Alley Cats

by Archie Chipps

A mother cries out "I told you yesterday, but you didn't want to do anything until who ever took her is long gone. She could be on the other side of the country by now."

The police man trying to calm her down like it is part of his job but means nothing "We have other cars looking for her right now, so just relax." The father just drove up tired from looking for her most of the day and all night. His yes were red walking up to the house towards the two police men. One stepped out to stop him and said "Identify yourself." The father was angry because he couldn't find his 13 year old daughter "I'm the father and it is about time the police started doing something."

The police asked him where was he. The man said "I was looking for my daughter because nobody else would. My wife knows." The two police held him and put handcuffs on, saying they want to talk to him at the station.

A hour earlier a man in a suit started asking neighbors questions about the father. "Did you see the father touch the girl in a way that seemed too friendly? Did the girl say anything about her father touching her?" People don't know what goes on inside a house so it is easy to make people think anything. A tip told police a body of a young girl was seen a mile from the house in a field. When the parents had to identify the body they told them after talking to their neighbors the only suspect is the father, and they charged him for murder.

In a penthouse apartment a man tells two hookers to leave as his son walks in. The young man ask "Is it good?" The man pours a drink and looks over his shoulder "The father is going to jail for murder. People are so gullible. Now you need to make it worth the trouble or it will be your body found somewhere."

Later the young man is sitting in his car and meets China Girl, a prostitute 22 years old. She looked like a girl going to school in the morning. He ask her could he drive her to school, she said "No, I don't take rides from strangers." He said "I'm sorry, my name is Mike Sinclair." She was on her way to a Taekwondo class, and it wasn't that far. She was already a black belt, so if he got out of line, she could handle herself, so she said "Okay, you can walk me to class. It isn't that far." "So, what's your name?" Mike asks. "China Girl" She replied. She thought he would say something about himself, he just asked her questions, so she asked him where was he from. He was caught off guard, she looked right at him as he stammered " MM-My car." she look at him strangely shaking her head no, then he said "Oh, I'd, I use to live here." She thought he is just asking for it "And, now you don't?" She turned and saw the building and said "This is my class, got to go."

Inside she saw her friends, Kit Kat, and Kitten. They have been going to these classes for a while and thought it was a must for dealing with some men. They were already showered and dressed for class, so they just hung out while she did the same. They talked about making money by doing some modeling on the side, not much for the money, but for a chance to change their life. They were prostitutes too, and Kitten was the one always thinking of something. They never really knew each other by their real names, and they didn't really want anyone to know, But they knew who China Girl was. They thought she was hiding for some reason, and didn't want anyone to know who she was. This job is a parents nightmare, and people are always telling you, that you are scum. It's not something to be proud of, but it is good money. Kitten said ďI hear that they are looking for underwear models for a magazine, and we could try out for the job on Wednesday." Kitten looked at China Girl and asked "Would you like to go?" Kit Kat said I'll go, and China Girl said "I hope it don't keep us up too late in the day, because we need our beauty sleep." Then Kit Kat said "Look out Vogue, Your skinny assed models are a thing of the past."

A few days later China Girl fell in love, but it caused problems with her job. She was a hooker, and even though they know not to fall in love, the heart still takes what it needs regardless. When she met this boy, he was all she hoped for, so she didn't tell him what she does for a living. It was an after work love affair. Her boss found out she was doing this guy for free, and demanded she start collecting money. She told her boyfriend everything, and he said if he had to pay for love then she should stop coming around. Torn and heart broken she talked it over with some friends, and they thought it would be best if they find some protection, and go into business on their own. They moved to another area, and hired a bouncer from a night club, as a body guard. She told her boyfriend that she would do what ever she could to be free to love him. So, they enjoyed the day, while she worked at night. One night some men came around and shot the body guard, and grabbed the girls, and to her surprise one of them was her boyfriend. She cried out "Why?" and he said because your pimp is my father, and you are nothing speical. I can get anyone I want.

