minutes she started to move again. I said " Thought you said not to move?" She whined "You are still hard as a rock, and you teased my ass the whole time we were asleep." Then she giggled."How long can you stay like this?"

Sounding like that was a dumb question, I said "Until you stop."

She moves her ass in circles under me, and pleads " Put it in my ass!"
Normally that would be nice, but I told her. "I will go numb before I cum again, and I will feel like I'm still fucking an hour after I pull out, before the swelling will go down."

Milana pauses her slow moving hips for a moment and ask me" So, you stay hard until I am done with you? So, back out!"

I pull out and say "I don't think I could ever get enough of you." She said "That's good, because we live 400 years on my planet. You could be one of the wise men at 300. Now, put it in my ass."

She grabs my dick and backs up to where her warm anus is pressed against the head, and keeps pressure on it. Still covered in juices she opens up to let it in and two inches slide inside.

It's a tight fit, but she moves back and forth slowly. I am still leaning back and her butt lays in my lap. So, I move forward, and she gasp out loud, and as soon as she catches her breath, she yells "Easy?"

Her ass is now slowly stroking me, feeling the heat inside.

Milana is now coming close to bottoming out, and I rub her lower back down to the back of her hips to help her relax. She releases a little air and starts moving a little faster now. I reach around her and push in the sides of her tits, and them palm them pulling her back with my elbows in her sides. Soon I she is slaping against my legs and I start moving, and hear her go huh, and start to moan. She is wet and sliding easy, so I go faster. A few times she pushes back against me moaning and stops moving, and I feel like am building up for another load. My dick start throbbing and I keep pumping. After a while I feel I'm going to cum, but not quite there, this feeling last a long time until I feel it run through me extra hot load pumping into her. She trembles, and just keeps moving slow.

I asked "Are you okay, because you are so quite." I hear her suck air through her teeth and moan, "OH... just enjoying the ride."

I start to pull out and she screams " No, leave it in for a while." as she keeps moving slowly. I just lay on her back and relax and something wet hit my balls, and she says "Get up. I'm done."

She rolls over with her feet still on the floor and her back bent back over the edge of the couch and her tits heaved upward with the inprint of the fabric pressed in, while most of her body was shiney with sweat. I see a piece of hair between her breast. I move over to pull it off and asked her would she like to take a bath. She said not right now, she is too sore to get in the water. I put one hand under her knees, and pushed my arm through and laid her on the couch. She went to sleep, and I sat looking at this slick looking beauty. I ran my fingers over her nipples and she grabed my hand and said, "Stop, teasing." I bent over and gave her a kiss, and took a bath.

I put clothes on and desided to look at the jet outside. The sun was coming up and I had to climb up and wipe the sweat off the glass. The glass was dark and I couldn't see inside. The sun started to light up the back of the house, and entered the living room. She put her suit back on in front of the window. She saw me outside looking at the jet, and came outside.

I said "I hope you don't mind if I look at the jet." She sounded a little angry "It's not a Jet, it's a gravity craft."

Just guessing from the name "Does it grab the magneticfield rings like climbing a ladder?"

She said "You catch on quick, and I didn't know anyone on Earth could think like that."

Feeling a very dissapointed my eyes get watery and I say " I don't see room for me."

She climb up and opens it. Then she climbs in and pushed the seat back as far as it goes. She spreads her legs apart a little, and points at her pussy, and says "Can you fit in here?

That was funny, so I laugh, and say "I can try."

I climb in with my face in her lap, but had a rough time getting my butt under the dash so I ball up my legs, and pop in. I said I think I'm stuck.

She closed the hatch and said "We can work on that later."

She turns it on and her moving above me forces my head down into her lap even more as I feel the boobs on the back of my head and the elastic keeping them from becoming like ear muffs. She says "You might as well get some rest, because it will take a while to get to the main ship."

I try to rest, and it feels like she is getting hot in this position, and her hips squirm around, releasing some really sweet smell. I try to sleep, and I barely felt the take off, so it was a smooth ride. My arms were more like in a praying position under my chin. I had an urge to rub her with my fingers, but I could not move. I finally had a nap.

I hear her say " Almost there." I start to feel cramped with a little pain from the position, and I feel I have to move around or do something, but I hold out until it was time to get out. The landing gear sounded and a small bump. I felt an elevator a little, and when it stopped she opened the hatch. I was releaved and she said "We can get out now." I said "I Can't, I'm Stuck." As I pushed up with my hands her breast lifted, and she felt that, and started to help by pulling herself out. I could hear her suit sliding and poping on the back of the tacky seat. Slowly we got loose as she stood in front of me while I was looking into her crotch. I looked up and saw her looking down at me, and asked "Do I like that?"

I smilled "Well...even with the suit on."

She said "Good you can take away the burning later. So lets go inside."

After she climbed out I had to lift my legs out to get the blood flowing again. I almost slid out of the craft, and as my feet hit the floor, she grabbed me so I wouldn't hit my knees on the floor. She almost carried me as we walked towards the door, and I said I'm okay now.

On The Ship

She opens a door, held my hand and we walk through a lot of hallways and doors. After a long walk we stepped into a doctors office with a lab.

A lady walks up and said "I see you brought someone back with you. How are you?"

Milana said "Allen this is our gene doctor, Bethlene."

Bethlene replies "Hi, Allen"

I say "Hi, Bethlene,"

Bethlene tells me "You can call me Beth"

Milana says "She is going to check us out."

I say okay, and they walk to a corner to whisper and come back.

Beth says "Milana tells me you are her new life partner, and that makes you special."

I see Milana smile as she takes her suit off and gets on a table.

I asked "Life partner?"

Beth says "That means you chose to spend your life with her."

I said "I do. I was caught by surprise by the Term Life Partner, but I know what that means. So, I'm sure she also asked you to check out my geans."

I saw Milana big tits raise up from the table with a open smile on her face, almost laughing.

Beth says "I guess she is right, you do catch on quick."

I don't see it unusual that every thing is white with operation lights, just a little smaller, and this side looked like a operation room. The other side is like another room with a wide doorway to divide the two rooms, and I don't see the end of the other room, but it is dark with pull down screens like for a projector, but what's on the screens is the same as any computer screen showing 3D simulations.

Beth said "I know this is all new to you, but you need to get ready to be examined."

I started to get undressed and she walked over to Milana. I watched as I undressed, putting my clothes at the end of the table. The doctor isn't bad looking, walking around in a white latex suit. Next to Milana she is small with less of everything. I guess you can say without Milana to look at, the doctor looks great with D size breast, but Milana's is huge and firm pointing out with simi-hard nipples.

Speaking of semi-hard, I had to sit down and slide back that with my balls pulling over from the edge of the table. I think they might be a little sore.

By the time the doctor came over to me I almost had a hard-on. She said "Looks like Milana has some benifits there." as she smilled and continued "First things, first, DNA." she took a piece of glass, and held my dick, then touch the glass on the precum. I didn't know that was there. Then she lowered a light over my head and walked into the other room.

After a while Beth walked into the room and said you can take a shower now. Milana took my hand with a smile and lead me to the next room through a white door. It was a shower room, and Milana sat on a bench and said "Time to put out the fire." while she leaned back with her legs spread. I got on the floor in front of her and the sweet smell guided my nose to her cunt. I licked and tasted that tan pussy, as the room made her moans echo, her breathing was louder too. She grabbed my head and humped my face screaming as she enjoyed the climax, and shuttered everytime my tongue touched her cunt lips. She told me to stand up and she leaned forward and started to swallow my dick, and pulled off to lick around it and swallow it again. Soon I was down in her throat spilling my seed with my legs weak. She put her knees against mine and pull my hips into her face draining everything out of me. Then she took her mouth off, and held me agaist her head for a while. She turned her head up with her chin in my stomach, and asked "Are you okay now." I could feel my dick in her cleavage.

I try to move back "I think so."

