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You can search by entering any letters in a name and select search.
If nothing is entered then everything will show.



Just fill in the required areas and click submit.
If you are returned to the entry area then you missed something.
You should see everything you entered, and if you don't, then go back
on the browser or double click to expose what was entered before.



You will see the current information from the database so you can
make a few changes or you can replace everything.



Deleting is easy but the only warning you will get is a conformation
page so you can back out if you click on delete by mistake.


The sales page totals up all the items and adds the taxes for Local
or Business depending on the type of customer. Local customers gets local
and state taxes added while Businesses gets the Business and Federal taxes
If there's no customer in use, the page will jump to the customers
page to select a customer, or you can create new one to use.

Tax Editing:

When you click the tax edit button you will be able to change the
current tax rates. These changes are stored in the database and the
old settings are replaced, so if it is temporary for tax exemptions
then write down the taxes before they are changed to change them