They drove out to an abandon chemical plant, and in a waste alley where they met the pimp. In the distance was an ex-investigator sneaking in for a better look. She has busted down to a motorcycle cop, because this guy had the Mayor in his pocket. She has been trying to catch this guy with enough evidence to convict him, but ended up turning in her gun and badge. That never stopped her from trying, because she knows he gets away with murder. Now she looks more like someone that belongs to a motorcycle gang. She watches as the Pimp tells the guys to drown them in the barrels. The girls where bound and dropped into the barrels head first. When they stopped kicking they were laid on the ground and cut lose, close to the barrels. The pimp said get rid of the ropes, but not around here. Then they drove away. The ex-investigator just cried, because she could not do anything. Her eyes where blurry, and she thought she saw a bunch of cats going to feed on fresh meat. She ran to scare them off, but found they where huge ugly looking cats, and they where dripping gooey stuff from their mouth, and it dripped on the girlís faces, and eyes. She pulled her pistol and shot into the air, and the cats ran off. She didn't know what to do, because if she left, the cats would destroy the evidence. She tried calling some friends on the cell phone, but they would not do anything, so she found a safe place to sit and wait until morning. She thought about her life "When you don't have a home, you will see your friends turn up their noses, and treat you like scum. You can find part time work, but you have to do what ever you can just to take a bath."

Late at night watching dead bodies, kind of makes you see things. The bodies twitched sometimes, but maybe it was just her imagination. She dozed off for a while and when she woke the bodies were face down, and that making her get up to look around. There was stuff running out of there mouth that they were drowned in. She didn't see anything else, so she sat back down. She was tired and didn't even know she was asleep, until she heard a gunshot. She sometimes hear the sounds of a gun shot waking her up, even when something like that never happen, so she stayed relaxed the best way she could. Then she heard some strange sound like coughing, and the girls started to move. She started to think maybe they were not dead, and tried to help them up. She saw their eyes were white and milky looking, so she knew they were blind, and touch one of girls, to say I am here to help. The chemicals were like a tingling burning feeling so she wiped it off, and asked "Are you okay?". When the girls didn't answer she just thought maybe they can't for what the chemicals had done to their throat.

The first thing that came to mind is, they need water to flush it out, so she jumped on her bike, but thought poison victims need milk, so she got milk instead. Since it is hard to drive a bike with one jug two would be very hard. When she got back she gave each of the girls some milk and this seem to help a lot. The blonde bimbo looking girl, looked like her eyes was clearing up, she had orange eyes and her pupils were long like a cats. She was in pain, and spitting out her teeth, the other girls were doing the same thing. The blonde had her hands on the sides of her bloody mouth screaming and something white started to show. They were new teeth, and looked very sharp. She moves her hands away as they grew thick fingernails as she started rolling over, and balled up on her side. It looks as if all the girls are doing this as they seem to grow tails. Soon the pain was over and their faces soaked with sweat from the pain. They started to shake like they had a fever, and the air was cold. The ex-investigator looked around to find something to cover them, but there was nothing she took off her jacket and put it on the blonde, and the girl tried to say something but her teeth was chattering. She walked over to the china girl, and dragged her next to the black girl and was going to use her body to keep them warm, but the liquid on her hands was stinging. She found a water hose to rinse them off, so she could warm them up the best she could with her body. She hoped that once the chemicals was washed off they will warm up easier. She used the hose and her hands to flush the chemicals away, as both girls sharp teeth still chattered. She was afraid to use her hands too close to there mouths. These girls changed into some kind of beast, and she stopped wanting to help them, as innocent victims. They looked dangerous enough to kill someone. She thought she didn't need to put the pimp away, just let these girls feed on him, but those guys carry guns, and they are no match against a gun. She is a great shot, but her bullet will not cut a rope, without a lot of weight on it. She could make sure these girls get into a fair fight. While she was laying on them as there muscles tightened very hard, and they screamed in pain. Their muscles felt like they became hard as bone. Then they relaxed just breathing heavy. They stopped freezing, so she go off and took her jacket off the blonde, and washed her off, then hosed down her jacket, and laid it on the handlebars of her bike.

The sun started to come up, and the girls covered their eyes screaming "The light hurts my eyes."

Finally they can talk. It takes a long time for their eyes to adjust to the light, but when they did she told them "I am here to help, my name is Betty. I use to be an investigator, but now I'm just looking for work. I saw everything that happened, but I don't know your names or what to call you."

The blonde said "We are prostitutes, we never use our real names, but I am known as Kitten, and our Chocolate delight is Kit Kat, and the little one is China Girl." She held her throat and sad in a whisper "My throat hurts. No, more talking."

Betty told them "You were in a lot of pain when your bodies were changing." while she started to give them more milk.

They looked at each other, ď We changed?" China Girl, and Kit Kat looked at each other and screamed and the beast they saw up close, before they realized it was them. Kitten ran over in two steps even though she was twenty feet away, and knocked them on the ground. When she sat up she and saw the other's eyes. "You have cat eyes." Then Kit Kat said "You should look at yourself." Kitten saw her sharp teeth as she talked, and she reached up to feel her own.