Now that it was over she walked me into the shower, and set the shower to 89 degrees. It had two shower heads on hoses, and she took the one and told me to turn around. She held a button in the middle and started to soap me up. She ran her hands all over me. Her hands were soaped up and slippery, as she rubbed my back and shoulders. Then she squated down and rubbed my legs and over my hips and down over my butt. She said "Turn around so I can do the front." She smilled as my dick was right in front of her and looked up smilling "I don't think this can get enough." Then sprayed to soap it up, pulling on it with slippery hands. Then down the inside of my thighs down to the knees and back up to my hips. She stood up pulling on my dick some more on the way up. Then started on my chest and work her way down to my belly. She told me to get on my knees as she started to wash my hair. I reached up to hold her tits waving in my face. She switched the shower heads, and a blast of water rinsed me off. She had to talk loud " Stand Up." The water made a lot of noise, and when it stopped it went back to a normal shower head. She hung it up and said "Do me".

I grabed the one pushed the soap button. I cuped the soapy water, and rubbed all over her back. I worked circles around her butt cheeks, taking my time there. I squated down and worked my way down over the backs of her nice legs. She turned around and I worked my way back up and sprayed the soap between her legs and then used my hands to work the soap back to her ass, as she spread her legs and leaned on the wall, and I work my way up under her boobs, and stood up to finish. I started on her hair and made sure I didn't get soap in her eyes. She clean her face while I looked at the shower head and tried the trigger button on it. It blasted the water and didn't take long to get the soap off. I turned the head up and sprayed the water getting between her legs and she feel against the wall. I let go of the button and hung it up.

She turned around on the wall and slid a panel, and grabed what looked like a ShopVac hose and flipped a switch, and blew us off. I said "I could do you." and she said "Oh no, you would blow air inside my pussy," She put the stuff away and I opened the door. She turned toward the corner and opened a door in a big pipe, and took the stuff out. We dried off more with the towels, mostly just our hair. I still had a little soap between my legs, and she looked at the suits, and said this is yours. She started to put the other one on. These suits are white.

I watched to followed her. I just stepped in and put my arms through the sleves, and put it over my shoulders they had an open back that sealed half way up the back. Then two flaps that had straps that stuck to a magnetic spot in front of the shoulders. Not too complicated. I didn't need shoes because they had footy things with rubber on the bottom, and pading. The suit I wear could be the same size as the one Milana wears if it wasn't for the foot size. It feels more like a laytex cloth.

We went back into the lab and Beth said Milana was pregnant and quitely told Milana something else.

Milana came back over to me all happy and kissed me and gave me a big hug, then whispered in my ear " Looks like our child could be our next evolution. Do you remember being anywhere, other than Earth? Because, what we see is not possible, but I love it." I whispered "No, but why are we whispering."

Milana quitely said "Because we have not changed for the last 20,000,000 years, because we don't evolve. Nobody does, unless a more advanced race does it. We did it to earth, and now your sperm has a new link in the DNA chain that we didn't put there. It's strange because you had hair on your body, and you don't look different, but your sperm makes our child more advanced."

She looked down at my bulge, and said "Their is something in your genes that needs more study."

Then she looked in to my eyes and said " Our world never knew there would be a more advance human, and we just don't know what our people will do. So, we have to keep this quite."

I didn't know what to say. My mouth just stayed open, and then she kissed me again, and hugged me. When she looked into my eyes with a growing smile "Lets go to our living compartment stud."

So far the bay where we came in was all black and the halls where a mid gray, and the rooms where white, and everything was as if all darker areas lead outside. There is no windows, but I see a screen in the hall that must be hooked to a camera outside, before we walked down the hall, I stopped to check it out. There was a small panel with a tiny joystick at the bottom. Milana said "We are too far from your galaxy to see anything you would recognize."

I can move the camera around with the joystick, and see things in a distance was moving along kind of fast. I asked "What happens if there is a planet or something in our path, do we go around?"

Milana said "You can zoom by pushing that control in. We have gone through many just getting to this speed, but we are in a ghost state right now."

Milana turned of the screen and said "We are going to teach you everything, so you will not feel lost." Then she hugged me and we walked as I felt her ass in my hand. She lead me to our room. When we walked in the lights came on, and I looked at the small entry way and can see two small holes by the door. I guess that must be able to tell which direction you are going, but what I found out later was the ship has radiation in the lighting that use to detect life signs. The holes activates the lights.

The room was a nice sized room with a bed and something like an office to the left, with more tubes. I can see something like a bathroom next to the office. The blue bed looked nice. Everything in the room was a little more colorfull, and that makes it easy on the eyes.

She started to take her suit off, so I did the same. Then she picked up a jar and opened it up, and said "You should put this on, because the lighting will give you a sunburn." She took some in her hand and put some on my back, then finished by grabbing my ass saying "We are going to tan these up." I smiled, and kind of wanted to get this all on so I can rub her body.

She walked over to the desk and looked in a tube, and pulled out something. Then she pushed a few button on a wall and opened a door an removed two cups, and took the lids off. I finished with the suntan lotion, and walked over to her.

Milana said "I have some hot chocolate for you." The cups where kind of big, and looks like they hold 20 onces.

I taste it and it was not like hot chocolate that I know, but more like a body builders drink with a lot of vitamins.

Milana said "Bethlene wants a few things for her test." She picked up a triangle shaped card and taped the edge on my butt and I felt the corner puncture me. It didn't hurt long, so I asked "Was that a blood sample?"

Milana said " I didn't want to tell you, because it don't hurt when you are relaxed and don't get ready for it."

Milana picked up a glass tube and said "This next part is better, but you might want to set the hot chocolate down for this, and sit on the bed."

I did as she said, and she put her cup down to followed me. After I sat on the bed she said "Bethlene needs a better sample of your sperm to test it's full content. So I will suck it out of you, but you have to hold back a little so we can get it into this tube. Do you think you can do that?"
I said "I think so." as watched her tits as she sat on the floor. I was already semi-hard so just her touch made it grow. She had to take the smile off her face to get started, so she grabed a small packet, and I thought she had a rubber or something, but she laid it beside her knee.
Then she started to lick my dick to get it wet, and kissed it a few times. The she opened her mouth and when down on it. She went back to licking it and put it back in her mouth. This time she licked around the base and licked my balls, for a little while, before she licked it some more and then swallowed it all, down to my balls. Her thoat felt great and I felt her tongue lick my balls a little. This was really feeling good, and I start to cum, but hold it back as she could tell because my breath was sucked in and I could not say a word, so she took her mouth off quickly, and said "Hold it." as she opened the little packet, and wiped the end of my dick and put the tube at the head of my dick as I shot in into the tube. Then she quickly took the other end off the tube and sealed it. She said "The less it gets air the better." When she was done she rushed over to the desk and vaccumed the air out of it, and asked "Wasn't that better?"

She put everything in a plastic can and put it in the tube, and hit a button, and the tube was gone. That system is not any different than what we use at a drive through banking. It seems that it is just used a lot around here.

She walks over to the bed and lays down on her back and spreds her leg, and ask "Do you mind doing me?"
I was more than glad to, so I laid on my stomach between her legs and start licking. It seems the only entertainment around here was each other. I stick my tongue in between her pussy lips and spread them, getting her to loosen up, but she arcs her back off the bed and my tongue is lead right up to her little bud. so, I kiss it and work my tongue on that for a while. I move back down to the opening of her lips and she spreads her legs more, so I go down more, and she gets her knees in the air and swings them out, so I have a lot of room to lick her from the ass to the little bud, her skin is still sweet and clean, but with my tongue she is getting wet, starts to hump my face, and move around. She says "Ah, huh, I love that, huh, huh." and tries to get more on my face, rubbing my nose into her bud. Then she starts to jerk, and I'm tring my best to keep up with her, and her back raised off the bed closing her legs on my head pushing my face into her pussy as she humps my face, and then comes down with a spasming rhythm rubbing her juices all over my face. I caught my breath and continued with my tongue for a while until she pulls my head up.

She looked at me in shock "Are you okay?"

I said "Well, I can't complain."

Her face looked a little worried "I got a little carried away, I'm sorry."

I look up and say "I'm okay. I don't see how you can breath with my dick in your throat."

She giggled "I know that makes you happy, and I enjoy that." I said "I love you so much that I need to make you happy."

