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            Written by Archie Chipps
Warning this contains sexual content.

  This story is completely created from my imagination for a story
to get put on The Kristen Archives.
I wouldn't say any of this is a fantasy of mine.
I did used the discription of something I saw in the sky at night over
Virginia. In Hanger 13 they flew a UFO over Langley at the same time
I saw this Massive ship in the sky. The discription of the ship flying over
was what I actually saw, and the things I looked for when I saw it. The
TV read a message that it was a space lab, but I know they don't have
that kind of Knowlege in 1974.

                Chapter 1
                       The Visitor

I walk outside for a little fresh air. It's a cool day in April. One of
those days when you just have to get out of the house and enjoy
the spring air. That is one of the nice things about living in the
country. The most noise you will hear is when the crows fly around
the area, otherwise it is just the birds churping. They can get a
little noisy at times.

  I have a big pond on the property that keeps a little moisture in
the air, and I had all the trees cut down so they aren't close
enough to fall on the house, or have to fight the leaves in the fall.
So, in the summer it is very hot with out shade, and more tropical
all year round. From the start of my driveway to my house the
temperature goes up 10 degrees. On cool days it is hot inside
from heat of electronics in a well insolated house. The cool air
feel nice but it looks like a storm is coming, and this area is know
for tornados. They can happen quick, and without warning, and
more if your someone that don't watch the news.

  Usually the trees tops would be thrashing around about now, but
they stay still, like there is no wind, so this starts to feel a little
unusual. It is afternoon but with the heavy clouds builting kind of
fast, it looks more like it is becoming time for the sun to set.

  I watch to see if clouds start a twister, but then they fade away,
and something big and dark starts to cover the sky. It's a ship, but
not like any UFO I have ever heard about. It is more of a black box
shape with pipes on the front. It's not smooth but has panels and
rounded edges like black bumper sections, and I can not see the
sides. Daylight soon becomes night, and the ship blocks the sun
and sky with blue swirly lights on a black bottom. Now I make sure
to look at the trees to see if it is using anything to hold it up, but
they stay motionless. The blue swirl lights are set into panels with
the lights just barely showing the design of each panel.

  I watch the last of the sky get blocked out by this ship and never
get a chance to see the other end. I see the lights passing the
trees starts to slow down a lot, and come to a stop. I had to see
how big this was. Depending how high it is in the sky, it could be
5 to 100 miles square, but it don't look like it is very high over the
trees, and it is not touching them. I walk around to get another
view to see if I can see an end to it some where. All I know right
now is it must be huge and dark. I is not very high up because I
can get an idea of the size of things. It is below the clouds, and
above the trees. Normally I can see jets in the sky going to the
airport 40 miles away. So, for something to block the sky... it has
to be huge.