Betty told them "You can use the mirrors on my bike." They dashed over and started looking at themselves. China Girl was behind them and said "You guys have little tails." as she reached behind herself and felt her tail.

Kitten saw her orange eyes in the mirror, and for a moment it made her jump back. They had a good look at their faces, and Kitten said "My God, We have changed from street pussies, to real alley cats."

They laughed, and China Girl looking at herself said "I need a new name." Kitten said "You need a new boyfriend, because the one you had, tried to kill us."

China Girl said with a pouting mouth "It wasn't my fault."

Kit Kat said "Alright you two, break it up."

China Girl said "It wasn't my fault."

Kit Kat said "You fell in love with the wrong guy, I know, but he did try to kill us. Next time you just get a male hooker."

China Girl said "There won't be a next time. I'll rip their hearts out." as she held her clawed hands up in a cup shape.

Kitten said "Now, you can just bite their dicks off." as she chomped her teeth."

China Girl laughed and Kitten said "How does Mad Cat sound."

China Girl said "It sounds like me, because right now I like to tear that fucker to shreds." She moved and clawed like a wild cat, and back to an inocent little school girl, saying "Sorry"

Kit Kat said "It sounds good to me. Way to go, Girl. Did you see how vicious Mad Cat looked."

Kitten said "It sound like we need a rabies shot."

Mad Cat said "Good, but I be damned if they try to give me one."

They started to fall on the ground in pain again, speaking out of breath from the pain. "It feels like I busted my tail bone."

Betty said "It looks like you are still changing, so I guess I will go get some food, because this could be a long day, and you need nutrition."

Kit Kat was crying in pain, and said "Yea, Hurry back with a cow."

Kitten said "It hurts too much to laugh, so no more jokes with the having a cow thing."

Betty drove into town and was thinking of what would be good for them to eat. She thought of Fish, and Chicken but they might not fill up on that as well as hamburgers, and the bag would be easier to carry, so she ordered 10 hamburgers, and she was running low on money, so that was all she bought.

When she made it back to the abandoned chemical plant, she didn't see the girls, so she called for Kitten.

Kitten said "We are in here." The sound came from inside a busted metal doorway. She asked "Did you do that?"

Kit Kat said "I did that. Our legs are bitchen, now. We got skills."

Kitten said "We feel better setting up here with the sun so bright. We have no place else we can go. So, did you bring food?"

Betty said "Yea, but this was all I could get, because I don't have more money."

Kitten looked at the other girls, and they talked to each other, and then she turned around and said "We have enough money to buy this place, and we can get more. You helped us, that makes you are apart of our group. So, don't worry about the money." Then she gave Betty $200, and said lets eat. Each girl had 3 hamburgers and said they where still hungry, but they feel better. Kit Kat belched and it sounded like a lion roar.

Betty was a little shocked, and said "Was that a belch?"

Kit Kat said "I feel good enough to sleep."

Betty was very tired, and said "I am too tired to do anything. I need to get some sleep, too." They found a big case of plastic beads and dropped on them. This feels great.

The night came, and it started to get cold. Betty couldn't see a thing, but the other girls could see everything, as if the moonlight was lighting everything up. They were smelling something dead, so they looked around and found some dead cats. Betty asked are they big ugly cats. Mad Cat said "Yes, what do we do with them."

Kitten said "Put them in barrels, and use that shovel."

Betty said "I think those could be the same cats that drooled in your faces." Kit Kat Said "Sick. Maybe that is how we will end up."

Kitten asked "Betty, Is that barrel empty?" Betty said "What barrel? I can't see a thing."

Kitten looks in the barrel and saw it was empty. Then she took Betty by the hand and said "Follow me, and watch your step." she walked her to a forklift. "Climb on and see if it still works." She guided her hand towards the key, and walked away. Betty started the forklift and found the lights.

Mad Cat raised her arm over her eyes, and said "Hey, Careful with the lights, or you will blind us." Betty said "Sorry, maybe we should do this in the daylight."

Kitten said "That's fine with me." Mad Cat said "But, it stinks." Kit Kat said "We will not be here to smell it, if we are in town."

After Betty shut down the forklift, Kitten helped Betty get outside, and said "You can take Kit Kat a ride first, because she can hide in the dark better. Kit Kat said "Yea, I'm the night rider, black on black."