She slid off the bed to join me and she hugged my head, and said "I know, I can feel it. When you were on the wing of the Gravity Craft and said with a sad look on your face that you don't see any room for you, my heart shattered. I was so hurt I could not say a word. I couldn't leave without you." she laid her head on top of mine. "There is no seperation on our planet, so we take our time picking a Lifetime Partner, because of our long life. You go out of your way to make me happy, and thought nothing of yourself, and I think you needed someone that will do that for you. At first I thought you didn't fit into my way of life, but started to feel my life would be empty without you. Nobody anywhere could love you the way I do."

I could see that this was a big thing I put myself into, but I was very happy with my choice.

She told me "Bethlene wanted to get the sperm sample herself. She really likes you, but I'm not ready to share. I'm still not sure how you will react when you see women prettier than me."

I knew she still needed assurance and I only know one way "There is no way someone could be prettier than you, but there is a way that you can feel better about us."

She smiled and asked "How's that?"

We get up on the bed as I try to explain. "Well, we could join our spirits together as become one."

She said "That is what the elders do, but I was too young to understand it. They help Life Partners go through a ceremony, and then it becomes official. So, how do you know how to do this?"

I looked down at her tits "I did it before. Would you like to try it?"

I felt her love towards me "I see that didn't work out, but I want to try. I'm sure it will be different this time."

I say "I have a need in me that wants our souls to get closer, and I want your soul to join me."

She tries but it is more of a strong hug. So, I say "My soul is hurting and needing you to join." I can tell she feels the hurt, and we start to become one. Deep inside us we can feel it as our souls hug as we feel the hurt and the need to become one. We pull each other in and soon we melt, then our bodies move apart, but our souls stay together like one spirit of pure love, and happiness. We feel the light and the glow of our joy, and for a moment we only see the light, and don't even see our bodies. We are one weeping in the power of our love for each other. We feel the joy, and one spirit. Thinking as one, feeling as one, no longer having a spirit of our own. That makes us very happy, so we kiss very passionate, and we can hear each other say "I love you so, much."

I think we are glowing now.

I hear Beth's voice over by the desk "Milana can you and Allen come here."
Milana reaches up to the head of the bed and pushes a button "Yes, we will be there in a moment."
She looks at me and says "I think she found something." as she smiles.

I feel we don't know what's going on. She says "Well, let's go find out." It seems what ever it is, it must be important. So we get dressed, and go to the lab.

On the way down the hall walking beside Milana she takes a different door, and I almost stepped past, and I had to turn and go in the door. It was leading to the side of the lab I didn't see earlier.

Beth was looking at a screen and saw us come in. We walked over to her and Beth said "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know you just did the ceremony. I can see your faces are glowing. I'm impressed."

Milana ask "What did you find?"

Beth said " Well, as you can see on the screen that the DNA is solid, but as I zoom in to the fabric, it is weak. The only thing I could think is this was produced very fresh, and didn't get any vitamins worked in. Did you drink the chocolate, because it's not showing? I think both of you need some rest, and get something to eat, so we can get a better sample, and it would help if we get it without any air getting to it. Otherwise what I do have shows an exrta link in the DNA. I can only assume that this is a chemical Allen produces, that advances the next race, but I am having a rough time getting that to seperate for a functioning sample."

Milana says "So, Allen could be the only carrier? We will get something to eat so you can be sure, because if it is something the baby don't carry, then this is not a ladder to evolution."

Beth said " No, so get something to eat and drink that chocolate."

Milana looks at me and said in a Oh well expression " We need to eat. Follow me." She takes my hand and leads me outside the room.

She lets go of my hand and wraps around my waist, as I do her, as we walk down the hall to three doors, and step into the third one. She looks at me and I hear her mind say" This goes to the top floor, it's a big and open place so stay with me."

Once we step out I can see just how big this place is. There are taxi trains, and the place looks like a huge mall with plants and everything. The ceiling is high with a massive pipe in the top, and she looked up and said "That is the particle chamber. It feeds coils around the ship and we are cocooned in an energy field with a shield to protect us from the radiation directed towards us. Our lights mixes with some of the radiation and makes the light like the sun, and that is why everyone has a tan. It's harmless on the outside, and works like a gravity craft, but can send us through time and space invisible from exsistance. The device in the middle is a Senario device so we don't get lost out of sequence. It is an important part of Time travel. It's new. You have a lot to learn, so just try to stay with me."

A train pulls up and each car is just big enough for one person. She gets in one and I get in the next.

She can sence I am not with her mentally, so she turns and tell me to lean forward and put my hand under her arm. The tip of my finger hit one of her boobs, and she give me room. That helps, so I look around to see more. There was a strange ape like creature in bars, and I wonder if that is like a cave man, and streach to look, and she grabs my hand. It's not like I'm going to fall out, she just wanted to sence I was still with her. We made it to the other side where there was a Cantein so the name says. It's like a dinner. She steps out and put her arms around me and lead me inside.

I guess in a way it looked a lot like a Tiki bar, with the plants. It seems that this is used for oxygen. The air is nice and fresh. We sat down at a table, and waited. She smiles knowing this seems great to me. I am very happy being with her, and she looks away from me for a moment, but I feel her love. With her cleavage there was nothing much else to see. I am getting a strange feeling, and didn't notice anything else, until a blonde waitress wearing a black with a blue glitter top of her suit with a glitter blue bottom half, her nipples were hard with C cups breast, standing at our table and says "My name is Hattie, and what kind of nutrition are you looking for." Milana thinks this is funny." You like that?" Then says "We need extra protien beef, and some greens, with a Chocolate Milk Boost."

Hattie said " Okay, I'll be back in a moment." The girl walks away with a twist in her hips. She could be the same age as Milana.

Milana laughs and says "So, what do you like best, her suit, blonde hair, our her hard nipples."

This is funny Milana is joking. She seem very happy that we can't hide our emotions and thoughts from each other.

I said "Maybe the suit, and blonde hair, but those nipples were something else, but I will always be yours." I'm sure the air was making us a little drunk.
Milana says "It seems everyone can see that, even Bethlene looks at you now as something she can't touch, but that girl really likes you."
I ask "How can you tell? Or was it just the hard nipples."

"Because," Milana giggled and started to whisper loudly "She saw your dick through your suit, and walked up to the table not taking her eyes off it, and that is what made her nipples hard."

I said "Oh, I didn't noticed, because I was admiring the look on her face." Milana said "You were not. You were looking at my tits. I saw you looking as the girl wiggled her ass away."

I started to wonder what did I miss, and Milana continued "Should we take her to our room?"

I looked into her eyes, and said "Only, if that is what you want."

She said "After we get some rest we do need another sample."

Then Hattie came back with the plates and set them down rubbing herself on my table corner for a moment, looking at my lap. It might have been a reaction she didn't notice. Then Milana asked her "Would you like to get a sperm sample from Allen." The girls eyes opened wide for a moment, like Wow, and said "Yes! I would love to."

Milana said "After we eat, we will be going to the bottom floor, to room 39C to get some rest and let the nourishment set in, and you can visit us un two hours."

Hattie said" I can remember that. I can hardly wait." She leaves very quickly.

Milana said "That girl really needs it, you saw what she did to the table. I'm sure you can help her, and me. As a matter of fact you could probably help Bethlene too, and please all three of us."

I am stunned and she is getting a little wild "Woah, lets eat first, because I think I'm going to need it, and some rest."

Milana said "I'm Sorry, I just know I have a good thing going with you, and know you love me more now. I just want to share a good thing, and I see others that need it too. Bethlene never found a life partner, and until she does she has needs." She whispers "She might want a baby like mine, and that will give a better reason to help us protect ours. Besides that girl, you can see she just needs sex."

I asked "Is this steak like from a cow?"

Milana said "Yes, where do you think cows came from anyway. Lots of aliens like cows, but some try to use Earth to study them to produce beef for their market. This beef is better we have more protein in our cows, and this is almost pure protein. The greens have other vitamins in them that you will need to contain the extra protein. I don't know how you could think an animals with seven stomachs was normal for Earth."

Milana eats and acts like there is something she had to tell me. I think the food is great but with the look on her face I had to ask her what is wrong. Knowing she can not hide it from me for long.

So she tells me "Okay. One of my problems is the baby I will have. It's not a good example of your evolution, and Beth always turns in her reports on anything."

