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Start with a customer and click their Shop button to do their shopping. Contune shopping to add more or finish and get the invoice.

This is how the project was designed to work.
The emplyees should be able to add, edit, and delete database information, and be able to add flowers and create flower arrangements through this program.
Each flower and arrangement needs a price and a description and display this information.
In my project I chose to include pictures, because pictures are better than a lot of descriptive words.
In the flower arrangement there needs to be checkboxes to show what flowers are in the arrangement. So, when a flower is deleted it is removed from the arrangement.

I used a box for quantity, and when the is used quantity that flower is added into the arrangement.
To remove the flower you replace the number with a zero.
On each cycle of the while loop, the information is displayed for each flower, and each quantity amount gets the flowerID added as a key, and the quantity becomes the value. Two bits of information being passed throught the POST method.
If the flower is deleted it will disappear from the arrangement.
You can add flowers and try it out, and you will find a button that takes you to the images to copy the image name.
You can add new flowers or arrangements, but keep some information in there for others to see my demo.
There are two types of customers, local and business, with different information.
You can change the tax rate but there are 4 types of taxes, and local customers pay one a two types of taxes while business pays two other types of taxes, like federal or state.
This was the oringinal copy, and the database had to be created to go with it.