Betty gets them all next to a store where they call a cab to get to Mad Cats old apartment. They go up to the room, and knock at the door. When Mike Sinclair opens the door they rush in, and throw him on the couch. He was in shock, and didn't know what was going to happen. At first it was like they survived, but after looking at there faces, he knew they where not the same. Kitten told Mad Cat not to get any blood on anything. That is when Mike started to cry for his life. Kit Kat said "We want your Car." He reached into his pocket, and pulled out the keys. Kitten said "Mad Cat, Go get your money." She left the room and Kitten used her claws under his head and raised him off the couch, and said "You are going on a trip, and if you try to say a word, I will make sure it will not come out." Mad Cat came back very mad, and started to beat him, saying "What did you do with my money you bastard" A cushion came off the couch and all her money was underneath. They started to grab the money and Mike decided to run. Kit Kat swung round and kicked him out the open window. When they heard a crash, and Kit Kat said "I hope that wasn't his car."

They grabbed the money and ran out, to see it was a car across the street. So, they got in the car, and drove to Kit Kat's apartment. She got her money, and Kittens place wasn't that far away, so they when to her apartment to count up all the money they made on there own. It was $600,000 and they really wanted to buy the chemical plant. Betty didn't want to stay there long. They put all the money in a suitcase and gave it to Betty. "We want you to buy the Chemical Plant for us."

Betty said "I can't carry this on my bike. Put it in the car, and we will get a bank account tomorrow, but for now you need to hide it." She looked at Kitten and asked "Why do you want this chemical plant so bad."

Kitten got up close to Betty and said "Because we can clean up this city, and I'm sure there are some chemicals in there that can help us do it." Then she looked at the other girls, and said "We are changing into something, or it is just a phase before we die, like those cats. We don't know and we are afraid, but revenge makes us forget our problems."

Mad Cat stepped in and said "That plant is the only thing we could have, and everything that made us what we are can be taken away, and dumped when the city cleans it up. It could all be gone tomorrow, we don't know, and I want to give them hell for what they did to us."

Kit Kat said "We got all this money, why not do something good with it. We damn sure can't take it with us."

Betty said "I'm not sure this money is enough to buy this place, and Poppa Sinclair will find out his son is dead."

Mad Cat's mouth dropped open "We need to hide, because we look like beast to them. Look at the way people are looking at us."

Kit Kat said "They know they want it." The girls started laughing from the familiar feeling. Kit Kat started hugging Mad Cat and yelled "Hey, Old man. You want a piece of this ass." The old man slapped down in the air and walked away.

Mad Cat said "Did you forget we have a tails?" Mad Cat started getting Kit Kat off her "What's wrong with you, we look like freaks."

Kitten said "You mean you never wore a catsuit before? Well, we need to find something to play the part."

They go to a clothes store, and a lady walks up, and said "We don't want your kind in the store."

Mad Cat looks into her face and said "Oh, What kind is that?" then shows her teeth. The woman screams and runs out of the store.

Kit Kat looks around and said "It looks like we have the store all to ourselves."

Kitten said "Not for long. Look out the window."

The lady was on a cell phone. Kitten said "Let's just grab anything that looks good and get out of here."

Kit Kat held up a label attached to a body suit "Look at this label. It says made at Fantasy Studios, and the address is just around the corner."

Kitten said "Well, Lets go."

They walk around the block and see a building with lights on. Mad Cat said "That's it." They go up to the door, and push a button. A lady's voice speaks over the speaker said "Fantasy Studios, What do you want, and it better be good."

Kitten said "We need some special cat suits made."

The speaker voice replies "There is a shop around the corner. Go away."

Kit Kat pushes the button and said "You didn't understand lady. We need some special made Catwoman suits. We have the money."

The door buzzed and they went in and opened the door at the top of the stairs. A lady took a look at them, and grabbed Kittens tail. "Is this real? Wow. In the movies Catwoman didn't have a tail. You have amazing eyes."

Kitten smiled and the lady said "Oh my, look at those teeth." Kitten covered her mouth, and the lady said "Oh don't worry, I'm an artist, and you are like a dream come true. Could you do some Modeling for me? I'll make your suits for free."

Kit Kat said "We will do That." The others said "Yea."

The lady's eyes grew even bigger said "Great! My name is Sally."

After the introductions were done, Sally started to measure, and sat at a table to draw. Then she told Mad Cat to try on a bodysuit, so she could see what needs to be changed. She told Kit Kat to try on some net stockings, after she cut a hole in the back and stitched a cloth piece on the inside.