I said "Let them have the truth. We can change what will happen."

Milana said "Yes, but I don't think our planet could ever be ready for the next evolution. They might stop going to Earth, to deal with our changes, and that leaves Earth unprotected."

I said "While, you were having fun with Hattie, didn't you notice something strange about her?"

Milana said " No, besides the fact she was all worked up."

I said "To me she seems to be a lot like the teenagers on Earth."

Milana starts to see she was a little different, for her age.

I say "Maybe we should find out a little more about her"

We get in the elevator and check in on Beth. We tell her we want to find out about a girl that will be coming to visit.

Then Milana asked Beth "Would you want Allen to get you pregnant?"

Beth said "Well, yes, but his is your life partner. You don't mind?"

Milana said "You are the closest friend I have, and if that is what you want, I don't have a problem with that, as long as it makes you happy. Even if it was just for sex when you need it, Allen can help."

Beth asked me "Is that what you want?"

I told her "You are a part of us, and your happiness is important."

Beth smiled "Then I will see you after you two get some rest."

We woke up with a knocking on the door.

Milana said "Come in." as I stood up to met our guest. The girl showed up and the first thing she did was feel my dick through the suit. I asked "Instead of collecting a sample, would you rather use it to get pregnant."

Hattie almosted screamed with a big smile on her face "To feel your sperm inside me? Absolutley!"

I asked her "Where do you come from? Where is your family?"

Her smile fades and she as she backed away "I don't have a family. They say I'm a Earth child of the last evolution. I am not as smart as everyone else, and I never get anything good. I just have this problem, because nobody wants me. I can't be trusted as a life partner, and I really need sex. You're not going to tell me to leave, are you?"
As she looks up she can see a smile on my face, and then turned to Milana, as her eyes lit up again, and said "You really want me?"

Milana gets up from the bed as she said "We think you are perfect, but we just wanted to know more about you."

Beth came in the room and said "I see she is here" and took a blood sample. Then said "Call me when you are ready."

We took off our suits, and Milana and I saw the girl was so wet it ran down her leg. She was a little embarrassed and said "It was a rough two hours. Just imagining what could happen."

Beth called to say the girl is perfect. Hattie a little shocked said "I've never been called that before. So what is going on?"

Milana said "Allen was part of my project, but something unusual happened. I'm Pregnant with the next evolution, but that messed up my project, so we need you to be give have his baby. You take care of the baby, but it will be tested just like mine. This baby will still need you as a mother, and you will live on Hue near the lab."

Hattie said "I understand that, and it sounds great. But..." She covered a smile with her hand, and tried not to laugh. "If I don't get pregnant, do I just keep trying."

Milana laughed "We really hope so." Hearing that Hattie jumps on the bed and asked "How do you want me." I was stunned.

Milana grabs my arm, and hugs me while she whispers in my ear "Come on answer the girl. How do you want us."

"Well," I start "I like Milana to lay on the bed while you have your knees on the floor licking her pussy, and I fuck you from behind?"

Hattie said "It sounds great to me, because she is so beautiful, and I just love those tits. Milana smiled and said "Great! That will be different."

I rubbed Hattie's ass and the back of her legs until she started on Milana. I knew if I started too soon she would forget about Milana. Milana felt Hattie's hair dangle between her legs, and I'm sure that had to tickle, but all she did was jump a little, and the little tickle started making her wet. I could tell she was enjoying Hattie, so I started on Hattie.

Since she was soaked all I needed to do was move my dick around on her cunt to make me slick, and Hattie hips started to twitch and pushed on my dick. The sound she make was stunning.

So I started to push into her. It only went just past the head when I felt something stop me. She was a virgin. I looked up at Milana with a suprised look on my face. She looked at me and thinking, go ahead and break it.

Hattie wasn't saying anything, so both of us watched her. I was ready to break it when Milana motioned me to wait, and she grabed Hattie''s head. Milana was ready, so I gave it a strong jab, and Hattie cried in Milana's cunt, and Milana let go. Hattie was screaming in pain with cramps pushing and twiching.
We let her get over it, and I slowly slid in a little at a time. She was tight and wet before, but now she wasn't as slippery so I backed out a little and worked my way in. Hattie was holding in her breath and crying a little, and she grabbed some fresh air, and held it in with a grunt.
I felt her start to move on me and the walls of her cunt was moving and getting wet again, so I worked my way in deeper.
Hattie laid her head in Milana's pussy and reached up to her tits. Milana was getting worked up from Hattie's breath on her pussy, and I was almost in when I felt a something smaller on the head of my dick. I still had an inch to go, so I just started moving in and out to help loosen her up.
Hattie was moaning and jurk a little as I reach the end Hattie had both her arms up on Milana and push against me, facing Milana's wet pussy. She was breathing heavy in Milana's cunt. Milana felt a blast of wind every time Hattie sounded with a "Huh"

I started to move faster and there was a lot more of that. Milana moved her cunt to Hattie's face and Hattie went back to licking. Both Hattie and Milana was moaning and thrusting, when my dick went all the way in Hattie, and she started banging into hips. I think she started to go into a series of climaxes, and she seemed to be in another world, so I fucked her without holding back until I shot my load into her. I laid down on her back, and she spoke, but not in a way I understood, but a rhythm I know, and in those words I hear her say "I feel your cum" My balls where soaked, then she said "It's so warm... Feels so good." She was sweating more as if the cum was giving her a fever.
Now that we were done she didn't want to stop pushing herself on me. I movied back and she tried to stay on me, so I raised up to pushing her off and her butt moved with me moaning "Keep it in." Milana said "Let her stay like that until Bethlene gets in here." Then she pushed the button and said "Bethlene, we are done."
Hattie just kept moving back and forth on my dick slowly, and had a few more climaxes, but she was cooling down now, and the sweat was almost dry.
When Beth came in I held my hands on Hattie's ass and pulled out. It made a snug pop sound and the juices started to pore out of Hattie's cunt. Hattie droped to her knees. Milana was up by my side now, so I put my arm around her waist and kissed her.

Hattie just stayed there for a while and asked "Bethlene? How long will it take before I know if I'm pregnant or not?"

Beth looked at the blood on my dick, and said "At least a day, but it is possible you are not pregnant."

Hattie was happy enough to get up off her knees, trying to stand, as Beth helped her. Then Hattie turned looking at my dick saying "I'll be happy to try as Long as it takes." Making sure Long was a long word.
Beth could see she could not stand on her own so she said "Just lay on the bed for a while, and take a shower after you get some rest."

Beth wasn't ready to take her turn just yet, looking at my dick and said "Two hours sleep is not Long enough. You need a shower too."

Milana told me "You could help Hattie take a shower so you can get some rest, because Bethlene is right, two hours is not much. We can finish this after a good sleep."

I take Hattie to the shower, and she is well relaxed like a drunk, so I leaned her into a corner and cleaned her back side, then turned her around and she was able to stand better leaning into the corner as I cleaned her up. The smell of her juices are gone now, only leaving the smell of the soap, and that was like a spring fresh river. I tell her that we are happy she is helping, and finding her was a stoke of luck. She might even be saving Earth from alien invation. I'm not use to having a lot of luck, but since I met Milana luck couldn't be better. It's nice to be lucky, but it don't seem right to be this lucky.

By the time the shower was over Hattie was feeling better and back to normal. Well, in her way. She dropped to her knees and kissed my dick and said "See you later." Then looked up at me with a giggle, pointing her finger at me saying "You too."

I tell her "Check with us tomorrow, and see if you are pregnant. You could talk to Milana, and see what she has planed."

Hattie said "Okay. Thank you, and I hope we will do this again, even if I am pregnant, because I really enjoyed myself."

I walked into the bed room, and laid down beside Milana after Hattie put her suit back on left. I told her "I love you a lot, and I will do anything to make you happy." We feel asleep hugging.

I wake up and Milana is still sleeping. She is laying with her back towards me so I get up and go to the other side of the bed and kiss Milana on the cheek. Then go take a leak in the bathroom, and come back to sit on the floor in front of Milana, and I drape one arm across her, and stay that way until she wakes up. I say "Welcome back lovely. Do you feel the love and lust I have for you? I just could not do anything without you. So, I waited for you."

