FlowerID Name Description Cost Image Edit Delete
0000000000001 Babies Breath It look like a weed with a lot of small flowers on branches. 2.59 No Image
0000000000002 Bird of Paradise I looks like the beak of a toucan with a mohawk. 6.29 No Image
0000000000003 Calla Lily Looks like a funnel shapes water flower. 4.79 No Image
0000000000004 carnation.jpg A puffy looking flower, that comes in many colors 3.19 No Image
0000000000005 Daffodil It is the first flower you see in spring. 2.09 No Image
0000000000006 Daisy This is a flower with many colors, and a lot of pedals. She loves me, she loves me not. 2.39 No Image
0000000000007 Easter Lily These are angel like white flowers given around Easter. 6.89 No Image
0000000000008 Lotus This is an Asian flower, with a nice smell. 8.99 No Image
0000000000009 Rose We have many colors, as you can see in the image. 4.99 No Image
0000000000010 Tulip A Holland type flower. Very colorful. 4.49 No Image
0000000000011 Veronica This is not just for Veronica. This breaks up an arrangement, with taller flower groups, and works well with the Babies Breath to fill out and arrangement. 2.89 No Image
0000000000015 Zinnia Country flowers with a heavy feathery bloom. 3.18 No Image