Mad Cat said "This don't give my butt room." By morning they had their suits, and were happy with them. Kit Kat's suit was red and yellow. Mat Cat's was black with red, and an hour glass shape on the belly. Kitten's suit was purple with pink.

They looked at each other, and said this looks great. Sally was moving plants to an area of the room, to take their pictures. Then she painted on the wall (Alley Cat's by Fantasy Studio). Sally said it's time to pay up.

Kitten said "No problem there, but we need something more than this?"

Sally was waving them to the scene, and said "I am just starting, because I have a lot of ideas."

Kit Kat said as she was getting in the scene "Can you make us some cool gadgets like Batman?"

Mad Cat said "We need something bullet proof."

Sally face was puzzled "You mean you are going to fight crime? For real?"

Kitten said "Yes, what did you think we were going to do?"

Sally said "I thought this would be for show. Youíre serious. That changes everything. I'm going to need some Kevlar, and leather. This could be even better. Just let me get some pictures, and then you can come back in 2 days, and I will have a start on some really cool suits.

Kitten tells her "Just keep in mind that it will be our real life crime fighting suits. These teeth are real, and these claws are real. I think, we were killed and changed into what you see. We might not have long to live, because the chemical waste in our bodies, but we don't want anything to stop us, we need to be protected soon.

Sally replied came a little slow " I can't get the materials any sooner, but I will do all I can to make sure the suits will protect you as much as possible.

Kit Kat said "That is fine."

Kitten said "I'm driving, but the sun is coming up, and I need sunglasses."

They stopped at the store that was closest to the chemical plant, and the cashier said "Cool suits, are you magazine models?"

Kit Kat waved her tail as he walked and said "Yes, we are."

The cashier asked "Are those mechanical tails? They most have cost a lot." Mat Cat said "Oh, you have no idea."

Betty was waiting when they got back to the chemical plant. When they stepped out of the car, she said "Nice suits! They would be nicer if they can stop a bullet."

Mad Kat said "As long as we don't need that in the next two days, we will be fine."

Kitten continued "The really cool suits takes time.

Kit Kat finishes "They will be some cool ass suits with utility belts."

Betty said "I hope so for your sake. We need to make a better place to sleep if we are going to stay here."

While they started the clean up they asked Betty to tell them about herself. So Betty starts. "I was a cop, and I met your pimp when I was looking into the murder of a girl that worked for him. She was young looking and couldn't be more than 16, but her parents showed me her birth certificate, and she was 20, and the smallest one in the family. I followed Pimp Sinclair to the next town over, asking people questions and throwing the case off. I reported him, and they reminded me a man can ask anything he wants, and I was sure it was considered tampering with an investigation, but because it wasn't my investigation they made me a traffic cop. He reported me for a peeping tom, and I lost my job. I bought the motorcycle to get around and lost my apartment. He made me mad, and I wanted to nail him for something, and when I saw what they did to you. I knew I could get him for killing you. That night with your lifeless bodies on the ground, was a scary night. I had to fight off mutant cats, and call anyone I could, but nobody would help. Then you started to wake up. You know the rest."

Mad Kat yelled out "Come look at this!"

Betty was the last to get there, and by then they had the office couches unfolded into beds, and them Mad cat lead them to a shower room. They can see they had all they needed, but food. They found a snack room with tables, but no machines. There was a refrigerator, and it worked.

Kit Kat said "Wow, this is really nice."

Everyone looked to see she was looking at a microwave.

Kitten asked "What's so nice about that?"

Kit Kat said "Oh nothing, just we don't have to eat cold food, and I had to cook a lot with just a Microwave. It's better than you would think. I also read about how you can turn the microwave into a metal melting pot to mold metal. These industrial microwaves are a lot better."

Kitten said "You surprise me. I didn't know you could do that."

Kit Kat said "Well honey, it pays to know a little metal craft."

Mat Cat blurted out "Maybe she can make our suits even more deadly."

It has been a long night and day, so they decided to pick out their rooms and get some sleep. When they woke up it was night again. They heard Betty ask "Is anyone awake?"

Kitten said "Yeah, what's up?"

Betty asks "Is it okay if I get some night vision goggles with some of the money."

Kitten says "You can't see, so Sure that would be better than blinding us with a flash light. I'll help you get outside. We are going to go to Sally's to work on ideas for our suits. After you get the night vision you can try them out on Mr. Sinclair."