Milana still laid there as she looked at me, and asked " Are you happy with me?"

I tell her "When I am with her, I am very happy, but when I'm with someone else I feel like I'm loosing you, or something is wrong. That hurts me."

Milana looked sad and said "I'm sorry if you don't want to do that with Hattie, I can tell you are just doing it to make me happy, but you don't have to. We can stop it."

I say "I am doing what I want to do for the rest of my life, and that is to make you happy. Remember when you said nobody on earth can love me the way you do. That is all I need. I just don't feel it when you are sad. It would be easier if you were not so sad about it, or do I have to get on that bed and fuck your brains out to make you happy."

She pulled me on top of her and hugged and kissed me. For such a beautiful woman she is very strong, and that seem to be hidden in what looks to be delicate. She is happy again, and so am I, and playfully turns serious as she says "Well, since you offered, I could use my brains fucked out."

I say with a smile on my face "More than happy to."

I reach down and feel to see if she is wet, and move my tongue over a nipple. She is a little dry on the outside so I used my fingers to get her worked up. Then slide between her legs as she spreads them open for me, and rub her cunt lips with my dick to help her get wet, and just to tease her into begging for it. After I was throbing, but I just kept teasing her cunt, and she said "Stop teasing me with that thing and put it in already."

I put the head in her cunt, and she pushed her cunt up taking me inside, putting her feet behind and pulled me in. She let out "Ah, that's better" as I started to move in and out of her, then I stop, and say "This is where I'm happiest."

"Me too." Then her voice change to a whimper "Don't stop? Move that tanned ass."
I thought What? I looked around and see I have a tan. I guess that happened when I was sleeping. I gave her every trick I have to give. Stroking every sensitive area I could get to. She started to hump faster, banging our hip bones. She stopped and pushed her hips up, lifting into the air on her hips. Her breathing changed to moans, and I tried to heep going. She was like this for a while then the small humping on the way down from her climax. She started banging hard into my hip bone again as I grew sore or bruised, I tried to change my angle bending back, and I could see her hips where high, and her shoulders sinking into the bed as I keep humping. This was so beautiful with her tits bouncing in her face. My balls stopped banging her ass as they drew up as I started to cum in her. She responed shaking all over in short quick humping and clinching her teeth, and holding her breath. Then she let out a sigh as I slowly rode her elevator back down to the bed.

I asked her " Do you feel better now."

She had to catch her breath, but answered panting "I just got my brains fuck out." taking a swallow, and catching some more air, and finished "I'm the happiest woman in the universe."

After a while Milana was thinking of her home arrangement, and how glad she was to take me there to live, and she asked me "Will you miss your home?"

I said "I will not miss anything on my world. When I fell in love with you, no matter where you go, my home is always with you."

Milana kissed me and hugged me and said "I glad you feel that way."

After we hugged for a while Milana said "I think Bethlene didn't want to have sex, because she knows she can't have you. Maybe she works to keep her mind away from it, but I think she needs a life partner more than sex. I think with your help we can help her find someone?"

I said "I was sure it was Hattie's blood on my dick. Besides, it would be easier to find someone if she gets out of that lab, and met people. I was the same way before you came along, so I know what that is like. It seems that the perfect person has to fall out of the sky, because you are to afraid to look."

She said "I know what you mean, but I did get out to met people, always the wrong guys. I was angry with men, and put on some muscles so I don't get pushed around and like their toy. That didn't work. So, I hid in this room waiting to finish the job and get my own home, with a child that loves me."

I wake up and Milana is still sleeping. She is laying with her back towards me so I get up and go to the other side of the bed and kiss Milana on the cheek. Then go take a leak in the bathroom, and come back to sit on the floor in front of Milana, and I drape one arm across her, and stay that way until she wakes up. I say "Welcome back lovely. Do you feel the love and lust I have for you? I just could not do anything without you. So, I waited for you."

Milana still laid there as she looked at me, and asked " Are you happy with me?"

I tell her "When I am with her, I am very happy, but when I'm with someone else I feel like I'm loosing you, or something is wrong. That hurts me."

Milana looked sad and said "I'm sorry if you don't want to do that with Hattie, I can tell you are just doing it to make me happy, but you don't have to. We can stop it."

I say "I am doing what I want to do for the rest of my life, and that is to make you happy. Remember when you said nobody on earth can love me the way you do. That is all I need. I just don't feel it when you are sad. It would be easier if you were not so sad about it, or do I have to get on that bed and fuck your brains out to make you happy."

She pulled me on top of her and hugged and kissed me. For such a beautiful woman she is very strong, and that seem to be hidden in what looks to be delicate. She is happy again, and so am I, and playfully turns serious as she says "Well, since you offered, I could use my brains fucked out."

I say with a smile on my face "More than happy to."

I reach down and feel to see if she is wet, and move my tongue over a nipple. She is a little dry on the outside so I used my fingers to get her worked up. Then slide between her legs as she spreads them open for me, and rub her cunt lips with my dick to help her get wet, and just to tease her into begging for it. After I was throbing, but I just kept teasing her cunt, and she said "Stop teasing me with that thing and put it in already."

I put the head in her cunt, and she pushed her cunt up taking me inside, putting her feet behind and pulled me in. She let out "Ah, that's better" as I started to move in and out of her, then I stop, and say "This is where I'm happiest."

"Me too." Then her voice change to a whimper "Don't stop? Move that tanned ass."
I thought What? I looked around and see I have a tan. I guess that happened when I was sleeping. I gave her every trick I have to give. Stroking every sensitive area I could get to. She started to hump faster, banging our hip bones. She stopped and pushed her hips up, lifting into the air on her hips. Her breathing changed to moans, and I tried to heep going. She was like this for a while then the small humping on the way down from her climax. She started banging hard into my hip bone again as I grew sore or bruised, I tried to change my angle bending back, and I could see her hips where high, and her shoulders sinking into the bed as I keep humping. This was so beautiful with her tits bouncing in her face. My balls stopped banging her ass as they drew up as I started to cum in her. She responed shaking all over in short quick humping and clinching her teeth, and holding her breath. Then she let out a sigh as I slowly rode her elevator back down to the bed.

I asked her " Do you feel better now."

She had to catch her breath, but answered panting "I just got my brains fuck out." taking a swallow, and catching some more air, and finished "I'm the happiest woman in the universe."

After a while Milana was thinking of her home arrangement, and how glad she was to take me there to live, and she asked me "Will you miss your home?"

I said "I will not miss anything on my world. When I fell in love with you, no matter where you go, my home is always with you."

Milana kissed me and hugged me and said "I glad you feel that way."

After we hugged for a while Milana said "I think Bethlene didn't want to have sex, because she knows she can't have you. Maybe she works to keep her mind away from it, but I think she needs a life partner more than sex. I think with your help we can help her find someone?"

I said "I was sure it was Hattie's blood on my dick. Besides, it would be easier to find someone if she gets out of that lab, and met people. I was the same way before you came along, so I know what that is like. It seems that the perfect person has to fall out of the sky, because you are to afraid to look."

She said "I know what you mean, but I did get out to met people, always the wrong guys. I was angry with men, and put on some muscles so I don't get pushed around and like their toy. That didn't work. So, I hid in this room waiting to finish the job and get my own home, with a child that loves me."

Milana shook her, then looked at her face and said" I think she is asleep. "You really made her happy" Milana gave me a big smile and gave me a big kiss and said "Roll over so you can get up, because I need some of that."

I rolled over holding Beth, and pulled out, her pussy was very slippery with some of it oosing out. It seems that all these women are tight, but Milana is just my size, and is she really 19? I think she could be older. I think I'll have to ask Beth about Milana's age.

Milana tells me "Lay back, I want to be on top."

I had no problem with that, because all I had to do was lay back and enjoy her body in my hands.

She climbed over me and grabbed my dick to put it in, and her tits was right in front of my face, so I grabbed one so she could not pull it away and sucked her nipple, and when she slid down on me it pulled away from my mouth, so she pulled my shoulder so I could suck her tit as she slid all the way on me. She looked down at me and I look into her eyes, and she said "Are you done." I just let her nipple fall out of my mouth and she knew that was my answer, but she knew I wasn't. So, she feed me her nipple and I smiled, and started sucking again. I could feel her on my dick moving slow so I could enjoy what I was doing, and I pushed up my hip and leaned my head back, as she let my shoulders back down on the bed, and started to hump. I put my hands on her hips and that made her go faster I lifted my shoulders up and ran my fingers down her bucking ass and soon she was going wild, and started to moan. She started her first orgasam, and put her head down next to mine breathing in my ear whispering with a heavy breath "I love you." while she didn't stop humping me.
I said "You make me so happy, but this time will be the third time, so don't wait for me to cum." I put my arms around her and whispered in her ear " Make yourself happy while I hold you, and give it all you can." She started to really thrash her hips on me very fast. Then she had a gusher, and totall satisfied.

She asked me "Don't you need to cum?"

I said "No, but if she moves slow like she is doing I will stay hard and happy, until we have something else to do. I think Beth is waking up. Kiss me."

Milana kissed me as Beth was waking up. Milana stood up and my dick slapped my belly with a thud sound. Then she kissed my dick.

Beth said "I never felt anything like that before, how long was I out?" Milana said "For a while, you must have really been tired. When was the last time you had some sleep?"

Beth said "I don't remember."

Milana said "It could have been the need for sex that kept you awake so long. Do you ever leave the lab?"

Beth said "Of course, I have a room across the hall, and that's where I was when you called me over here. I uses the same system as the lab, so I can anwser any time from my room or the lab."

Milana says "That explains a lot. So, do you ever go to the top deck?"

I say "Let's take a shower, and get dressed so we can all go out somewhere together."

Beth realized we were taking her out with us, and she is happy to go out with friends, so she can see her clothes are on the floor, and don't know if she wants to go out in the hall naked.

I asked "Will the shower hold three people?"

They thought about it, and we would be pushing against each other, and Beth looked at Milana and Milana said "Let's find out."

I was four or five inches taller than Milana, and Beth was that much shorter than Milana. So I guess I will hold the soap button on over all of us. Then we can rub against each other to get clean. As I held the soap button they turned around to get all soapy. I tried not to get any in their eyes, but some of the bounced up off Milana's shoulder and got in Beth's eye. She leaned against me to put her face in some of the rinse water, then let go to rub her eyes. She was off ballance and her tits slam against me, while she had both arms up, I felt Milana grab my balls. She said "You seem to stay be always ready for action." Beth took a small step towards me to get her ballance, but quickly jumped back when her belly touched my dick. Milana said with a smile "Becareful or you could get poked." Milana soaped up my balls. I can she was having fun. Milana tells me "Turn around and get soaped up." as she took the shower head. I turned around and felt two hands on my back and ass. Then turned back around knowing it was time to rinse. Milana gave me the shower to start rinsing everyone off and held the trigger blasting water everywhere. After Milana turn around and took the shower head to blasted me with it as I turned around, then she rinsed between our legs. While she was getting Beth she gave the trigger a tap, and Beth jumped, and did the same to herself as she held her mouth open.

She looked at my dick, and back up to my eyes with a smiled as her eyebrows raised. She handed me the shower head to hang up. As soon as the air hose door slid back the rinse water stopped, and Beth was the closest so she blew us off, but gave Milana pussy a little blast of air to get even.

We stepped out a little wet. Beth went back into the room and picked up our suits, and put them in a tube on the otherside of the bathroom next to the mirror. Then push a button, Milana just hugged me for a while, and a few minutes later we were dry, and the suits dropped out of an open pipe and landed on a shelf. Milana handed them out, and told me "This is how we clean the suits, because the suits are easy to clean. The clothes you came here in was disposed. They hold too much bacteria in the fibers. We have other suits that let more air to flow through, and some that hold in your body heat, in the cold. The four pipes you see by this shower has different kinds of suits, but they only hold the clothes for us since Bethlene only has us registered to this room. So yours will be on top, from the last entery."

Milana asked "Are we all ready?"

We all stepped through the room into the hall and Milana grabbed my hand as she lead us the other way past the lab and around the side. Then she pushed a button next to a door at the end of the hall. It took a while so she told me "This will be kind of like a subway on Earth just smaller." Then the door opened, and we stepped in to a small elevator size room with a bench on one end and we all sat down. Milana push a button that triggered a blast and we must be going very fast. After a while it slowed down and the door opened. She lead us to the elevators in a area like our hall, and up to the top floor. This area of the top deck looked simular, but had a lot of places to get clothes not just suits, but different kinds of clothes. One place was called USA 2000. She lead us to a Gym that had Vitamin food drinks. So we sat down at a the bar. She ordered Hot Chocolate for us, and we drank it. I can see some of the bald guys in the gym were looking at us.

Two of them came over and said "Hi, Milana." They looked at me with distaste.

Milana said "Don't look at my life partner like that! Go away."

Milana whispered in my ear, as she holds me "A lot of guys come here to look better when they want to attract a life partner, and some are here admiring themself. The less muscled guys are the ones here to attract a partner. I think if we can get Bethlene to try some weights we can keep the bad guys away, and get one of the nice guys to help her and she would have a better chance at finding some one that only wants to please her."

I whisper in her ear "Who do you think would be best?

Milana looked around and thought about a few of them, then picked one.

Milana said "You see that big guy squating and working his legs... Then to his left there is a guy with light brown hair? I think he would be best."

I said "Okay." I stood up and asked Beth "Would you like to try that bench press, because we think it can help you, and your tits might look even better."

Beth said "Okay, as long as you two help me.

We walk her over and stand at the top as she lays on her back.

Milana asked would you like to try 20 lbs. or 10 lbs.

Beth said "Let me try 30."

We put 15 on each end, and get it ready for her. She picks it up and on her fourth time she couldn't lift it, so we put it back.

Milana said "You have to work your way up to that. So lets try 10 for a while."

Beth said Okay.

I see the guy is looking our way, and told Beth "You are doing good."

We change the weights and Beth says "That's better."

I say "Maybe you can make your boobs look even better if you try these bumbbells."

Beth said "Oh yes, those look easier."

I tap Milana on the arm and look at her thinking give the guy room to look. She don't even look at him, and move toward me and puts her arm around me, as the guy gets a better look at Beth's breast. I tell her to wait here, so I can go talk to the guy. She nodded her head.

I walked over to the guy and asked him "I wonder if you can do me and my life partner a favor. We are here with a friend so she could look better to attract a life partner, but we want to work on our legs with the bikes. Could you help our friend? We don't want her to get hurt."

The guy said "I don't see where she needs it, she could probabley get a life partner before I ever could, with all these guys around."

I say" She is going to work on the bar some more when she is finished there, and she sweats a lot. If sweat gets in her eye she might drop the bar, so we don't want to leave her alone. Maybe you can take a towel and help her just until we get back. Then all of use can get a drink and have some fun."

He said "Well, it can't hurt to help, as much as it would if I don't. My name is Achilles."

"Glad you can help. I'm Allen, my partner is Milana and our friend is Bethlene.

He grabs a towel and walks over there with me. I tell the girls "It looks like we have a new friend. His name is Achilles."

Beth said "Really? That is an interesting name, Achilles." as she sat up turning toward us."

I told Beth "Milana and I are going to give our leg a work out, and Achilles said he will help you work out, when you get back to using the bar."

Beth said "That would be fine."

Milana had a smile on her face, and I said "I think this will work out just fine, great pick." with a smile on my face.

"So, you said we were going to give our legs a workout?" Milana asked.

I said "Yes, the bikes"

We sat on the bikes so we could see them, and she layed back and used the dumbbells some more as he stood above her watching her tits, then he leaned in closer putting his weight on the bar, and she looked up. After a while he was helping her with the bar. It looked like she saw a bulge in his suit, and she smiled at us leaning her head back, to get a good look, and could not lift the bar. So, he bent over her, to put the weights back, then he wiped her face.

I told Milana "I told him we were going to take them with us for some drinks, and have a little fun."

Milana asked "Fun? what kind of fun?"

I said "Oh, you know, walking around relaxing, so they can get to know each other. That kind of fun. Just spending time together. The way I like to do with you. If we are lucky they will want to do that alone."