When they arrived at Sally's they saw a sign that read "Gone to Richmond Va. Be back tomorrow." As soon as they started to walk away they heard someone say "Wait, I'm here." she just got out of her car, and said "I am a little tired from driving and I was at DuPont all day, can you help me get this stuff inside."

Kit Kat asked "What did you get?"

Sally explains "I went to DuPont in Richmond where they invented Kevlar, and other things, and I told them we have a special catwoman SWAT force that needs outfits. I can tell you more when we get these inside."

When they were inside Sally said " I showed them your pictures, and this is what they came up with. I'll start with Kitten and the rest of you can figure the rest out, because I need some sleep." She started by pulling a boot out of a box "This boot is made of a few different materials. They are bullet proof, fire proof, and when you bend the toes up Titanium claws come out. They cover your knees so they protect you that far. Then we have these net stockings they are part Kevlar and a weaved new material still in testing. The material is made so your skin can breathe better and it will spread to catch a bullet with out shredding it, but it will hurt when it hits you there, and do some damage. Now for the suit. DuPont gave us their word that nothing will hurt you while you are wearing this. It has rib supports, breast supports, and with this suit you can be set on fire, shot at, and hit with a bus and get up to fight some more, if your stomach can take it. The only problem is your back will not move as fast, but I don't think you will notice. Then we have these sleeves that fit onto the suit to give you more coverage when you need it. Then they came up with these Dupont caps. It looks like a baseball cap but it is used as a hardhat for a lot of companies. This one was made for you, and the colors match your other suit." Sally starts to walk away and said "You can try on everything to see if it fits, I remembered your sizes so it should fit. If you want anything added you will just have to wait until I wake up. Make yourselves at home, because when I wake up I like to see how it looks, and get some pictures."

Kit Kat as a little excited "Well letís try this stuff on."

After they got the suits on, Kit Kat said "Kick me in the ribs so I can see if it works."

Kitten said "Maybe we should do this outside."

So they found an alley to try out their suits. Mad Cat kicked Kitten in the ribs, and gave her another kick in the back. Kitten was falling forward and said "Not, me. It was Kit Kat that wanted you to do that, I wasn't ready."

Mad Cat was moving around and kicked Kit Kat in the stomach. Kit Kat said "Your asking for it girl."

Kit Kat and Kitten kicked her at the same time, sending her against the alley wall, laughing.

Mad Kat said "This is very nice suit. I didn't feel a thing."

Kit Kat jumped at a pipe in the corner, and the steel toe boots clawed the wall as she climbed to the roof. Kitten looked up and asked "That was really cool, but how are you going to get down?"

Kit Kat looked at the fire escape and said "We need to find a fire, to test that out." Then she jumped down on the fire escape and jumped to the pipe and swung down to her arms and dropped to the ground.

Kitten said "I'm not going to try that, because my hair will burn. I don't think we are ready for that. Letís go back inside for now and wait for Sally to wake up."

They go back inside and talk about what else they want with the suits.

Kit Kat said "I like to have a utility belt, like Batman."

Mad Cat said "That sounds like a good idea. We can keep Pepper spray, and hand cuffs on it like cops."

Kitten said "I like to have my stun gun on mine."

Kit Kat said "I like to have a big knife on the back."

Kitten said "What would we need for a fire? Maybe a small Fire extinguisher?"

Mad Cat said "We can go through the chemicals at the plant and make a bottle of acid to eat flesh, or a needle to inject it into the blood stream." Kit Kat said "You are sick, but that would be nice to have. Do you know anyone that knows anything about chemicals?" Kit Kat knew Mad Cat was a chemist.

Mad Cat said "Well! Why are we getting this chemical plant, if we are not going to use it?"

Kit Kat laughed "We know you better than you think." Mad Cat looked confused.

Kitten said "From what I know you are good at chemistry, and too many people took your ideas, and kicked you aside. We have faith in you. Youíre not just our little oriental girl."

Kit Kat adds "We thought you could do what you do best, to get even with what your boyfriend did."

Mad Cat grew mad "He's not my boyfriend."

Kit Kat said "Well, not anymore. I took care of that. You just need a chance to get even, and we have our lives in your hands."

Kitten said "I hope you can take this in a good way, because that is the way we mean it. Without a lab, you are like a fish out of water. You know nothing about people, or anything else. We are more models than anything. We had to learn about people the hard way, and ended up as whores. We are not as dumb as we act. We knew about you before you joined the club. I met your father, and he was looking for you. What you do is none of our business, until we changed. You are the only one that could find out what is happening to us, and that is why we are keeping the barrels and the cats."