Then I saw Beth get up and walked towards us. Beth seems very happy, and says " Achilles is taking me to get something to eat."

We tell her how happy we are for her, and she leaves with him.

Milana said "Well, that worked out. So, now that only leaves one last thing. Let's get Hattie and find out if she is pregnant."

I asked "Is it far away? Because, I don't know where we are."

She said "Come with me and we can take the scenic route so you can get to know this place a little.

I follow her to a lift that takes us up next to the ceiling and we get on a deck that takes us to a sky train. The train runs on a track over the particle accelerator. We can look down on everything from here. I sit next to the window and Milana leans over me from her side as we hug each other.

Milana said "You can see this is a big ship, and it's one of our biggest. Most people live here and never leave. We have labs, cows, trees, and just about anything a person would need right here on this ship. Our people build these ships this way so no other alien can just take the ship. It's divided into sections, one section for live stock and milking plants and butchers all of that is on the second deck. This top deck has just about everything we need to stay fit and healthy. Our people get along and not take anything because they want it, only if they need it, and it is given to them. Everyone has a job to do, and we do it to honor our way of life. This area is the front of the ship. You can see they control our flight and have rooms on both sides like our's. Over the wall is the office and elders rooms, they make the plans on everything from where we go and when we need something to do we go to that center room, and they give us something to do. The next area is the maintance area, and they have a bigger area on the bottom deck, so they can fix Gravity Crafts, and other things that help run the ship. Now you see the food area, and this is our stop. Milana reaches up and push a next stop button. That is why I want to keep an eye on you while you are on this deck. It is so big you could get lost, and I really don't want that to happen. It looks like it's time to get off the train."

She holds my hand and I follow her. The seats are close and while I walk behind her I enjoy her ass in that tight white suit. She turns on the lift and when we get to the bottom I could see the Cantein around the corner. We go in and sit at the table. It isn't long before Hattie came over to the table.

Hattie asked "Is there anything you need."

Milana said "Yes, the same as yesterday, but without the milk we already had some."

Hattie said "I'll be right back to join you."

From our table there is not much to see but plant leaves, and each table is secluded by plants for privacy. I guess that is so everyone don't see how valgar some species eat. So I can play with Milana bare tits if I wanted. I always like to do that, because the are on the table, just not bare. I think the words "Stop playing with your food." are in my head. Well, Milana can say that, and put those words in my head, and I could do the same to her, so I think to her "Then, bare them and serve them to me." Milana laughs, and sends me a though as she laughs." I picture her pushing me on the bed, while saying your in trouble now, and smoothers me with them." I didn't know that was possible to send imagination to someone. I snap out of that gasping for air, thinking back to her "That could be dangerous." I hear her thinking " Only in the real world, honey."

I asked her "How did you do that?"

She said "You did it to me. Imagining sucking my bare tits, as you look into my eyes. You did it when we were at the gym, and I saw Achilles trying looking at Bethlene's tits, but I stepped in the way."

I said "That explains why you didn't need to look."

Milana added "You are the one that didn't want him to get interested in my tits. So, I didn't turn around. I thought he would see them bouncing while we were on the bikes, but you where right, he was to busy looking at her, as much as she was looking at him from under his bulge."

I say "Guess being one is better than I imagined." Milana whispers "Well, you imagining my ass only gets me worked up, and I need it more if you don't do it. So it isn't always that nice."

I was thinking "What if Hattie isn't pregnant, we will have to try again."

Milana's thought about that was "She was a virgin, so no matter if she is pregnant or not, she is going to need sex from you. Maybe we can be her parents. You can handle both of us if you don't mind an extra person in our life. Since we have one on the way, and Hattie will need help with her's when it is born."

All of that seems a little too much for me right now, because that is an automatic family of four. How am I going to have a day alone with Milana. I seem to need that more than anything.

She said "Don't worry, we will have time alone soon."

I say "Okay, we can make her our daughter."

Milana's image of her jumping up and down in her seat and throwing her arms about, and of course her tits bouncing, flies through my head.

I said "If I knew that would make you so happy, I would have said okay sooner. It makes me feel good when you are happy."

Milana said "That is not something I can force you into, you need to want it."

I was interupted by Hattie bringing the food, so I past my thought to Milana "She does have a need for parents, and sex, so that would be nice to make her happy, and it is nice when that makes you happy too."

Hattie said "I need more energy so I'm going to eat with you."

I said "That will be great, so we can take our time to eat. Milana has something to tell you."

Milana thought "Not Here!"

So I finished with "Later."

Hattie said "Okay." a little puzzled, but no need to worry expression, as she started to eat.

We were eating for a while when Hattie says "Bethlene, must have some reason why she don't think I could be pregnant this time. So, why is that?"

Milana said "You have to produce eggs first, and that don't happen until you have a ministration cycle. Since you where a vigin at the time, that was blocked by your hyman."

Hattie asked "What's a hyman?

Milana asked with puzzled look "Didn't they teach you about all of this?"

Matty said "No. All I remember was things about a ship like this one. They didn't teach me anything about sex and stuff like that."

Milana face was a little shocked "I guess we will have a lot to teach you. So where did you hear about sperm shooting up inside you?"

Hattie says " I hear a lot around these tables, and that was something that made me feel good between my legs. Imagining something hot squirting in there. A lady that comes in here says that a lot to guys all the time, and I can smell the heat she gives off. She is aways in here with a different guy, but not with guys that looks as good as Allen, because I don't really like bald men. Her name is Mary."

Milana said "Oh." still thinging and realized she forgot what she was saying.

I said "You where about to tell Mary, I mean Hattie, what a Hyman is."

Milana smiled at me knowing she was not the only one side tracked by that. Then picked up where she left off. "A hyman is a layer of skin that blocks your cycle, and that is what hurt so much when Allen had to break it, but when he did you became an adult woman. It is a one time thing, so your body will start bleeding once a month to get rid of your old eggs and blood for a girl baby, and replace it with eggs for a boy baby. When one of the eggs are used, that stops the cycle.

I finished eating and just waited on them. Hattie was farther behind, because she still had milk to drink, and we didn't. So, we can see she had more to finish she started to drink and eat a lot faster. Milana looked at me and smiled thinking she enjoys teaching Hattie.

I think to her "It's kind of like having a family already."

Milana blew me a kiss. So, I did one better I blew one and imagined it was a butterfly flying all around as her eyes followed it all around and quickly landed on her lips. She put her hand on her lips and looked at me at a half side view, with a little giggle, thinking "That tickled." Hattie looked at us and knew something was going on, but enjoyed the fact we were happy. So she was eating with a smile on her face.

We can see she was hungry, so we waited until she finished her milk. Then we walked all the way back to our elevator, looking at all the different places to eat. There was all kinds of places from Chinese food to Mexican food, and through the window eating a Barritos was Beth and Achilles, She looked up and saw us, with a big smile on her face waving. Milana wondered if we should stop to see how she is doing, but I reminded her of Beth's smile so we just waved back, then as we past the window, we came across the Neanderthal man in a cage, and seen them drop the remains of a pork leg, and he picked it up and just looked at us, and sat down. The place was called The Meat Locker. We saw a seafood place, and lot of places with fried foods, even a chicken place. Milana said this is the only area they alow window shopping, because they use it as a way to look at the menu.

An old lady with white hair almost walks into us. She was short, and had her arm around a tall older man, and both looked like they where around 80 years old. She said "I'm sorry" and looked right at Hattie.

She walked in front of us while she looked at Hattie, and said "It looks like you will not be serving us today."

Hattie said "Not today, Mary."

Mary said "I'll miss seeing you there."

Milana and I walked away holding in our laugh, and Hattie managed to catch up to us, as we started to walk across to the other side toward the elevator door. When we reached in the elevator, Milana said with a grin "A 400 year old lady got you all worked up?"

Hattie look a little disappointed and hung her head down and said "Well, No. It started to fell like that years ago, and she just got me going again, but I think it started when I was 12 and they where checking me out, and rubbed my nipples, and alot of different things started to rush through my body, and they rubbed my pussy, and walked away. I have been needing it for a long time until the need faded away, and then Mary tells me what she need, and the first thing she said was a good fuck, but then tells me what she needs to eat. I heard her tell men all kinds of things, while I was putting the food on the table. She knew what it was doing to me but said I should get a man. Nobody wanted me, until you came along."

We hugged her and could hear her sniff, so I pushed her chin up and Milana wiped her eyes, then she held her close, and asked her "Would you like to be our daughter?"

Hattie said "Yes, but can I still have sex with both of you?"

Milana said "Until you find someone, we will keep you happy."

Hattie still had tears falling but a smile on her face, and quickly hugged Milana saying "I love you mommy." and turned to me and hugged me and said "Love you daddy."

We walked to the lab and Milana gave her a blood test , and it was negetive. She put her in a scanner and checked to see if she had eggs, and she did. Milana said "Since she has all her eggs, she was not pregnant, but she can get pregnant now. So you know what that means."

I did. I told Hattie, and we all went back to the room.

Hattie was ahead of us and was naked by the time we reached the door, then she started to take my suit off. I turned to Milana and take hers off, so all three of use was naked pretty quickly. This is the first time they see me without being even semi-hard. Milana cover my arm with her tits, and reach down to grab my dick, and Hattie said "Let me."

Milana started to rub her tits on my arm and I reached over to play with her nipples as Hattie swallows my dick and getting me hard in no time felling it grow in her mouth. Then she moved in more and it went down her throat. I pulled it out when I felt her throat moving, and the tingles was too much.

I asked Hattie "How did she learn how to do that."

Hattie said "I felt like I was vomit when it grew in my mouth, and I didn't want to do that to you so I swallowed, and I felt better, but your dick went down my throat. Why did you pull it out?"

I smiled "Because my cum needs to go in your pussy?"

Milana said "He don't last long when you do that."

Hattie says "So, he really likes that."

Milana say "Yes, but we could be happier if we do other things with it."

I let go of Milana's tits and after Hattie stood up I checked to see if she was wet. She was a little, so I pulled her to me as I got down lower and let my dick go between her legs. She worked her pussy on it until she was wet, and I'm glad that didn't take long. Milana was already in her position on the bed and I turned Hattie toward her, and she jumped into her position. Hattie's ass is thinner but has the same kind of bubble but effect. It's still hard to believe they are the same age, because I am sure Milana is older.

I moved behind Hattie and wanted to make her wetter. So, I start licking her as she licks Milana. I work on the little bud in the front of her, and lick upward between her legs, just past her cunt hole. Then go back to work on that bud, and wet her up some more. I can hear the effect it has on her, so I try putting my dick in her and she pushes back against me. She is wet, and tight, and I push against her, knowing she could move forward off of me. She uses it to hump and squeeze my dick, making it tighter, and pulled me in. By the time I almost get it all in, she shudders for a moment and started slaming herself into me, knocking the wind out of herself.

She stops licking Milana for a while as she was coming close to a climax, and when she cums, she tries her best to keep licking through all the muscle spasms and not able to breathe. Her cunt gripped me tight still going, just not in rhythm. The rhythm she was doing was throwing me off, so I humped her faster, smacking into her ass, and my balls swinging. She felt me and relaxed, she stayed still and sounded like she was having another orgasm as I felt her grip me again, I worked on finishing up, and not keep track of what she was doing. It felt good in her, and was wet. It was good knowing she needed my cum in her. I start to feel my balls draw up, and my dick plunging in. Then my dick grew harder, and she must have been having a big climax, because it almost blocked the cum going throught the tube, then she relaxed and it all shot in her. I could hear myself trying to catch my breath, and feel my hips, shoving her in to the bed hard. She tighten up when I pulled back, and that was sucking me dry. I slammed inside her driving her harder into the bed, and the cum in her made her body get hotter. I could felt heat under me and her body was slick. Her pussy just kept my hips working on ther own out of control. I eased up and pulled out.

Hattie stood up, and was looking a little light headed, and sweating all over. We helped her lay on the bed and asked her was she okay.

She seemed very happy, and still breathing a little heavy, and said "I can still feel it in me."

Then she had another climax throwing her hips in the air. When she dropped her hips she started to shake as if she was freezing. She wrapped her arms around her legs as she balled up on the bed, and fell asleep. Cum was oozing out of her pussy.

Milana grabbed the bed cover and threw it over her. Then she felt Hattie's forehead, and smiled "I think you broke her fever, because her head is cool, and sweaty."

"Then we heard a voice, it was Beth. She asked "Is Hattie with you?"

Milana said "Yes"

Beth asked "Is she ready to be tested."

Milana said "I already did that, and she had all her eggs."

Beth said "Sounds like you have things under control, so I'll leave you alone."

Milana looked back at Hattie, and said "Can you come in here a minute."

Beth replyed "-ake a minute." was part of a sentence, then said "Okay"

Milana pushed the button again, "Alone"

Beth replyed again "Of course."

Beth took a while before she came in. The door opens as she was asking "What's the problem." as she saw I was a little worried and Milana was over Hattie looking down. She ran to Hattie and check her breathing as Milana took the covers off. She opened her legs and saw the cum and juices running out. Beth laughed "She is sleeping, but lets get her to the lab and check for internal bleeding, but with what I see I'm sure she is fine."

Milana quickly grabbed her without thinking and carried her to the lab, as I followed feeling useless. They waved a scanner over her stomach and went over to the screen. Beth said "It looks like she is okay, I don't see nothing damaged, she is just sleeping. Wait what's this? I think we need a video of this area."

Milana grabed the overhead light, and moved it up Hattie's hip asking "There?

Beth said "A little lower. Right there!"

I had to see. Milana put her arm around me as she came up from behind.

Beth said "Look at that. Those little swimmer are geting in there pretty quick. Do you see them?"

She zoomed in and I can see what looks like four eggs, and two of them have little tadpole things in side, then a third one. Milana said Triplets in minutes. The last one still didn't open. Beth went to the other room layed on a table, and put the light in the same place, and said "Check me." Milana pulled another screen down and zoomed in. Beth said "When you get it Record it."

Milana watched for a while and stopped the recording on the top bar. Then said "Got it."

Beth played back the recording and just saw one egg with one moving around inside.

Beth turned to Milana and said "Let's see yours."

Milana laid on the same table and pulled the light down, as I looked back at the screen.

Beth said "Hold still." and started the recording and finished saying "Okay come and see."

Milana grabed my hip and looked over my shoulder, then jumped up and down and said "Oh, look, look, it alread has a head. It looks like it is almost time for it to move up. Hea, stud you have five kids."

Beth went back to the other screen and said "She is right, the fourth egg didn't take."

Milana hugs me from behind, pressing her bare tits into my back.

I said "I have a question."

Milana and Beth said "What?"

I had to ask "If Hattie is really 19 and that old lady was almost 400, How old are the both of you?"

Milana said "I am really 59, and Bethlene is 80 today."

I smiled at Beth and said "Well, Happy Birthday"

Beth said "That reminds me, Allen, sit on the table. Something is starting to worry me."

I get on the table, but wonder what could be wrong with me. She puts the light over my head, and goes to the other room. I hear Beth say "Just as I thought, that is why the sperm is working so fast." Milana says "Can't we just give him a pure injection. I need him for the rest of my life, not just 30 years. I can't live without him."

Now, I'm really worried. Beth came out with a needle and said "We need to give you a shot so you can grow old with Milana. If you want that, then you need to lay face down and don't move a muscle. Milana! Shake it off and get out here."

"Hold his head down." Beth demanded in a strong voice.

Milana pushed her tits on top my head, as they form around my head I can hear her crying. I knew for sure her heart was breaking, I can feel it. Then her hands were on the back of my head pushing my head down hard into the table cushion. Right now our hearts were broken, and the pain of the needle was nothing compaired to that. As the needle passed between my vertebrae, I started to change my mind about that. It sinks into my spinal cord, and inject fluid, then steadly backed out. The pain was so bad I was sweating and crying on the edge of being too much for me to take. I past out, then waking to a vibrating on the back of neck. The pain started to go away as I passed out again.

I woke up in my bed at home thinking all that happened was a dream. I put my foot on the floor feeling a pain in the back of my head. Then a something like a vibrator on the back of my neck. Everything went black.