Mad Cat said "You met my father, and you know my real name, and didn't tell him? Thanks, I don't want him to know what I was doing."

Kit Kat said "That's okay."

Mad Cat seemed more relaxed "If you have your faith in me, I will not let you, or us down."

Kitten walks over to the design desk and can see a suit design close to what they are wearing, with a utility belt, when she picks it up there is a magazine under it for Sally's exotic fashion. The picture she took last time was on the cover. She picked up the magazine, and held it up, and said "Look we are on the cover."

Sally wakes up and walks in, and Kitten asked "Where are the utility belts."

Sally spoke, but not quite awake yet "Belts? I don't know." She starts to think and said "The belts! I put them in the trunk. Here is the keys." she threw them to Kit Kat. "Could you get them?"

Kit Kat was happy to get them. She ran out and brought them in. Sally took one to explain what some of it is for "This holds a can of spray..." She was interrupted by Kit Kat "Yea, Pepper spray, and this is a stun gun and what's this?"

Sally said "Wrong. That is fireproof hair spray, but yes that is a Stun Gun, and that is a lock pick. Here are the instructions on how to use it. This compartment is for sunglasses, next to the knife. You might need to cut a seat belt. That is what I told them. There are wire cutters in this box under the knife. This small can is pepper spray, and this small thing is an electronic locator. This belt has an add-on belt that goes over the shoulder incase you need more places to carry things. There are loops and boxes that you can add to the belt, and lock in these holes. That will help carry a gun pouch, tranquilizer darts, and anything you want. I guess that will be all you need. I would like to get some more pictures with your belts on."

They put their belts on and Kitten handed Sally $2000, and got in position for the pictures. They did several pictures that took about an hour. When Sally was done she asked them is there a phone number or someway she could get in touch with them. Kitten told her they will be at the chemical plant.

Now that they have their new suits they wanted to get use to the belts. They drove back to the chemical plant to clean up the lab so Mad Cat could have a place to work.

On their way out of the building they see Betty just stopped in front of them on her bike. She shuts off the engine and looked concerned "Sinclair sent guys to your old apartments, looking for you. He must have seen something that made him know you are alive."

Kitten said "I could be the photos. I saw a magazine on Sally's desk with our pictures on the front cover. We have our new suits so we are safe. I think you might need something too."

Betty looks up and can see Sally looking out the windows and her sign "If they saw you in her magazine, they will come here next. She needs to go someplace safe."

Kit Kat said "I'll get her." Mad Cat moves to the alley to keep a look out. The sun was coming up, and Sally came out with a bag. They drove the car and Betty followed them back to the Chemical plant.

They drove the car and motorcycle inside the chemical plant, and closed the door. They told Sally about what is going on and how she was in danger. Then they gave her a room. Mad Cat said "When it is dark, don't use the lights, until we get rid of Sinclair.

Sally's cell phone started ringing, and she answered it. It was an international Model company that wanted contact information for her new models. She handed the phone to Kitten. Kitten put the phone to her ear and her eyes lit up. "Can you call back next week? We can't fit you in this week." She closed the phone and handed it back, and said "You need to keep this turned off for at least a few days. It kind of tells the bad guys; here I Am, Come get me."

Sally was shocked "All of my orders come in on this phone."

Mad Cat told Sally "If you want to be a target then don't do it next to me, I will be in the lab."

Kit Kat said "You don't have much to do. You can help us clean the lab. When the shooting starts, it's a good place to be."

The lab has no windows so they turned the lights on. It was a mess, with broken beaker and papers scattered everywhere. Mad Cat said "We need to keep the paper, and if you see anything with XCAT1989 on it give it to me."

When they finished Mad Cat was looking in a folder marked TOP SECRET and the name XCAT1989. She read through it while everyone else was setting up traps. Betty bought another night vision goggles for Sally. She showed Sally how to use them when it started to get dark. They were tired, and had motion detectors setup, so they took a nap, and Sally couldn't sleep.

Sally stepped over the motion sensor. Kit Kat turned it off while she watched Sally. When Sally started to use her cell phone, she ran outside and asked "Who are you calling"

Sally started to fumble with the phone in surprise "I was hungry so I was ordering a Pizza."

Kit Kat said "Order us eight Meat Lovers."

They sit and wait for the pizza. "So Sally, How did you get your own Fashion magazine?"

"I have been making clothes for some of the stores and decided to go with a line of sex related fantasy clothes. A lot of night clubs, started buying them, so I had a print shop make my first magazine, and priced it for $10 an issue, I gave them to all the clubs I could think of, and they started to buy my outfits. Some other clubs called me to send them a copy, and I let the print shop handle it. I just sent them pictures, and prices."

Kit Kat sees a car coming and it didn't have a delivery sign on the top "It looks like we have company. Go inside and tell the others"

Mad Cat looked out a window in front. By then Sinclair's guys were inside looking around, and the pickup with a pizza sign on top pulls in. The guy was almost ready to step out when a shot was fired. He closed his door and spun out whipping the truck around, and slinging the pizza heater to the ground. She ran to the lab and got a needle full of acid and climbed down from a window and ran low to the ground to the car where Sinclair was. She opened the door and in his surprise she shot the needle in to his neck. While he was dying she ran after the pizza heater, and ran back to hide behind the car.

There were six guys inside. Kitten was leaning into the wall as one of them walks up shining a flash light. She slowly sits down on the barrel and it made a noise, so she quickly kicked out with both feet and sent him flying into a pole leaving blood on the pole as he slid down.

Mad Cat pulled out her sleeves roll and put them on, and walked in the building yelling "The Pizzas are here." Five guys left, and they knew they were going for Mad Cat. Kitten and Kit Kat can see that Mad Cat was wearing her sleeves and cap. So they knew she was ready. They started putting on there sleeves, when one of the guys took a shot at Mad Cat. Soon after he was kicked out of the second floor on the fork lift. Four guys left.

Two guys went after Kit Kat and shot her in the chest. She fell back and they walked over to her. She swung her arm out and cut the thigh of one of them and pulled him down as she cut his neck, the other one was shooting at her and she grabbed his gun and bit his thumb off, and kicked him so hard his body folded as he flew through the air, and landed on the bottom floor.

Kitten asked "Kit Kat are you alright?"

Kit Kat said "Two left, they are yours." She turned around and saw two guys sneaking up, and Mad Kat jump over to her and her last jump was off this chest ripping him open with the boot claws. Kitten took a shot in the stomach while she grabbed for the gun and shoved her knife up his stomach, cutting him open.

Mad Cat said "Letís have some pizza before we clean things up."

Kitten got her breath back and asked "What about Sinclair?"

Mad Cat said "He had a fatal injection. We can't clean that up."

Kit Kat jumps down and they see she was shot in the arm. "I didn't get a chance to put my sleeves on. Next time I will put them on before we get into a fight."

Mad Cat yelled out "It's over come out and eat so we will know you are okay."

Betty and Sally came out to see a mess with there night vision. The bodies where all over the base floor. They opened the door when they saw small flames dripping from the bottom of the car. The Alley Cats used their hair spray, and the car exploded and the door slammed closed. The flames were scattered every where. Kitten opened the door and said "It's okay now. We just have a little less to clean up.

Kitten asked Mad Cat what did she use. Mad Cat said "The name was too long, but basically it was a needle full of a flesh eating enzime, stored in acid that apparently eats through metal and has a chemical reaction to fat."

Kit Kat pranced around in awful look on her face said "That sounds like some shit that gives me the willy's, just thinking about it. I will not mess with that, EVER."

Sally asked "What's next?"

Mad Cat said "We need to study more about this chemical XCAT1989, and we still need to get the city to let us take over this Chemical Plant."

Sally said "Let me do that, because the counsel members are some of my customers, and I'm sure they have seen your pictures by now." While they eat pizza Sally makes a few calls and the city said "They would be glad to get rid of that problem, because the clean up cost more than the property is worth. Tomorrow have the girls stop by the courthouse and the deed will be theirs, as long as they can clean it up."

On the outside of the city, are some deadly creatures lurking in the dark. They are very strong and dangerous with sharp teeth, and claws, that can rip a man apart. There's a legend that these creatures were created from the dead to seek revenge on the city.

Who would ever believe such a thing? A man laughs in his big office looking down on the city. "That is just crazy talk. The walking dead,Ha! People watch to many movies."

Another man walks up to the window, and said "Well, sir, I hear they haunt the old chemical plant."

The first man picks up a magazine and says "We just gave that plant to these fine looking women, let them worry about an escaped lion from the zoo. Damn, these are some fine looking women, and no more nonsence about the walking dead, and beast lurking about. We need to start working on next election."